Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chen tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunxiao County is located 3 km west side of the Department of General foothills. Chen, Yimin words, Gwangju Gushi (this is in Henan Province) people. Tang Chapter of the total 2002 (669), Quanzhou and as a result of the peasant uprising occurred in Chaozhou, Chen in Fujian have taken it for granted the "green chaos." In 677 AD in April, Chen's disease dead, buried, General Hill. His son Chen Yuan-ray His part. Cemetery is the surviving horses, sheep, and so on a large stone in the Tang Dynasty. In the vicinity of the tomb of a stream, the name Ma Hang, Chen Yin Ma to legend, the sword grinding stones foothills there. General Hill 426 meters above sea level, high-standard Xiuyi, during Lantern Festival, Mid-clear night, Haoyue move to the west from the city looked like hanging on the Mountain, known as "linked to general "Said the clouds for a major scenic spots.

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