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Wild Goose Pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wild Goose Pagoda is located 4 kilometers outside the peace of Grace Temple, according to legend Yonghui of the Tang Dynasty for 3 years. India to learn from the Master Xuan. Zou Qing in the Temple Tower building for storage, he brought back from India by the membership. The tower is named by the beginning of the tower. After people call it the Wild Goose Pagoda, the towering tower tall and straight, causing the world's admiration.

The 1300 has a long history of the Wild Goose Pagoda, the ancient city of Xi'an has become a unique symbol of style. Wild Goose Pagoda built in the early hours, only 5 layers, 60 meters high, the pagoda is a replica of the Western Regions in the form of construction. After repeated repairs so far tower 64 meters high, a total of 7 layers, the bottom 25 meters long.

China is the Wild Goose Pagoda Court-Zhuanta typical outstanding. Tower with green-brick structure, block tickets are each surrounded by arches, the loft-style Zhuanta simple, magnificent momentum, there are significant national characteristics and styles of the times. As for the Wild Goose Pagoda before the word "big" is different from the later generations in order to recommend Pagodas Temple of the company. The wooden ladder tower there, you can Plethora of spin, since lean on a railing overlooking the door tickets can enjoy the scenery excellent Guanzhong.

Wild Goose Pagoda on both sides of the bottom of the south gate, the two pieces of stone mosaic, a "Tang Sancang Shengjiao order" Zhenguan 22 years in the Tang Dynasty (648). Translated by Xuan Zang for all by making the total sequence. Another piece of "Sheng Jiao Tang Sancang sequence of Emperor Tang is a "Shengjiao order" made by Ji, the monument is the second study of the Tang Dynasty calligraphy, painting, sculpture art and important cultural relics. Especially in the West Tower on the line of stone lintel carved temple map, is to study the construction of the Tang Dynasty valuable information.

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Lishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Shan of China's ancient and well-known scenic tourist attractions, as a result of the Department of the Western Zhou Rong Guo Li at the country, therefore, called Li Shan Tang Chao at Lintong name should be, Hui-chang, Li Shan and had therefore changed its name to be Chao Shan, Shan Hui-chang. ZHOU Qin Han and Tang Dynasties, there has been a royal garden, many Imperial Villa Villa. Li Shan is a branch of the Qinling Mountains Miangen 25 km East-West, North and South width of 13.7 kilometers, 1302 meters above sea level and aging mountains, magnificent show Tsui, like a green Cang Li Ju's named after. "Chi historic" cloud: Lishan "not too Chongjun China, the fastest Miangen better, different than Taibai quiet, odd dangerous than the goal, but for the San Juan-old, Both the rule of a saint, Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang, travel and more detached palace Fortunately, the other House, Sau Ling all hot water into nirvana. "

  Lishan, such as the United States and Fairview, also known as Xiu Ling to stone urn for the Valley community is divided into East Ridge embroidery, embroidered West Ridge. Lishan was the king of the Tour Fortunately, the foot of the mountain monuments can be seen everywhere, myths and legends layer Non-poor. "Wei-shui white in the autumn, according to Hung Li Shan night." Whenever the sun sets, Lishan in the sunset, setting sun-stricken Hongxia particularly spectacular, "Li Shan as late" as the "customs of Eight".

  "Li Shan Yu Shu-gray cloud, going through ZHOU Qin and Han and Tang Dynasties, a clock hot water flow day and night, a few take up in both hands to cover Emperor Huang Zhong "In this Guo Jing Lishan on the status of its history has done a proper and accurate summary. Far in the ancient period, there was Nu Wa's" rock Lian Sky "are; Western Zhou Dynasty, Zhou You Wang in the performance An episode of "war lords drama, praised smile Si lost to the world that" the history of farce; Wei Qin Shi Huang of the world will be his Built in the tomb at the foot of Lishan, also left a world-famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Army Front; period of the Tang Dynasty, the emperor and Yang in the interpretation of a beautiful love story, but not to flee from the Empress Dowager Cixi Forget the pleasure to play here, this is Lishan vicissitudes of life experience, but also to witness the historical progress of the Chinese nation. Li Shan is not only beautiful natural scenery, and there are dozens of well-known scenic spots of cultural relics sites, since time immemorial, the people of Lishan memories, Tang Li Shan do not have some fun. Qingshi step of the way the well-known beacon towers week, the mother Temple, Lao Jundian, according to late-ting, Ting Jian soldiers, stone urn Valley, give the fire floor, Xian Qiao, Sinojackia Stone, chicken shelf, three-hole, Yao Zi, and other monuments stand up together. Rising or visitors can take a cable car cable Lishan Mountain to the beacon towers. Jimuyuantiao, in the vast, 800 Qinchuan, such as the Weihe River in a fluttering green jade belt, looking down at the foot of the mountain, picturesque, bustling tourists. Lishan halfway up the mountain on a piece of rust fungi have a golden boulder, looking like a tiger's stripe. And it told the tiger stone, because of a squat Xingzhuang Si lying tiger, also known as Wo Hu Shi. There are a cement stone pavilion. This is the Xi'an Incident, Chiang Kai-shek's Office arrested. In the 1950s changed its name to "playing with Jiang Ting" and Kiosks and positive inscription on the top of the Shek Pik, describes the "Xi'an Incident" through Western. In recent years, changed its name to "suicide soldiers Pavilion."

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Huaqing Pool - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an Huaqing Pool is located about 35 kilometers to the east. It has been contained, the Western Zhou Dynasty have been built here, "Gong Li." Qin masonry building pool, named "Li Shan Tang." When the expansion of the Han Dynasty as a "detached palace." Emperor Li Shimin in the construction of the "hot spring palace." In 747 AD, the emperor Ming Wan Shan Gong Zhu, Zhou Gong Jian City, with the words "China Palace. "As a result of palace built in the Tang Chi, also known as" Hua Qing Hot Spring. "

  Huaqing Pool is China's oldest imperial garden, one. Its strategic location, beautiful scenery and landscape of thousands of years are not running in hot springs, has been favored by the imperial dynasties, one after another detached palace built here in Court. Here are the legacy More complete Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties, and other cultural sites, landscape, ancient buildings and cultural resources, such as old and valuable trees, especially in the Tang Minghuang Yang and lingering love story that shocked the world and the "Xi'an Incident "The world renowned. Tang Hua Qing of the park site and the "Xi'an Incident," the former site of the five ---- Are the focus of the Office of the National Heritage unit. The famous, famous, famous, ancient ruins, as well as the former site of the 6000 revolution in the history of the use of hot springs in 3000 and the Royal Garden Huaqing Pool constitutes a financial history of human resources, natural resources, a comprehensive tourism resources, the formation of the Mountain tour, hot spring bath, Access to sites, Monuments to receive education in patriotism and the historical and cultural influence of high-quality tourism products.

According to Li Huaqing Pool South Hill, bounded by the Wei-shui, the ancient capital of Xian, 30 km east of strategic location, beautiful scenery and landscape. "Tang Quan not gentle water flow through the ages Qing Hua", as a well-known scenic spots, Huaqing A very long history, especially the much ancient imperial favor.

Legend has it that 3,000 years ago, Zhou You Wang Li in the construction of the palace, the war has been put on show the history of feudal farce. Qin Shi Huang, Zhu Shi Shi to build pool, named "Li Shan Tang." Emperor time for the expansion of the detached palace. Zhenguan emperor of the Tang Dynasty palace built 18 years Court called "Tang Quan Gong," Gao was renamed "Hot Springs Palace." Tang Tianbao six years (AD 747 years) and large-scale expansion of the palace built by mountains, the city built palace week, as well Tang Zhi Chi, the name of "Qing Hua." A Royal Palace Huaqing Pool, Yang legend in the shower for nearly ten Spring and Autumn. "Looking back embroidered Chang Heap, Peak 1000 and sequential open, riding a Red Feizixiao, no one is known to litchi. "Famous Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu in the" Qing Hua quatrains have been "at the time of the Qing Hua's excellent description of the event. Palace after being Shih-hua, remaining the same building. Liberation, in accordance with the expansion of several shapes of the Tang Dynasty, only a The size of today. 959, Mr. Guo Moruo Huaqing Pool Tour after having all sorts of feelings, Huibi wrote, "Cang Qing Hua Qing Hot Spring water color, the more the Japanese scale of the Tang dynasty," the poem, aptly summed up the outlook of the Huaqing Pool and development. In 1982, Huaqing Pool was key national scenic spots. In 1996, the State Council Hua-qing The fourth site for the national key cultural unit. In 2000, Huaqing Pool among the first batch of national AAAA scenic spot. In 1993, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President Jiang Zemin's visit to Huaqing Pool is pleased after the inscription "the development of tourism and promoting economic development," Hua Qing Hot Spring Tourism and the whole line High expectations raised.

  In April 1982, people in the capital discovered by chance during the construction of Tang Hua Qing Yu Tang construction site. Archaeologists discovered by the clean-up in the area of 4200 square meters was found inside the 5 Tang Chi sites, and that they were recorded in the history of the stars soup, lotus soup, sea Tang, Prince Edward Tang monk eat soup. These built on the ruins of the Tang Hua Tang Museum at the Royal Palace in October 1990 officially open.

  Huaqing Pool is located at the foot of Lishan, Li Shan is a branch of the Qinling Mountains, 1256 meters above sea level, the mountain is covered with green pine and cypress want to drop, from afar, as if a black horse Li said the dark horse for the ancient, named "Li Shan." Huaqing Pool destroyed in the Tang Dynasty, "Shih." The Tang Hua Qing Hua Qing Hot Spring is just a small part. Today, we see the Huaqing Pool in the reconstruction of the Qing Dynasty on the basis of constant renovation by extension, covers an area of 85,560 square meters.

  Huaqing Pool Drop in at the foot of Lishan, Li Shan is a branch of the Qinling Mountains, 1256 meters above sea level, the mountain is covered with green pine and cypress want to drop, from afar, as if a black horse, dark horse for the ancient said Li, named "Li Shan."

  Huaqing Pool destroyed in the Tang Dynasty, "Shih." The Tang Hua Qing Hua Qing Hot Spring is just a small Points. Today, we see the Huaqing Pool in the reconstruction of the Qing Dynasty on the basis of constant renovation by extension, covers an area of 85,560 square meters. Into the west gate of the Huaqing Pool, we can see that in the face of Jiulong Chi, and Tang Fei Shuang Lotus Temple are all in 1959 by the Tang Dynasty architectural style of rehabilitation. Guo Hua Qing Hot Spring has written at the top of the door "Huaqing Pool," horizontal inscribed board. Into the door to see two tall cedar stand proudly, two bath palace-style architecture, symmetrical, the future of the new bath, bath by the new line to the right, through the long wall is Jiulong Hu, the lake level, such as Der Spiegel, Reflection of pavilions, willows fu shore, Hall of Yichun is on the east coast, is on the north shore of Feishuang Hall for the main building, Aquilaria Dian Dian Yichun and the relative things, the West Bank is 9 corridors. Dan Fang too long from north to south, then in the morning Xu Ting, the Kowloon Bridge, sunset-ting, to be a Tang-style "pool Concubine" buildings. "Lotus soup," such as stone lotus-shaped pools, bathing for the emperor; "Begonia "-Shaped pool, such as Begonia, for access to Goodfriend;" still eat soup "is for the ministers of the shower;" stars Tom "above and around the site of the legendary no-shelter, showers and stars in the sky can be seen, named. Soup and there are stars in the Ku Yuan-hot. Concubine out of the pool will move forward into the Lake House, foresight by the lotus pool and then Fiat Court, the legend Royal Pavilion is the view after the bath and cool hair. Then came the five kiosks, shocked the world of the Xi'an Incident took place when Chiang Kai-shek had lived here. Li Shan and a half behind the waist tiger Shek Department also has a "suicide soldiers Pavilion", 4 meters high, 2.5 meters wide, reinforced concrete structure, Ting Jian soldiers horizontal inscribed board is made of valuable Lan Tianyu. Into the west gate of the Huaqing Pool, we can see that in the face of Jiulong Chi, and Tang Fei Shuang Lotus Temple are all in 1959 by the Tang Dynasty architectural style of rehabilitation. Feishuang Temple in the Tang Dynasty Emperor Xuanzong and Yang is the Qindian. At that time, the Dian Qian Tang Chi, mist rising all day. Every winter snow fell, the Imperial Household Dragon dancing, snow-wrapped, but Feishuangdianqian into Baishuang, it got its name. Feishuangdianqian called the Jiulong Chi Tang Chi. Jiulong Chi on the west side of the corridors through 9 as dragon boat floating on the surface of the Shifang. Dan Fang, there was Xuanzong Emperor of the Tang Yu, "Tang Kowloon."

  Huaqing Pool in the Lishan Xi and hot water Change the former site of the Office of the five are located in the eastern part of Huaqing Pool. Li Shan, there are four hot spring, the flow of up to 112 tons per hour. The water temperature to 43 degrees Celsius. Spring water contains lime, sodium sulfate and sodium carbonate and other minerals, suitable for bathing infirmary, skin diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, muscle pain and other diseases have a certain Effect. Hot Springs along the eastern side of the water level rising, it came to the Chiang Kai-shek in the "Xi'an Incident" lived in the house - 5 Office. 5 Office of the mountain on the eastern side of the road have set a bridge-shaped buildings, summer and fall when the sun, looking from west to east, could see the setting sun Sihuo, Hongxia-stricken, after the rain like Changhong, named " Hongqiao. "Lishan West embroidered Chengkungling, the site of the Western Zhou beacon towers are still faintly discernible. Ancient beacon towers of the alarm settings, built on the hill above, there are special care. If the enemy come to attack us, then firing at night, call Feng, smoke during the day and then released, said Sui, to report to the police.

  Jiulong Hu

  Jiulong Hu area Longqiao wave of lying, Liu Shi coast turn, spit Long Qingquan, sparkling Huguang. Feishuang Hall, the Hall of Aquilaria, the Hall of Yichun, Tse & Dragons, Long Dan Fang, more than 9 corridors such as ancient architecture Diaolianghuadong, resplendent, around and out, Cuolayouzhi. Shek Ngau, lions, and as a natural stone steles which embellishment, Xiangyingchengqu. Visitors to this Dunjue relaxed and happy, Nanbian heaven on earth.

  Central Park is the hometown Huaqing, Lotus Court, Lake House, Hongqiao Fei, Wang Ting River, Fiat Court, Yum-Tong Xuan, game booths, Beiting and the "Xi'an Incident", when Chiang Kai-shek's Office where he stayed five blocks, and other mixed In the meantime drop. After a century of the baptism of wind and rain, Central Park is more ancient Elegant. Tang Hua Qing Yu Tang then built the museum site in 1990, the beautiful lotus soup, soup Begonia, stars Tom, Tom, and other sites still fresh, people can not help Thinking back Yang was "thanks to cold bath Huaqing Pool, hot water to wash slide Ningzhi" flirtatious . Pear orchard in the former site of the rest of the Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty music and dance to enjoy the beautiful and Royal tea ceremony performance. Facilities, superior service spa hotel guests waiting for you.

  Li Shan Hot Springs, the current through the ages, the surplus is not true, water Wenheng only 43, containing a variety of minerals, Liao Ji suitable for bathing. Huaqing Pool of the existing more than 100 types of bath, shower for a few hundred people at the same time. Pavilion Hall pavilion full of paintings, both water flow situation. A long history and fascinating evidence can be evidence of the human landscape, plenty of interesting anecdote will Huaqing Pool your trip memorable.

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Xi'an ancient city wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an city wall of Xi'an is located in the central area, were rectangular, wall 12 meters high and 18 meters Dikuan, Dingkuan 15 meters, 2590 meters long east wall, the Western Wall 2631.2 meters long, long wall 3441.6 m, 3241 m long wall, with a total Circumference of 11.9 km. There are four Shing: Changle Gate East, West Andingmen South Yongning Gate, the far north security gate, each by the Shing Mun Jian Lou and composition of the tower. Ming Hongwu wall of the existing seven years to 11 years (1374-1378), has been 600 years of history, China is the most complete existing ancient city wall of a building.

Some experts think that this is the ancient city wall Third, the ancient capital of North Korea on the ground of the most splendid architectural relics; can be said that the value of its unmatched.

According to the accurate measurement of Xi'an ancient city wall 13.912 kilometers in length, 12 meters high, Dikuan 18 meters, 15 meters Dingkuan. The south wall of which 4256 m, 2706 m long wall of the West, covered in the Sui and Tang Dynasties Imperial period on, respectively, to the east and north to extend about 1 /4; east wall 2886 meters, 4262 meters long north wall, Wu Ming-hong for years to build. The whole wall, including the moat, drawbridge, gate building, Jian Lou, the floor is, the turret, Di Lou, parapet, and a series of Duokou facilities constitute a complete tight Century, the ancient castle.

It can be said that every piece of the ancient city wall Chengzhuan as if ancient letter is read the 13 books of the ancient capital of North Korea does.

According to the history of set: "The fortification gun to Wei-Jun, Guo made to Habitat, the city walls are also beginning." Can be seen as early as 4500, as the walls of the traditional anti - Facilities, along with the cities have at the same time. In 3100 there is the history of the city of Chang'an, the ancient city walls were built. Regardless of the Zhou Feng, ho, or at the time of Xianyang Qin, Han Chang'an, the fortification in order to have Wei-Jun, Guo made to Habitat. After all, "Merry was a total, the wind and rain to go." Most of these ancient city wall of history reduced to dust , Left, it was no more a relic of history for future generations to have spent the setting sun in pay. And the existing ancient city wall, started in the Sui and Tang dynasties, the Ming re-construction, the 1980s has been completely renovated. It seemed a wise old people, through the fog of history, to tell the people of the glorious past ... ... Sui Wendi Wong Kai-2002 <582 years without public> to Yuwen-famous architect for the building of the chief architect of the capital, began construction of the Imperial City and Miyagi. Completed the second year. Followed by Kuo Cheng-building business. After the Tang Dynasty, the style is still the city as its capital, Tai Hing to the city for the city of Chang'an. Yong Hui five years <654 in the year> Emperor The Book of History and Industry were responsible for the Xuande Yan, in the spring and autumn, has an external wall and the construction of Chinatown East, west and south side of the tower and the Shing Mun 9. External perimeter wall 36.7 kilometers, and its 9 to 12 meters wide, 5 meters high and more. At that time, the whole city area of 84 square kilometers, large-scale, thorough, and the layout, major north-south 11, 14 east-west streets, the city divided into 109 Square and the east and west cities. Po Chu-i, as described in "may go home Baiqian Bureau, Street 12 species, such as vegetable bed." Chinatown has become the world's largest capital, five wind instrument, like centers of world civilization.

The late Tang and Huang Chao uprising, in Chang took 881 million years. Later Tang Dynasty Chang'an government forces quickly recovered. History is contained, "Huang Chao battle over power, the burning palace Dunqu" almost at the same time, "Guan Jun storms swept tantamount to 'thieves'," Chang-room house and the people, keep the same. "However, so that by the destruction of Chang'an City, is Zhu Wen Tang Zhaozong force the relocation of the capital. Emperor is not only a hundred Shi Min and the migration of people, Zhu Wen Chang also demolished the palace. Secretary century farmhouse and non-governmental, removed the wood and wood by the Weihe River and downstream of the Yellow River, moved to Luoyang, Chinatown reduced to ruins. Han Chang'an at the Jiedushi built into Chang'an; give up the original city and Miyagi Guo, Emperor to the walls for the new Changan wall. At this point Star gradually lost luster. Yuan dynasty, reduced to the northwest edge of a city. The establishment of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang followed by the closure for the son of Zhu Shuang Qin, Chang guard, and changed its name to "Xian." Hongwu three years <1370>, Song presided over the restoration of public FENG Xian City, Imperial City to Xiurong, which lasted eight years. Ming City Wall , The south wall and the wall of the West in the Sui and Tang dynasties on the basis of the imperial city walls, thickening raised, respectively, and to the east, the north extension of a quarter; wall and the North East wall, the dismantling of another building. Qing Ming-Lung year <1568>, Shaanxi Douzhihuishi Zhang Zhi, next to the original city wall built out of brick inside.?????<17 1 year> and governor Shaanxi Biyuan, renovated tower, built by brick package, and improving the drainage system. At this point, the walls were able to keep down the extension.

Xi'an city wall is in the Ming Dynasty Ming Zhu Yuan's policy of "high wall, grain, the relief win," under the guidance of the Tang Imperial City built on the basis of Completely around, "defense" strategy system, the wall thickness is greater than the height of a firm such as the Shan, Qiang Ding and sports car can be drilled. Including the moat wall, suspension, floor, gates, Jian Lou, the floor is, the turret, Di Lou, parapet, Duokou a series of military installations. Since the wall after the completion of major renovation after three. Qing Ming-Lung 2002 1568), Shaanxi Provincial Governor Zhang Zhi so that the repair presided over the Tucheng City for the first time into a brick; 46 years Qing Emperor Qianlong (1781), Shaanxi Provincial Governor Biyuan presided over the walls of the tower and made repairs; since 1983, and in Shaanxi Province The People's Government of Xi'an ancient city wall was a large-scale renovation, has been built up Destruction of the East Gate, North Gate Jian Lou, the South Gate House gate, bridge and into the park around the city, so that the old buildings full of the old style, Xi'an has become one of the major tourist attractions.

? recall in history: the ancient city wall is a traditional Chinese defense facilities. We are now in 6000 before the Banpo Ruins That the Banpo people in the place of residence around the deep excavation in order to guard against wild animals and attacks outside the tribe. If the Banpo village to the city as the first seeds of deep groove that is equivalent to the walls of the facility at that time. Until the technology was invented wall, the wall along with the natural birth of the city at the same time, the ancient city to become the symbol of It has been recorded in the annals of history; "whale to fortification Wei-Jun, Guo made to Habitat, the city walls are also beginning." This is about about 4500 years ago in front of the late primitive society. As the millennium the ancient capital of Xi'an, the ancient city wall built on many occasions. Most of them were buried in the dust of history. However, we still see the wall can be traced back to AD Century, the Sui Dynasty.

? features: including the ancient city wall of Xi'an moat, drawbridge, gate building, Jian Lou, the floor is, the turret, Di Lou, parapet, Duokou a series of military installations, constitute a complete tight military defense system. Tour the ancient city wall of Xi'an, the ancient understanding of the specific image of the war, City construction and architecture are of great significance. Shing Mun origin of the name: Xi'an city wall from the Sui and Tang dynasties has been the history in 1400. During the long years of history, Shing Mun changes occur. These list the name of the Shing Mun origin, but also from one side of the city reflects the ups and downs of the long funeral.

From the south gate at the beginning of Shun Direction:

South Gate: This is the Shing Mun in Xi'an oldest, the longest one in use, was built in Sui Chu (582). Then it is three doors south of the Imperial City in the east of a call-site security. South Korea reduced the late Tang Jian to build a new town at the south gate reserved. Yongning Gate changed its name in the Ming Dynasty. It is also now the West The door wall to recover most of a complete, but not in the original design Jianlou. Now Nanlaibeiwang vehicles per capita from the line just two things to open up doors inside the cave, through vouchers, which itself has become a cultural relics.

Suzaku Gate: Suzaku Gate Chang Tang is now the south gate of the Imperial City, was studied under the Central Avenue Suzaku Sui and Tang dynasties, often emperors held celebrations. In 589 AD, the Sui Dynasty unified China, Sui Wendi gate tower rose in the ranks to review the Arc de Triomphe. South Korea reduced the late Tang Jian to build a new town, the Shing Mun has been closed. Xi'an city wall repair in 1985, discovered a package inside the wall next door Suzaku site. It However, scholars such as the Sui and Tang described as the grand gorgeous, Zhu Chu Shing Mun use made of marble, on the threshold of Qingshi production lines engraved with the beautiful expression patterns Mancao dusty, brick mill of the joints of the solid wall openings correct, showing all Canyuanduanbi Wah Kwai Estate in the presence of that year. The site is located on the west side of the door Suzaku is 198 The opening of the year.

Do not screen doors: Do not screen doors, commonly known as the small South Gate, opened in 1939 in order to commemorate the martyrs of the Revolution in Shaanxi Province, Mr. Wells not to screen. Screen is not well, Mr. Sun Yat-sen founded the first group of member of the United League, the period of democratic revolution in Shaanxi have a major impact on the revolutionaries, in the 1 17-year campaign to protect the law died a heroic death.

Why should the door: Why is the door to the south of the Imperial Tang Chang-You-door. South Korea reduced the late Tang Jian to build a new town, closed its door in the hole and Simon, to retain the East Gate of the hole, after the full closure of the Northern Song Dynasty. Xi'an city wall renovation in 1984, left the door Why should dig out And found that the production of granite Zhu Chu, carved designs on the threshold of doorways. Has now decided that the new coupons at the site on the eastern side of the Shing Mun hole, the site of the framework for the protection of the structure, outsourcing Chengzhuan so with the appearance of the wall, in-house set up artificial lighting and air-conditioning systems, for future visitors.

Simon: You security of the West This is the Tang Imperial City in the west gate, the late Tang Jian Han reduction to build a new town was preserved. The expansion of the Ming Dynasty city walls slightly to the south at the location, Andingmen name.

Yuxiang Gate: in 1926, Liu Zhenhua Warlords Anseong unitary surrounded by up to 8 months, so that the people of Xian Dong E killed 40,000 people until the General Feng Yuxiang National coalition to defeat Liu Zhenhua, Xi'an was able to rescue. In 1928 the opening of the Shing Mun, to commemorate the achievements made by General Feng, Yu-xiang named door.

North Gate: The city wall built in the Ming Dynasty, when the construction of the North Gate, formally known as the security doors away. Revolution, the rebels attack town, with the Fierce fight, fighting in the north gate tower was damaged. Wall renovation in 1983, restored the original Jianlou.

Tak door: Xi'an Railway Station south-west side of the door opening of Tak in 1986, as a result of Tak straight road named after.

Zhongshan Gate: early in 1927, the General Feng Yuxiang Under the proposed opening of the door, Zhongshan, to commemorate the revolutionary leader of the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen got its name. May 1, 1927, General Feng Yuxiang Lvjun east, from the Mountain Gate City. Zhongshan door openings of the two side by side, they were named Frederick "east" and "Arc de Triomphe." The date for sending troops, General von head to the city from all walks of life Huan The masses speech, said that the victory of the Northern Expedition, and so on, and then open the Arc de Triomphe to welcome him. However, changes in the current situation, Mr General did not re-rate the division back to Xi'an.

East Gate: East Gate in the building when the construction of wall Ming, an official called the name of Changle Gate. Li military uprising in the late Ming scored by the East Gate of Xi'an. Li Zicheng see hanging on the Shing Mun Changle Gate "horizontal inscribed board, the officers and men who said:" If the emperor to allow Changle, the people should suffer long. "A remark soldiers, and public revulsion. Ignition burned the tower until the Qing Dynasty and re-construction." Xi'an Incident ", General Zhang Xueliang in the East Gate tower on the formation of teams to teach soldiers and school teams. This site Has As a repair to commemorate the Xi'an Incident.

Jianguomen: in 1986 the opening of Jianguomen to straight on the road named after the founding of the PRC.

Peace Arch: Xi'an Railway Station, the Wild Goose Pagoda in the same north-south axis to open the door to peace in 1953. In order to express Chinese people's war-torn World peace, named the door to peace.

Wenchang Gate: Forest of Stone Tablets Museum of Wenchang on the south side of the door, opened in 1986. The wall built on Kuixing Lou, the city wall of Xi'an is the only defense has nothing to do with military facilities. Kuixing also known as "Kuixing", "Kui places," one of the top 28 stars Legend of Ancient Man Wan is the key to the rise and fall of the gods, was called "mobile phone", "Wen Star." If his point Zhubi, the pen can be wonderful flower, even in three to become champion. Therefore, the ancient Confucian temple, where both institutions are dedicated to building the Kuixing Lou incense. House at the time of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Confucius Temple in Xi'an built in the wall next to the ( Forest of Stone Tablets Museum), also Kuixing Lou advantage of the opportunity to build on top of the wall. Kuixing Lou in 1986 to repair. Here visitors can see life, such as alcohol, slovenly, Qiu Pengtou beard, staggering steps, wine gourds hanging back, holding a bucket, hand written, intoxication and a half Banxing seems to be the stars Zunrong Wenchang. Under the new Kuixing Lou Shing Mun, naturally named Wenchang the door.

Magnificent city wall of Xi'an urban areas has become the most attractive tourist attraction is one. I have accompanied many foreign guests to visit Xi'an, all praise of the great wall. Thailand, a guest said: "Deng Changcheng in Beijing to see the National Palace Museum; wall in Xian Deng Terracotta warriors and horses do. "Japan's Emperor and Empress to visit Xi'an, Xi'an to board a special Shing, a glance inside and outside the city landscape.

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Xi'an Qujiang Ocean - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an Qujiang oceans of the world budget for the project with a total investment of 350,000,000 yuan, covers an area of 90 hectares, mainly due to the Atoll Reef, the Rhine Square, Ocean Club consists of three parts business. Atoll Reef with a total investment of 170,000,000 yuan, the main construction area of 18,600 square meters; built outside the Museum Plaza, including the Rhine's speech Square, the water landscape, commerce, catering, leisure and entertainment facilities such as an area of nearly 30,000 square meters, more than 10,000 yuan investment in 3000; has started construction of the marine business investment by about 1.5 billion square meters of construction area of more than 3, Foreign business plan early in 2006. Atoll Reef is a marine Qujiang The core engineering sector projects. Museum's total water is about 6,000 tons, the design culture of fresh water, sea water more than 300 biological species, more than 12,000 the number of the end of (only). Museum of the main dolphin performances by the Museum, Marine Science Museum, the Museum of tropical rain forest, the Cross Harbor Tunnel, the underwater part of the five Grand View Garden and matching Dining Ocean Retail goods and services such as interactive entertainment facilities. Atoll Reef and the appearance of the display of creativity by the United States Landemake (LANDMARK) design companies will see Hong Kong Yarui (International) theme of the design and construction company responsible for the content of the display of the specific design, scale and ranks among the display of the level of domestic marine The top five. Aquarium of Xi'an in China has created a peer in the five most: 1, the Science Museum of the marine area of more than 400 square meters for domestic aquariums in the most; 2, the museum is divided into ancient tropical rain forest exploration, rainforest wonders of man and nature, Exotic, walk over the next five in the Atoll Reef is also part of the body volume Large; 3, the marine science museum to display the country of a class of aquatic animals to protect whales Brinell specimen length 13.5 m, is the longest in the Atoll Reef, the only; 4 with a home aquariums in the highest-cylinder cylinder; 5 The mainland for the first time to introduce the most advanced, the largest screen (3 meters high and 14 meters wide) of high-tech virtual Yang demonstrated biological systems. Xi'an Qujiang Atoll in the development of Jan. 31, 2005 opening to the outside world of business. Tickets: Adult Pass ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 100 yuan for children under 1.2 meters (must be accompanied by parents) ... ... ... ... Shouxing free of charge (certificate Must be accompanied by an adult) ... ... ... ... Free

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Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum in Xi'an is located 30 km east of the Lishan Mountain in the south according to Lishan, Love overlapping layer peaks, lush forests; bounded by the Wei-shui, Qu Wei Yi turn, Yin Yi recline. Tall letters in mass graves, which rise amid Weiwei and Li Shan are surrounded by seamless, beautiful, independent environmental show.

Qin Shi Huang in the history of China-a The politicians, who win political surname, Qin Zhuangxiang Wang's son, was born in 259 BC Zhao Kyoto Handan, in 246 BC that the 13-year-old legislation for the King of Qin, the 22-year-old coronation of the T'ung. From 236 BC to 221 BC in 15 years, has exterminate the Qin Han, Zhao, Wei Chu, Yan and Qi six State leaders, thoroughly put an end to separatist warlords of the Warring States history in blood and fire, set up in the history of China's first unified, multi-ethnic, centralized feudal dynasty - the Qin Dynasty. "So Qinhuang Luk, Hong Kong Standard potential Xiong Zai; motion of wielding a sword no clouds, the leaders of the West to do." Qin Shi Huang - who dominated the open Sovereign, not only for the descendants left a lasting cause of this still mysterious royal cemetery.

Ancient Egypt is the world's largest pyramid on the floor of the Capital Cities, China's Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum is the world's largest imperial tombs on the ground floor.

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor ascended the throne in starting construction work, before and after the last 8-year-old, famous Egyptian pyramid of Khufu built a long time 8 years, the use of Xiu Ling in the past when the largest number of 800,000, almost the same as the construction of the Khufu pyramid in the number of times 8.

Qin mausoleum modeled on the capital of Xianyang in the construction, the back lanes are shaped, built around the tomb there are two internal and external wall, Ling Inside the perimeter wall 3870 meters, 6210 meters outside the perimeter wall, the hills in the region currently known large-scale ground for the construction Qindian, Biandian, Temple Park officials, such as home sites. Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum from the Fengtuhangzhu to form a three-level ladder-like cover was fighting, near the bottom of the square, at the end of an area of about 250,000 square meters, 115 meters high However, since 2000 gone through years of wind and rain erosion and man-made destruction, Feng Tu is the end of an area of about 120,000 square meters, height of 87 meters, the whole hill with a total area of 56.25 square kilometers. Qin Dynasty China was a glorious page in history, Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum of Qin Dynasty more focused on the highest achievements of civilization. He was born to the emperor All of the high position and great wealth into the ground floor.

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum is the tomb palace on the ground floor of the building core of the closure is located under the mound. "Historical Records": "to wear the three-chuen, the result of copper under the outer coffin, Baiguan temples, and odd-odd differences over the possession of resettlement. Mercury to rivers and rivers to the sea, with indoctrination machine.'s An astronomy Geography, in order to extract as a mermaid candle, who is immortal for a long time on the degree. "Underground palace found in the archaeological area of about 180,000 square meters, the center of the depth of about 30 meters. Mound cemetery closed to the center, surrounded by large number of funerary distribution, the rich, on an unprecedented scale, with the exception of the world famous terracotta warriors and horses Peizang Keng, the copper Juma Keng , And the newly discovered Large armor stone pit, a hundred opera pit figurines, figurines pit, as well as the civil service, such as Pei Zangmu 600, Qinling decades of archaeological relics unearthed in the work of as many as 10 million pieces. In the cemetery where a number of cultural relics have set up booths to display the Qinling part of the cultural relics unearthed in the last 20 years; there are layout exhibition watercourses, and then reproduce the cemetery Science well-drainage facilities; believe that with the archaeological work progress, certainly there will be more unexpected discoveries.

In imposing the green and tall Metella, in order to let visitors feel the feelings of honor of King, King's parents, Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum have staged large-scale "to reproduce the guards of honor - Qin Shi Huang Shou-ling forces changing of the guard ceremony, "and set performance of" sound, light, electricity, "Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum in one hill, the cemetery, the palace sand table model to display, reproduce more than 2000 years ago, the mysterious mausoleum of the spectacular scenes, showing in decades The results of archaeological, in vivid visual Qinling revealed the secret to display its rich connotations. Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum is the first Chinese emperor of a cemetery, hard working people of our country and the crystallization of wisdom, is a treasure house of history and culture, all in the feudal imperial tomb in a large, rich burial known to the world. In 1961 the State Council was announced as the first group of key cultural units, 987, was listed by UNESCO as world cultural heritage list, has become the common wealth of all mankind. Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum in 2002 won the national AAAA class tourist attractions.

The main scenic spots

Feng mound

"Mound closure" on the ground from high hills known as the mass graves, -The following is the burial tomb of the deceased. Feng Tu Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum by the loess accumulation, the layered composition of the Hang Zhu. As a whole like a "follow-Doo", but in reality the size of three Schnabelia Taiwan stacked geometry, this is not the Western Han people to see Liu Xiang, "Chong three grave" look. According to historical records, "Shi Zhang grave high-five" by the aerial survey Height of 51.668 meters, the largest base of the square, 350 meters long from north to south and 345 meters wide east, the perimeter 1390 meters, covering an area of 120,750 square meters.

"Historical Records" set: Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum "tree vegetation like Elephant." According to the hierarchy, was in the hills on the cultivation and planting pine and cypress . Zaiman modern pomegranate tree, May Sihuo bonuses, autumn fruit to Man. These are greening the environment, safeguard the ecological role.

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum of the border remains of the original Fengtu

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum of the original than the existing Fengtu much higher. That the Western Han Dynasty Tomb of the basement while the length of a "week to have Wuli "This could be equivalent to 2087.65 meters.

As the two thousand years of wind and rain erosion and man-made damage and the reduction in the basement, turned around in the shape of the cliff, only 1390 meters circumference. This is the original Feng Tu of the border.


In order to rule out the possibility Qin Shi Mausoleum of rain on the ground, underground pipes are laid and more. Pentagon pottery belonging to the water drainage in charge of the Road, 45-47 cm-high, the bottom 40 cm wide, 65-68 cm in length. Internal area of 1100 square meters in centimeters or so, it is out of water (m /s) larger. There are hills in the north-west Tao Pai pentagon side by side across the water inside the city walls, floor shows runoff is huge. Another Qingshi water from the upper and lower two matched, with twists and turns for the single, double holes or three holes, the flow rate in order to slow down to prevent damage to the outlet on the ground.

Indoor discharge dump water, with cylindrical pottery waterway. On the To undertake the "funnel" bend "bend."

  By the construction of the vent pipes and underground drainage pipes between each other to form a complete drainage system.

Juma Keng copper site

In 1980, where a team of four to explore Ma Ma Si cars and trucks by one each. An in car , Mainly by car; the former in order to legislate for the lead vehicle. Wah Group of the court by car, now on display at the Terracotta Warrior Museum.

Copper Juma Keng Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum is located on the west side of the edge of Feng Tu, 7.8 m deep pit, as the plane eastern "towel" shape. With a total area of 3025 square meters. By two Travel allowance from the pit on the south side of the hole over the first 5, Massimo car back East mausoleum. The walls and roof of the pit, at the end, the Department of sheet metal sockets to form a travel allowance to place the "wooden outer coffin." Rotten from the track and know-prints: a long wooden outer coffin 7, 2.3 wide, 2.2 meters high.

Qindian site

The so-called "Qin Dian" Is the worship, ritual ceremony of the souls of system construction.

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum of Qin Dian tomb is located on the north side of 53 meters west. From the detection of a platform to know that it blocks east to the west, close to the flat square, 62 meters long from north to south and 57 meters deep into East and West, with a total area of 3534 square meters. Central to the main building Gallery, to scattered around the outside of water, doors open at the southern tip of the east wall.

Qindian Qinmo destroyed as a result of the fire, of unknown structures. But by the Department of the foundation remains, the soil piled up in the construction of a large number of relics and archeology of the Shang and Zhou dynasties that instance, when the Hall of the First Qin Emperor mausoleum belonging to the Arab-Israeli Danyan four-roof construction.

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Tianfu Tea Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tea Museum in January 8, 2000 foundation, Jan. 7, 2002 open house, the whole Museum of the total area of 80 mu (5.3 hectares), construction with a total area of 6,000 square meters, is the largest sector of the Tea Museum.
Museum 4 main buildings: (1) the main exhibition halls: the main display of tea History of Chinese tea culture and tea production and marketing situation, the world's major tea producing countries of the situation and the Tianfu Group of the development process, and so on; (2) of the tea ceremony classes: a tea-storey professional performance and the Office of overflow and Xuan, such as the elegant tea Court The tea place, also serves as teaching the tea ceremony.

On the second floor of-the-art facilities for the International Conference Hall; 3) Japanese tea ceremony hall (Um Fu-hui): Japanese-style garden and teahouse, with fine-ting, Ting Jian, King Pavilion on behalf of three different styles of the era of Japanese teahouse; (4) Painting and Calligraphy Museum (Stone Office of Lent), Three exhibition halls. Main Library collection of calligraphy and painting exhibition hall to display, the exhibition hall of activities occasional work-painting and calligraphy exhibition themes; on the second floor Friends organized by the Office of chat from time to time pen and brush at the scene; Office of the main rock Chai sell all kinds of the Office of stone, sculpture, and other crafts.
Chinese Museum booth in there, Tangshan, Bridge Song, Yuan Tong, Lake, Qing-chi, Qushui Lanting, Wurenchayuan, Ming Feng stone, the Court said tea garden landscaping, and other facilities. Elegant natural environment is a Academic research, culture, education and entertainment as one of the tea culture of Grand View Garden, visitors can get the entertainment knowledge of tea, tea awareness, understanding of the heritage of tea and tea culture.

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Muk Min famous anti-rape Um - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Muk Min-Ting Ling Ha Kowloon in Longhai, Zhangzhou away from the urban area of about 12 kilometers, is located as a result of the village named after Muk Min. Annei Ocean's 18 and worship Buddha statues and so on. An Qian there is a "Muk Min Pavilion", in order to punish the Southern Song Dynasty Zhenghu Chen Jia Sidao. The Song Jian Xiang Tai Gu Sidao Methodism is, in degrees, three Gongdi Quan Chen Chao The beginning of "Father of Jiaxing Secretary Yam fill positions," after its sister graces in Methodism, called Goodfriend, the official right to the prime minister, Tai Shi Feng, Zhang Jun country re-issue. Jia Sidao Yinyijiaoshe on weekdays, many evil deeds. German right the first year (1275) million military invasion, Jia Sidao Lvjunbaitao, big government and the public uproar, Qunchenshangshu impeachment, beheaded Ping Minfen. At that time behind a screen to thank the Queen Mother cover only demoted by the state (this Tung Lung Chau) away. Jia Sidao movement was down by the martial art escort Zhenghu Chen, Zheng was ordered to the father in custody, and Jia were killed himself Gusi Dao has been banished into exile, was released after the county magistrate when Huiji. Jia on Road and harbor deep hostility. Half-way escort to Muk Min Um Zhangzhou, along the way to hear the voice of the people to kill four Gusi Dao, associate Qiu hate home, will be decisively put to death in Muk Min Gu Sidao Annei. Zhenghu Chen Chu Jian people would be attracted Shashenzhihuo, Fuzhou back in prison after being detained for killing. After Ji-man Zhenghu Chen Chu Jian of the act, building a four-Muk Min-chu of eight booths, side Gurong Yin-ting, a piece of legislation is three meters, one meter wide monument, engraved on "this Jiasi Dao punish Zhenghu Chen Song" dozens of characters. Kangwo stone for the next big star Qiu Yu enacts. Long dry years of the Qing Dynasty (1736-1795 years) Longxi county magistrate of the Yuan Re-enact. Shibei next to the monument engraved with the Scholars in the Ming Dynasty by Qi Jue title: "The error was far more worthy of the country, wearing a sharp side-by-ya Japanese abandoned. Who Hu Chen Cheng Jin Road section, through the ages Muk Min keep a monument." "Muk Min Pavilion" on the pillars The couplet inscribed: "Ming the righteous cause of the future for the world Chu Jian.

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Chen tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunxiao County is located 3 km west side of the Department of General foothills. Chen, Yimin words, Gwangju Gushi (this is in Henan Province) people. Tang Chapter of the total 2002 (669), Quanzhou and as a result of the peasant uprising occurred in Chaozhou, Chen in Fujian have taken it for granted the "green chaos." In 677 AD in April, Chen's disease dead, buried, General Hill. His son Chen Yuan-ray His part. Cemetery is the surviving horses, sheep, and so on a large stone in the Tang Dynasty. In the vicinity of the tomb of a stream, the name Ma Hang, Chen Yin Ma to legend, the sword grinding stones foothills there. General Hill 426 meters above sea level, high-standard Xiuyi, during Lantern Festival, Mid-clear night, Haoyue move to the west from the city looked like hanging on the Mountain, known as "linked to general "Said the clouds for a major scenic spots.

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Hill Jiuhou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhaoan County in the north-east, 15 km from the county seat. According to Song, "by Zhangzhou map" document, Yu nine children and grandchildren living in Fujian, into the death of a god, the main mountain, it has become Jiuhou Hill. Jiuhou nine mountain peaks, the highest for the Tianzhu Feng, a radius of more than 10 years, there are days in the mountains to open the door, five-ru Hall, stone chessboard, as well as natural , Song Jian Quan, waterfalls, such as Stephen King, 24, is well-known tourist resort. Tianzhu Feng Jiu Hou Temple are halfway up the mountain, was built in the Tang Dynasty, ancient frequent repair, Zhaoan one of the main temple, known as Yan Jiu Hou. Foothills of a large Cave, "Chen-hung," It is said that Late Song Yuan, the Chinese Fujian She popular uprising leader Chen suspended Have troops there. There are steep hills on a number of famous Inscription.

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Well-informed rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai-san at Pinghe County, 116 km away from Zhangzhou in the urban areas. Well-peak 1282 meters altitude, "Feng Lions" like a lion away from the plate in the cliff, the most dangerous. Well-informed on the Temple was built in the natural Cave, there are covered by rock, is under the brink of a precipice, only a "Ladder" Can climb, the terrain is very Xianyao. In the vicinity of the Temple "Zhu Lian Hua-yu" scenic spots, trickling from a few small Quan Shi Zhang Fei Liu and high rock, into a pearl-like droplets falling. Every after the rain, splashing water, as if hanging Zhu Lian, beautiful scenery.

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Nanshan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanshan Temple is located in Zhangzhou City in the southern suburbs, built in the Tang to open the first year, for the well-known Taiwanese one of the ancient temples.

Temple of the existing buildings for the rehabilitation of late Qing Dynasty, but the style of the Tang Dynasty, the grand scale. Temple of historical monuments to the "five Nanshan Temple treasure" of the most well-known, they are weighing over 650 kilograms of the large bronze bell, Natural stalagmite sculpture of the Buddha, written in blood by the margin of the slide, Royal Secret Inspector Guangxu Emperor Canon Yufo and Myanmar. In this five-like baby, Yufo Myanmar to the most valuable, it is crafted from pure white marble stone, is years from the late Qing Dynasty returned to Myanmar, China's only 3, Nanshan Temple in this respect is the biggest.

Jing Zhao Yong origin Wannian County (now Xi'an in Shaanxi Province), in Tang (Li) Dragon-year period (AD 705-706 years) examination, he served as a teacher of Prince Edward Li Longji, Li Longji accession to the throne (that is, the Xuanzong Emperor), called Tai Fu .

Kaiyuan 24 years (AD 736 years) with non-Jian Xiang Li Linfu , Was to relegate Fujian, home to Fuzhou, Xinghua after the transfer, moved to the end of Zhangzhou. He Kowloon Chinese Danxia River foothills of this beautiful landscape, the construction of mansion, as in the form of construction similar to the palace to move, and there are five doors, offenses against the system, the informer was to the imperial court, "Chen Xing Yong-made palace, the result of a conspiracy Anti-. " Emperor Imperial faction came to investigate and deal with, news, Chen Taifu fear the hands and feet, thinking calamity imminent, to come up with any countermeasures. In the critical time when his daughter, in tears Kim request of the father, mother, Shezhai for the temple, she Thinning to Nepal for the preservation of family life. Chen Taifu had promised, now called Master, ordained tomentosa for Nigeria and her women's apartment To "cleanroom Xiuzhen," mansion will be replaced by "al-qu hospital." Imperial minister came to see the temple is built, not the palace, the purpose behind the complex, Chen Taifu exempted from vindictive.

Nanshan Temple specific time for the construction of Kaiyuan in 24 years (in 736 BC), at the beginning of the "qu reported that hospital." Ning six Conduit (That is, the first year of opening Po, in 968 BC) provincial governor Chen Wen-renovated and renamed "Chongfu" (the second time Zhang Quan, Chen Jin jurisdiction, Zhangzhou Executive provincial governor said. Taiping Song Xingguo three-year 978 BC that Chen Jin on "Natuna "Second, Zhang Quan, the official Song), Zhangzhou, known chapter title of great important," Horie Southern state law "in the newspaper House, called the Ming Dynasty was reported for the hospital Qu Nanshan Temple.

Nanshan Temple scale of the event. Five tied into the Hall of Heavenly Kings for the door, a dedicated Dian-zhong Xiao Ying of the visitors eight points of the compass large Maitreya Buddha, set out on both sides of the four kings (also known as the magic of the four) tall image. For the original clay sculpture for the 1960 "six-nine ??" Dahong floods, as the saying goes: "mud Buddha Jiang had no guarantee that their own" King Kong all four major collapse. To use cement to re-shape the post-disaster, not the past. In particular, beyond its plastic arts ancient and modern. Behind the Maitreya, a dedicated law enforcement Weituo, holding down a two-handed, "Jiang Mochu" line on the ground. This is said to "get off the Pestle, "said Cisi available for the four-party travel accommodation monk sign (the other is Gassho Dangxiong, Jiang Mochu on the two-arm, said the monk You do not supply food).

After a Hall of Heavenly Kings is the Main Hall, the center of worship, "Sambo Buddha" (3), the temple was built in the Song Dynasty when remodeling, characterized by Two ears into the bottom Jianxing, after the liberation, that the Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty Buddha is plastic, not two-phase, so called "re-hatting", it's the first "cut" out, in accordance with the characteristics of the Tang Dynasty Head of the lower end of the round ears. However, sitting squat stone Buddha Temple and the "table skirt" of the Song Dynasty remains.

Treasure Palace hung on the left side of a stone Court, "the net together industry," Court in a huge stalagmite, the division employed mason it Diaocheng Amitabha Buddha. Buddhist lotus seat even as high as six-foot-Yi Zhang, beautiful shape, commonly known as the Great Stone Buddha. Archaeologists set by the supervisor, is the art of the Tang Dynasty more than 1000 years ago treasures. In this large stone statue, the There is an interesting legend: a well-known stone temple each division to hear nanshan large stone sculpture, the candidates come, higher wages, but the statement in Diaocheng, if someone can point out any shortcomings can be Fenwenbuqu . Completion date, to invite people from all walks of life come to visit the comments, you click one's tongue praise No one pointed out the shortcomings. The master is triumphantly, a child suddenly shouted: "Great Stone Buddha's fingers so much, and the nostrils so small, how to dig into Bishi?" We have noted that the only drawback. Mason to find an exact science, the mason has secretly slipped away. In fact, this is only joke. The Main Hall to fly low and left a Bacun three feet in diameter, inch-foot high and weighing more than 1300 Jin big bronze bell. It was cast in the Tang Dynasty, Hu six-year extension of the Yuan Dynasty (1931) expansion of the temple when the re-casting, there are 10 minutes of the Yuan Dynasty abbot monk of the ancient title of Yu-ming. Resonant bell, a few miles apart can also be heard. Regarding I cast the clock, there is a story: The legend was cast as the monks inside this 10 minutes I go collect alms, a lonely old widow, the only sincere in a copper hairpin donations, a beggar is also the only one Gold coins donated, although the monk Xiao Na, as has nothing to do with the severity of its aside Clock out, the clock face has a small round hole and a small crack, after several re-casting of these two shortcomings still exist. Buddhist abbot was reminded of that hairpin and copper coins, one to be used in full compliance with, and stick to, no longer prized and not down. So far the clock on the coins and copper traces still in the hairpin, this story Yu is a philosophy.

Stone Buddha Pavilion is the right o de Star Church, commonly known as cabinet secretary, was to live for the visitors. In 1930-1931, Tao Zhu appointed secretary of the Fujian recorders had to live here, a recorder concealed on the body in this revolutionary leadership of the Temple.

Main Hall at the back of high slope Cangjing Ge is a right, within sixty kitchen scripture collection, including priceless blood "by Hua Yan", according to legend is Tianqi monks financial years (one-hung said) and Lin Shan-lian three nuns and three years with Spurs Co-written by blood, show-side strokes, showing golden writing, a total of 81 volumes. But the "Cultural Revolution" are damaged, Residual deposit page. There Guangxu Emperor Royal Secret Inspector "Tripitaka", that is, by the Bayeux, is a rare precious cultural relics. Court also enshrined in a white stone, is crafted from pure white marble, six feet high and weighs 4000 kilograms. Bright and clean as a result of jade, known Yu Fo. According to the investigation is the Qing Emperor Guangxu 30 (1904) abbot monk Miaolian law From collect alms from Myanmar. This white stone, only 3 of the National, a Beijing college in the city (say a siege), Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai.

High slope of the extreme left is Chen Taifu Hall, was said to Chen Yong's former home, later turned into a shrine, a statue dedicated to Chen Taifu, as after the destruction.

After the Temple Tai Fu There are buildings, now known as "Miss F", also known as the "floor, the girl," Legend of gold for the mother's bedroom that year. However, according to local cultural relics have in-depth study of North-Chen (has more than 90 years old) said that the old gentleman, that is from an upper floor dedicated to father of Chen Yong Chen ancestor five generations or more tablets, "Legend House", the so-called "Miss F "Falsely represented that is And in order to correct the "girl floor."

Miss Jin Niang Thinning water for Nepal, the emperor who called Golden Princess, the original tomb in the mountains Sihou called the "Tomb of the girl," after the liberation of the five factories due to the need to build a pool of water, the remains of her shift After Cangjing Ge buried in the garden, the construction of a new tomb, Li The tourists paid their respects.

Great Stone Buddha, white jade Buddha, 10 minutes, blood "by Yan Hua", Royal Secret Inspector "Canon" (by the Bayeux) a five-Bao Shan Temple.

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Earthen Zhangzhou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangzhou all over the earth storied building in the city of Zhangzhou, Nanjing, Huaan, a calm, Zhaoan, the clouds, mountains and so on Zhangpu. It is strange shapes, styles and unique as the "mythical mountain building."

Earthen is the predecessor of the Tang Dynasty, Chen Yuan-Zhang Kai-ray when the barracks, the castle and cottage construction, it is in the southern region " The access Maozei of internal strife, "the special social environment of a product. Zhangzhou immature soil to earth storied as the main material doped on the lime, sand, glutinous rice, brown sugar, bamboo, wooden, and so on, after repeated pressure Chung, tamping Built by the general three to five, one for the kitchen, for the two-story warehouse, three more than for the living room, home 200-700, with together to form a clan, anti-theft, earthquake, anti-animal, fire, moisture, ventilation and lighting, Dongnuanxialiang and so on.
  Earthen houses near Zhangzhou 2000, Nanjing County alone there are more than 1300 seats, called the Kingdom of earth storied building. Earthen is the largest country. Yuanmomingchu, Yuan clearance from the outside, but the Japanese coast, the pirates infestation, the repeated incursions into urban and rural counties Zhangzhou attacks and burning of people disturbed by the Health, like many villages in the Acropolis model-building group Earthen Guardian Royal. The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Zheng Qing and Shuaijun seesaw battle in southern Fujian area, a number of civil construction and earth storied, stone floor to Chan. Earthen Zhangzhou a round, square, rectangular, oval-shaped, curved, octagonal, colt-shaped, Wufeng Lou, and so on, a lot of it is a square floor, with a round floor.

Zhangzhou earth storied houses first appeared in the Yuan Dynasty, Nanjing Yang Heung Shu-Shi Qiaocun Wing On House, built in the mid-yuan, Yang Shu-yue next version of the Village , The series about F-ray built in the Yuan Mo (about 1368), 600 years ago. Nanjing County, according to statistics, the construction time of more than 400 years ago Earthen there are 27, 300 years or more have 37, more than 200 years of more than 130. The largest is a book Earthen yang yue rural buildings, a five-storey high, Layer 54, a total of 270. Earthen is the highest in the township square Merlin and your floor, five-storey high, 21.5 meters, a total of 140.

Earthen multi-residential construction site on the slopes or near Yishanbangshui Mountain Valley, or the election in the mountains, water, field, floor, harmony between the physical environment. Book Tin Liu Hang Heung-rise buildings soil, the soil Hang Qu rivers rise buildings, the village of soil under the tower complex, the next version of the Lao soil-rise buildings, post-sur-earth buildings, are built on hillsides along the streams, valleys, the beautiful natural environment, Taiwanese unique characteristics of rural scenery.

House Huaiyuan
Huaiyuan floor in Nanjing County Linxiang Zhang Xiao-Mei Under the village Xuantong built the first year (1909). Buildings are beautiful, well-preserved medium-sized earth storied park. County heritage in 1988 as a unit. A four-storey building 13 meters, 38 meters in diameter. The bottom floor, round pebbles from the river and the concrete base construction, 3 meter-high, two-story wall is over, a solid wall Solid.

Circle each floor, 34-year-room, 4 layers total of 136. Room 3.1 meters wide and 3.5 meters deep into. To a four-story open corridors are located, adequate light and air circulation. On the fourth floor are a number of distribution window for defensive shooting. In the fourth floor of the Quartet has Chutiao 4 post Taiwan, highlight - Defense functions.

Huaiyuan into the floor, the door is a circular courtyard. The door is now on the Block "4 3" of the ancestral hall, fine-sounding name: "Sri Lanka is the Room" and is also studying children's private school. "Sri Lanka is the Room" about the construction, Diaolianghuadong, delicate and refined. There are Hall of gold slipped Zhuanshu couplet: "The shift took over on video, get Bamboo wind. Italian history books, flowers and trees Xiaochun heart "." Sri Lanka is a room "full of literary style, reflects the" time-farming family, "the desire.

"Huaiyuan floor," Jane's family is built, the building housing 18 Jane's 115.

Changyuan Floor
Changyuan County Book House, located in Nanjing Dan Qiaocun Township, was built on behalf of the first year of Yongzheng (1723). Changyuan Earthen floor is a square, located in the Xixi River tributary of the shore, depending on the level of river bank slope built. The formation of Castle Peak, green water, earth storied building, the people of the Garden. Yuen Long Creek provisional floor, the walls are gravel from the river Xianleiqi up only one building, ten -Room, three-storey building of the Central Main Building, a 13-room, two wings and three from the second floor, before the formation of a high-low post, such as position of the earth storied side, also known as the local people, "Kau Yi floor." In order to prevent foreign invasion, around the first floor is closed, only opened a door on the left side. There are building courtyard, facing the courtyard is the center of the ancestors , On both sides of the ancestral hall is the kitchen and the Treasury, two-story, is a three-bedroom, one of the open corridors, open field of vision, lighting excellent ventilation.

Changyuan floor topography of the entire construction wishes, and the melting of the natural environment into one that reflects the earth storied building skills and intelligence. Japanese experts said construction Yuen Long House, "soil slope . "Earthen domestic researchers believe is a variant of Wufeng Lou. Changyuan floor, a total of 53, Zhang's family is now living 7 to 30, while building future generations in Taiwan or overseas Chinese for, than the number of stay In the ancestral home of many more.

And your floor
And expensive township Merlin House, located in Pu Village 10-year Yongzheng Dynasty (1732), Nanjing County is the highest Earthen a rectangle. 5-storey 21.5 meters. There are 28 rooms on each floor, a total of 140 rooms. Middle of the floor, there is an open door to the North and the South East Quartet have up and down the stairs.

Courtyard paved with small pebbles, about There is a well, adequate water supply for the whole floor with JI.

The central courtyard to build a three-school, the school door Mubian "Lee schools after" words, reflect and respect your ancestors floor, re-learning to teach and train qualified personnel ambition. And your great-storey spectacular, magnificent solid, Posi ancient city gate tower. Jane lived inside the building More than 120 family of 22

Yue Floor
Yang Shu-yue floor at the country's version of the Village section of society, was built in the Yuan Dynasty, 5 high-level housing a total of 270, is the seat of the oldest and largest round of the floor. House, the site was swampy, was dumped after a large number of pine lay a pile reinforcement to reconstruction Qianghou floor, 1.5 m, the building construction of the wall are fir. As a result of old, wooden building corridors part of the tilt, but still be able to withstand the test of repeated earthquakes. Yue floor, large built-in semicircular two-story courtyard. There are 13 wells inside the building, were digging in the kitchen, filling water, a bucket to go down to one meter of water can be suspended. Yu House Creek provisional mountains, quiet environment, Liu has 18 110 people inside the building.

Tin Liu Hang soil complex
Tin Liu Hang soil Fujian many of the earth storied buildings is the most spectacular in a way King. Its image has appeared in many media at home and abroad, the world-famous. Tin Liu Hang 5 soil Located in the Valley of the hill, the mountain Creek provisional, surrounded by cascading terraces of merging. Bottom-up, high and low earth storied Cuoluoyouzhi 5. Look down from above, 5 Qiao Earthen may open a plum 4. In the middle seat is a square building, built Jiaqing years, said, "Buyun floor," three-84. Four for four weeks Earthen, said, "and floor-chang," "House chen chang", "Wen? Quot;," Ruiyun floor. "Were built in 1952, 1930, 1966, in 1930." Wen floor, "into the construction by Site constraints, local conditions, was built three-floor elliptical 96. This is the 1000 Nanjing County Earthen Block, the only earth storied oval. Tin Liu Hang soil representing the layout of buildings of its own kind.

Turkish stone buildings
Turkish stone buildings located in the Nanjing days of the Shan Fu Shu-Ling Yang Shi Qiaocun. Nearly 20 square, round earth storied building Yanxi in the valley slopes, scattered high and low, according to Earthen environment to build a great landscape. Old Bridge Village, the county has the oldest side of the earth storied building, "Wing House", have attracted many Chinese and foreign experts and scholars to study the earth storied slope, "the source of long-floor", the county's largest earth storied round, "Yu Shun House," House, There are 288 four-story, courtyard 59 meters in diameter.

Earthen pit River Pit River land-rise buildings located in Shuyang rural villages Hang Qu rivers, there are more than 15 three-round, old and new earth storied side, the construction of the valley in an area of less than one kilometer Yanxi flat on the ground, the earth storied building is the most intensive local distribution . High looking down, the soil was spread all over Qingshanxiushui between the buildings. Earthen community is also Great scenery.

Second floor, should be
Xiandu town of Hua Anxian land of the village should be the second floor, was first listed as national heritage of ancient circular floor unit, is the outstanding representative of Fujian earth storied building, has been Taiwan's "United Daily News" and "Echo" the magazine said The "circular floor treasure."
Eryiloulou West, the door engraved with the amount of Danbian 40 cm square, "the second floor, should be" words in the past Zhao's body without the soft-state, thin-type gold-and less out strong, sui generis. "Second, should" word, Yu Yishan should have water, IKEA Yi Shi, should be appropriate within, Yi Yi brother younger brother, Yi Sun-Yi, Yi-Wen Wu Yi meaning. This has important revenue " Were important "in his book.

Second floor should Yishanbangshui, stacked floor, range upon range of hills behind the peaks, rolling hills near Weiyi, like a centipede crawling slowly; mountain terrain open flat, two clear of the stream in front of the intersection after the left went straight to the southwest, a small Bridges, pavilions, Bamboo, decorated cottage In the meantime, the beautiful, green Building green with yellow walls Heiwa add radiance to each other, an integral whole, it said "should Yishan water."

Second floor should be built 34 years-long dry (1770), the Jizu for Jiang Xiong. He ranks second in the home, Superman brawn, farm land reclamation is the master, in Anxi, Zhangping Huangtian hundreds of reclamation, etc. , Together to save some wealth.
After get married and have children, would like to build for future generations million on behalf of the Foundation. He asked the geomancy of a home for him to choose a piece of treasure feng shui, at huge, operating for 12 years to complete the building. The floor flat with a diameter of 73.4 m, four-storey outer, inner layer, uniform, And other places is divided into 12 units, with the exception of the door, hall, staircase out a total of 192 Road.

Today, well-preserved at Chiang Kai-shek together to form a clan, has lived more than 36 220. Its spatial structure quite reasonable, inner-house "Tou Tiancuo", set up in the kitchen, dining room and living room, for one to three bedrooms, warehouses , For the four-storey home of the ancestral hall, each with up and down the stairs. Building Center is a public place with a big house, an area of 600 square meters, only 2 wells, put up a lot of columns 2 meters high, and crop drying clothes. Corridor in both its style and a round of two-floor unit of the advantages of wind earthquake, Dongnuanxialiang public Both, quiet and comfortable, so that the "Yi Shi IKEA."

Residents in the building sector is its own world, outside of the family in the world, outside of the green countryside, Richuerzuo, interest rates and sunset, live-idyllic life, is the "appropriate time should be outside."

Second floor of the building should be on the pattern of "Dominate the world without equal, and equally no room for large and small," very much in favor of family unity, its cohesion, unity and restraint function-oriented and that it "should be advised to younger brother elder brother" and "Yi-Yi Sun," was also Tuotie.

Second floor, should be ring-floor, 18 meters high, no one to three windows, only four small Hole, and the bullet hole over, at the end of Qianghou 2.5 meters. Arched door with a round granite stone masonry article, located two doors, the inner riveting on the plate, after the two-door latch, the top of a sluice gate leakage sand device can fire attack. Upstairs in the four-storey wooden partition between the walls and floor-wide through the "hidden Corridor", there is little door with the same household. At Body design is too scientific. In the axis of the ancestral hall to make an important position in the end, the column of refined, traditional costumes and painted, see Central Park, there are simplified, it? Quot; Wu Yi Yi Wen, "is no exaggeration.

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Dongshan Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongshan Island, Fujian Province, located at the southern end of it by the 43 islets with a total area of 194 square kilometers.

Hailed as "the western side of the island tourism," the Dongshan Island, beautiful and pleasant weather, the water here, such as sky blue, soft, long sandy beaches, abundant sun, deep forests vast, white sail , Seagulls soar, is a good tourist resort. There is a major tourist spot in pneumatic rock area, and Ukraine Maluan Bay Reef Bay Beach Park, and so on.

Dongshan Island, the better tourist facilities, hotels on the island have enough hotel can receive tourists, as well as a number of seafood Museum, in Restaurants, cafes, night clubs.

Dongshan Island is located in north-east of Dongshan Island of the ancient city of Copper Mountain Ming on behalf of the Hongwu period, when the Japanese defense for the violation, Jaap Jiang Shi Lei Zhou Dexing in this city in order to set up a kiosk defense firm. After the baptism of the ancient city of the war, now interdependent feet, the magnificent tower. Temple town near the old quarry area on the waterfront there is a weighing about 200 tons of stone sea, the rabbit seemed to crouch, touch the bottom of only a few inches, wind and stone animal on the verge of collapse, named pneumatic rock. The stone "rock the best in the world" load "of the world's most geographically," There is a "non-action Guan Feng Shi, in vain Dongshan Island. "Nearby and another with one stone, dressed like the lateral Sha, bend the worship of the monks, is just across the sea in front of a pagoda, Qiao as" monk stone tower worship, "The Greatest Places. Ancient city of the north-west of nine Mountains, the famous Ming Dynasty Kangwo Qi and national hero Zheng Chenggong, have camped in the naval training. A Peak Inscribed, "Yao Tai Sin," the boulder, the water was speaking to Taiwan, Gurong around the shade, the roots of the tree between the stone plate cling bar, the unique scenery.

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Zhangzhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangzhou mountainous north-west, south-east by the sea, lying in the northwest to the southeast from the tilt. Diverse terrain, mountains, hills, and plains. The north-west along the Bo-Ling Mountains, an elevation of 700-1000 meters, the largest in the territory Pinghe Qinshan to the highest point, 1544 meters above sea level, than other well-known mountains, there's Pinghe Qinshan, recorded Toriyama, the Tianzhu County, Chang-Tai, Shan Liang Gang, Zhangpu County of Liangshan, Zhaoan County Jiuhou the mountains, clouds, Zhaoan, Zhangpu County at the junction of three Osan, and so on. Mountain area of 8000 square kilometers of the city. 80-240 meters above sea level of about 2956 square kilometers of hilly, the only area of 23.56 .

Zhangzhou Zhou is the largest of the Jiulong River. Ling-Bo originated in the Jiulong mountain range, at the North River, two main stream of Xixi, the Trans-Hua, Chang-Tai, in a calm, Nanjing, Xiang Town, Longhai six counties. Two in the main stream of the Longhai trigeminal convergence River, and streaming into the East China Sea. The main stream of long 58 kilometers, a tributary of the total 1923 km long. Jiulong River in Fujian Province is second only to the Minjiang River in the second, with the exception of Jiulong, a larger territory of the river there's Zhangjiang Yunxiao County, the Dongxi Zhaoan County, the Deer Creek Zhangpu County, Changtai County Longjin of Jiang.
There are many along the Jiulong River Valley basin. In the Jiulong Tour of Zhangzhou plain there are 566 square kilometers, Fujian Province is the first Great Plains. As the fertile land, rich in rice, sugar cane, fruit and other cash crops.

  Zhangzhou, Fujian Province is located in the southernmost tip, across from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao south, in Xiamen, Shantou Special Economic Zone between the two. And From the northwest to the southeast tilt, diverse terrain, mountains, hills and plains and taste, Zhangzhou, Fujian is the first Plains Great Plains. Zhangzhou City, a total length of more than 680 km coastline. Zhangzhou beautiful, the Gathering of Talents is a set of the natural landscape and human landscape into a tourist destination. The main attractions are: Dongshan Island, cloud Rock, Nanshan Temple, the Temple three-Ping, Chi Gong, well-informed rock, Tan Sian words, the village of flowers, Tian Bao Lam, as well as the earth storied history of celebrity sites off the ecliptic week Memorial Hall, Temple Wei Hui, Chen Yuan-ray, such as the tomb. Opened up a seaside holiday, religious pilgrimage, to visit ancestral roots, Earthen trip, watch the fruit characteristics, such as tourism projects. Zhangzhou renowned celebrity and cultural prosperity. In addition to the history of the generals to open up Zhangzhou Chen, Chen Yuan-ray, Dingru also appeared in Gordon, Chen Chun Lin Chun-kai, the ecliptic week, Zhang Xie, Yi Tang dynasty blue-Ting Yuan, Zhuang Heng Yang, Cai, and so on a large number of new politicians, thinkers , Educators, writers, historians, mathematics And geographer. Appeared in the early Qing Dynasty to thank Guanxi-chiao, Gusong Shen, WANG Zhi-week represented "Zhaoan School." Zhaoan famous modern painter of the "three-Shen": Shen Fu, Sophie Shen Jian, Shen-yao at the beginning. Modern famous writers have Lin, Yang Sao, Xu Dishan. There are famous at home and abroad, performed abroad many times the bag Puppet, Xiang drama, opera. Rich and colorful folk art, Jin-Song, Zhu circus, dance and drum carts fine art of paper cutting. Chinese women have access to as the cradle of world champion - Zhangzhou Sports Base.

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Jiulong Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kowloon 18 Jiulong Hu streams as a result of beach got its name, is the construction of sand-an artificial lake formed by hydropower. Area of 33 square kilometers, 640,000,000 cubic meters water; from an East Sand Lake, west and a clean mouth Ping-song, as long as Barry. Lake vessels open, cross-strait Linmusensen. Every spring and summer season, Jiulong Hu overflow dam, the vast Water poured from a height 92 meters down to form a waterfall. Its sound like Wanmabenteng, could be heard several miles away, within 300 meters of water passing spray was vague, particularly spectacular. On the twin towers of sand, sand-an town in the lower reaches of Wuli River, the two sides outside the Kowloon hills, Buyun for the left column, right-Yang of the World Tower, the two tower across the river, and its potential Granville The United States, the "Twin Towers stand lock Kowloon," said

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Green water ancient stage - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located 63 km from the city of Green River and Yongzheng Dynasty 2002 (1724 AD). Gu Jian-stage 22-meter-long bridge Yongning, with the back, "Tobe dongting" with the adjacent temples, the unique shape of the building. Stage for the rectangular plane, about 38.5 meters wide, 5 meters, 5 meters high, Xie Shanding with ancient Elegant ethnic characteristics and local style.

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Scenic Beiling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beiling located in the scenic city of Wing 5 km south-west, set in ancient culture, the Anti-Japanese War culture, Buddhism culture, Chittagong Hill wine culture in one, with a rich cultural and natural landscape. Cliff stone, bamboo raft tour, Spring Valley Villa, barbecue on the beach, the site of the Anti-Japanese War, the Qing Dynasty residential areas, natural swimming pools, such as the Temple Baoying more than 10 months And leisure fishing, tourism projects carriage.

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Chuan Wen River rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chuan Kai-wen, no matter from the field, City Link, Kowloon and the bottom of the river meets the sand into the river and then into Nanxi and Yan Jiang. Kyrgyzstan mountains are Drift along the way, embroidered shoes, orange stone, stone horse lie down, Dacuo, pontoon, pontoon, large banyan, dam, Rock Bridge, Kyrgyzstan, Wenchang Pavilion, Fort earth, snakes dog tide, stone, stone Jiugang, Qing Washi Guan Stone, seal stones, stone alligator, clam shrimp Village, Shek Pik, along Shi, Xi Qiao, Riverside Park, Mountain Park, North and the South Tower, North Bridge and a number of landscape.

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Ahn Jung-fort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ahn Jung-Fort, also known as the "pool through the city", located 75 km from the city Department of Huai Yang Tone of the South Village, built in 11 years Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1885 AD), the completion of the last 14 years. Ahn Jung-fort is a whole gallery Wai-earth storied halls in the center of the courtyard-style combination of residential, covers an area of 10,000 square meters. Baonei points up and down Layer, before and after the three, being built together, Xia Tang 18, 360 more than the size of the room, equipped kitchen, 12 and 5 wells for more than 1,000 people with food and lodging. Ahn Jung-Fort Fujian Province is the most well-preserved ancient building one of the compactor, in 1991 was classified as provincial heritage unit.

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Min River Source Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jianning Jianning Xian Min River Source Nature Reserve is located in the territory of the south-east, north-east of the junction of Taining with a total area of 13,022 hectares, the Min River is the source of a thousand miles to protect the region originated in the south of Shanxi, Yan Feng. Golden Hill area Rao altitude 1858 m, is the first peak of Sanming, an ancient formation and a linden Jianning, Jianning payment of back mode To collect specimens. Wuyi Mountain area is a pulse in sub-tropical forest ecosystems of protected areas is an important component part of the rare wildlife habitat for the good of the country and focus on the protection of 36 species of plants, animals, 17 kinds of state-level protection. Minjiang source at the provincial level the establishment of nature reserves, the Min River for water conservation, as well as biological and more The protection of an important meaning. Min Jiang Jianning from Sept. 4 through the provincial Forestry Department, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau organizations at the provincial level nature reserve assessment.

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Comrade Zhou Enlai old - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Comrade Zhou Enlai is located in the old county government, the Lotus Hotel on the left side. In autumn 1932 to winter 1933, Comrade Zhou Enlai was not only here in the old Jianning, on the one hand, is also a Red Army General Political Department of the site. The library opened in 1978 to repair, Fujian Province, is the key cultural units and the main patriotic juvenile Education base. The old shade trees, with a solemn silence, which is a two-horse taken away by the small building corridors, solid wood, traditional costumes and Shirakabe, so-called "Xiaobai Lou."

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Min River Source - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Min River in Fujian Province is one of the largest rivers, originated in the Min River in the northwest, the convergence of a thousand miles from Fuzhou to the sea, dry tributaries flow through 38 cities and counties (including two counties in Zhejiang Province), accounting for about drainage area of the province's total area 50, amounting to 60,992 square kilometers (Zhejiang Province, including 1070 square kilometers of territory). Nine In the early 1990s, the province's Office led by the Min River, organized by professors and experts to participate in the "source of Min River Expedition", the use of two low-flow season Jiang Yuan-depth region at the source of 10, reached the river water source that is, Qian Min Jiang is the source of her Yan Feng is located in Shanxi Province on the southern slope of the conclusions. Jianning source of the Min River are located in the Town of North Yan-san . Dicui pine trees, tall and straight Zhu Jin, Jing Yan Yamahana. Stone County, nine of its peak 1185 meters above sea level, south-east of the barrier is Jianning, Min River source is also the birth of a monumental heights. If the weather when we board the top of the top, overlooking the Kowloon-Min Gan County, a taste of "unlimited scenery in the Xian-feng" Kai King. Nine counties in stone Qing Qi beautiful, the famous sea of clouds and the spectacle. It is made up of four huge stone pillars stand side by side, like a solemn ancient hollow column, Roman column, the largest one on the left side of the highest risk. They did not smooth the surface, almost filled with holes of various sizes and folds, think of people with long years of vicissitudes. From the east and gentle terrain can be Pro Stone County, the top nine. On top of a platform that is the best attractions in all directions with no cover to stop, Oldies, rivers, fields, villages, panoramic view. Nine Stone County, along the many natural plant, and Department southern region, suitable for precipitation, wet seasons. Therefore, when the weather here can see clouds of steam Xia Wei Jing Zhuang. Nine counties view , Which spans the mountains like the late great man's body lay, facial features, body life, it was known as the Shan Mao Gong. Min River is the source. Shek Pik inscribed on the "mouth of the Min River source."

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East China in the first drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taining County is located on the northern part of the stream, the upper reaches of the Lake. The whole stream through the green on the territory of the rural hinterland, the Sequoia Taining County town of Changxing Village, in Pingshang Yao Zhu into the river mouth. This is why the river is called on the stream. It has a total length of more than 50 km, 25.3 km long main, the current development of the area 16.5 km long, concentrated in the rural Green Shan village on the occasion to cities and towns in the mountains of Changxing Canyon Village area. Therefore, there are "33, King 44, 55 Rock, 66 peaks turn 77, 88 Beach, 99," said. It was uninhabited shuttle Cueifong Akaishi, into the "wild, quiet, odd, interesting, and dangerous" for one, may be drifting throughout the year. You stream on the coast of the Olympic Danxia Mountain scenic area and worthy of the famous Wulingyuan and Jiuqu Xi Jin Bianxi match. Many scenic spots on the stream, "Three Gorges" wonderful attractions for Utah. On the stream of natural simplicity, the original ecological protection intact, drifting for more than two hours, full of beautiful scenery, quiet The forest, full of Wild Nature.

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Shang article - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as the "five Fuk Tong", in Taining County in the second victory of the Fuk Tong Street Lane, Bingbushangshu Ming and Ye Li Ming revealed Taizaitaishi years (1621 ~ 1627) of the mansion. Reasonable layout of the strict construction, the existing Fujian is the largest and most complete preservation of the residential areas in the Ming Dynasty. The third batch of national key cultural relics protection Unit. Shang section east of the West Block, 87 meters long from north to south, east and 60 m wide, covers an area of more than 5220 square meters. Courtyard of the former sub-connected and out of North-South 2, located inside the northern end of the Office of guards of honor, then the living room. The gatehouse has a five-connected set, the entire amount of rich family are embedded Shibian, respectively, with effect from the southern end of the title inscribed, "Shang No." "Zhuguo less security," and "IV-goods" and "door ceremony", "Yi Road" and "Lu-star drag", "according to Sun Moon Light" and "all advice" and other words, the horizontal inscribed board purlin Fang sculpture of stigma A variety of sophisticated designs. Doo-door in the stone steps have included a pair of stone drums, 2 meters high, 0.92 meters wide, drum Eagle Block, a Shuangshi play ball, Yunlong, Hui. Men Dun wall engraved with the Netherlands-based care Chi, Lin skirt, bamboo lining, and so exquisite design column. Main house 5, Des room 8, 5 minutes along the door connected the word order, with the exception of the main hall, courtyard, corridors, there are more than 120 rooms, all-brick structure. Home owners are each three, in the main hall used by law-beam columns carry, wooden pillars , 0.45 meters in diameter, the stigma out two brackets hold up copy Fang Liang, the octagonal stone base, a carved unicorn, like Kam, lianpan patterns and so on, also between Zhuchu Dianzhe flat drum carved stone. Connected, courtyard, corridor-wide courtyard paved with granite slabs, is Fangzhuan hall, a courtyard of carved stone columns, stone flower and water . Shang's first victory in the Second Street is the only city to retain the Old Streets, to preserve large tracts of residential buildings in the Ming Dynasty. Residents here day-to-day drinking water, also used in the Ming Dynasty of the wells, wells Jingquan engraved on the "Long Khanh," "Wanli" and other words the year. The first set in the Book of History Wax Museum, the Museum of Ethnology.

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On stream - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taining in the Northeast, the upper reaches of Lake. A total length of more than 50 kilometers, the scenery beautiful novel, graceful quiet. Chong Changxing to the occasion of which 15 km deep canyon for the zone, the Red Cliff Danya streams crowded askew for the curve, so-called "99, 88 Beach." Maximum width of 20 meters surface, however, allow only the narrowest Through the row. The two sides inaccessible, dense forest, an area Jishi Li remained in its original state, the formation of multi-bend, anxious Beach, Lake deep, mountain high, close-lin, forcing the characteristics of the gorge. The main tourist attractions along the way there, "?????", "Kim Bell," and "five cents to see the old" and "Sunshine Triassic," "Peacock Kai-Ping , Eagle Cliff habitat, Luo Xia wall and the "mirage". Tian Shan for bullying, put stone for water, mountain heavy water complex, there is another world. Ming Dynasty, Li Bu-bearers have a significant pool "on the stream's Travels" and "turn a blind King as a behavior, such as the King want to turn a dream Yan, a King Sounds like a behavior, such as the resumption of a King Fung-A Yan old friends "," Halilhodzic 9 over. "Valley is also common in Mandarin, leisure duck, do not avoid people. In 1983 to develop tourism projects on stream, bamboo Tour seasons feasible, can also carry water for a long time Xiangpi Zhou drifting exploration activities.

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No. 1 rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

No. 1 is located in the scenic rock Taining Changxing county on the northern outskirts of the village, 11.7 km away from the city, and close on the stream. According to County records, the Southern Song Dynasty in Qingyuan, Zou Ying-long juvenile reading this (Qingyuan champion in 2002, when 25 years old), said future generations to study for the Department champion rock. Number one and a half kilometers away from the rock and rock pipa, Sin Ming Road Xing Dexing practice. The band's landscape, Danya cliff, Lam Shu Qi, You Qidong Gap, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, absolutely beautiful scenery insurance, there are a large number of rare birds and animals. From the cultural point of view, it disseminated a profound Confucian and Taoist culture. Zou Ming Chen should be as a generation-long study of the Department, the champion of rock Water landscape marked by deep imprint of Confucian culture, have had a lot Legend, as future generations of school education to the children of the Holy Land. In August 1999, champion for the development of rock along the scenic tour, the sub-champion, got up days, Allactaga Hill, both Hong Yan, Jian birds, seven of 85 major residential landscape. ??

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Feng-hsiung column ?? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pinghu ten on the left side, isolated high-rise blocks of rock, sky-line, full of masculinity. Chinese worship since ancient times reproductive customs, the Lake is also popular with such an ancient culture. With regard to this piece of rock, folk played a lot of people too embarrassed to name, we let you call it Feng hsiung column. Legend Before there was a widow, very kind-hearted man, one day go out to be a guest, hung in the column under the peak had been dead for a long time to see a beggar, naked. This is great sympathy for the widow, on the scarf off his modesty, also known as home to their village men buried him. After many years, the widow of her son grow up, trained a good-wu , Turned up in Beijing. The last clearance, shooting red horse race, his arrows, archery is not in sight, suddenly saw a naked, the only man of modesty scarf over his grasp into the red arrow up, completed a three-Arrow, Arrow Arrow So. Strangely enough, other people can not see this scene. As a result, he has been in force Million. Back home, his strange about this, people thought of his mother as a beggar's modesty, that it is beggar-chu, Feng-hsiung of the change, now has to pay a debt of gratitude, then on, the men hung column peak as the gods. Especially those of the old Xiangyong, bandits, one must take into account the al-al-chu, Feng-hsiung. ?? Baxiongzhufeng Behind the pole piece, commonly known as the Walled Dan composite rock, artfully posed on a moving head, may have to travel into the sea "Herbie", said the landscape as "Herbie into the sea." Legend has it that this world by Herbie's Aura, the essence of the sun, Spirit has become, in the middle of the night turned into a handsome young man to People confuse the girl, Tian Kuailiang time to become a trace, even the girls themselves do not know how it is going to a pregnancy. There is a woman out of his mind and told her that if met, would sneak in his Yijiao to hang on a line, so that he unknowingly pulled away coil. According to her daughter to do so, the next day Early, looking down the line, Herbie is found trouble. After the truth, in the vicinity of the village of a few people about the deliberations, Taoist mountains, this Zhenzhu the Spirit. Since then, it will never come out Anomala the trouble. ??

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