Sunday, December 14, 2008

Muk Min famous anti-rape Um - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Muk Min-Ting Ling Ha Kowloon in Longhai, Zhangzhou away from the urban area of about 12 kilometers, is located as a result of the village named after Muk Min. Annei Ocean's 18 and worship Buddha statues and so on. An Qian there is a "Muk Min Pavilion", in order to punish the Southern Song Dynasty Zhenghu Chen Jia Sidao. The Song Jian Xiang Tai Gu Sidao Methodism is, in degrees, three Gongdi Quan Chen Chao The beginning of "Father of Jiaxing Secretary Yam fill positions," after its sister graces in Methodism, called Goodfriend, the official right to the prime minister, Tai Shi Feng, Zhang Jun country re-issue. Jia Sidao Yinyijiaoshe on weekdays, many evil deeds. German right the first year (1275) million military invasion, Jia Sidao Lvjunbaitao, big government and the public uproar, Qunchenshangshu impeachment, beheaded Ping Minfen. At that time behind a screen to thank the Queen Mother cover only demoted by the state (this Tung Lung Chau) away. Jia Sidao movement was down by the martial art escort Zhenghu Chen, Zheng was ordered to the father in custody, and Jia were killed himself Gusi Dao has been banished into exile, was released after the county magistrate when Huiji. Jia on Road and harbor deep hostility. Half-way escort to Muk Min Um Zhangzhou, along the way to hear the voice of the people to kill four Gusi Dao, associate Qiu hate home, will be decisively put to death in Muk Min Gu Sidao Annei. Zhenghu Chen Chu Jian people would be attracted Shashenzhihuo, Fuzhou back in prison after being detained for killing. After Ji-man Zhenghu Chen Chu Jian of the act, building a four-Muk Min-chu of eight booths, side Gurong Yin-ting, a piece of legislation is three meters, one meter wide monument, engraved on "this Jiasi Dao punish Zhenghu Chen Song" dozens of characters. Kangwo stone for the next big star Qiu Yu enacts. Long dry years of the Qing Dynasty (1736-1795 years) Longxi county magistrate of the Yuan Re-enact. Shibei next to the monument engraved with the Scholars in the Ming Dynasty by Qi Jue title: "The error was far more worthy of the country, wearing a sharp side-by-ya Japanese abandoned. Who Hu Chen Cheng Jin Road section, through the ages Muk Min keep a monument." "Muk Min Pavilion" on the pillars The couplet inscribed: "Ming the righteous cause of the future for the world Chu Jian.

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