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Nanshan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanshan Temple is located in Zhangzhou City in the southern suburbs, built in the Tang to open the first year, for the well-known Taiwanese one of the ancient temples.

Temple of the existing buildings for the rehabilitation of late Qing Dynasty, but the style of the Tang Dynasty, the grand scale. Temple of historical monuments to the "five Nanshan Temple treasure" of the most well-known, they are weighing over 650 kilograms of the large bronze bell, Natural stalagmite sculpture of the Buddha, written in blood by the margin of the slide, Royal Secret Inspector Guangxu Emperor Canon Yufo and Myanmar. In this five-like baby, Yufo Myanmar to the most valuable, it is crafted from pure white marble stone, is years from the late Qing Dynasty returned to Myanmar, China's only 3, Nanshan Temple in this respect is the biggest.

Jing Zhao Yong origin Wannian County (now Xi'an in Shaanxi Province), in Tang (Li) Dragon-year period (AD 705-706 years) examination, he served as a teacher of Prince Edward Li Longji, Li Longji accession to the throne (that is, the Xuanzong Emperor), called Tai Fu .

Kaiyuan 24 years (AD 736 years) with non-Jian Xiang Li Linfu , Was to relegate Fujian, home to Fuzhou, Xinghua after the transfer, moved to the end of Zhangzhou. He Kowloon Chinese Danxia River foothills of this beautiful landscape, the construction of mansion, as in the form of construction similar to the palace to move, and there are five doors, offenses against the system, the informer was to the imperial court, "Chen Xing Yong-made palace, the result of a conspiracy Anti-. " Emperor Imperial faction came to investigate and deal with, news, Chen Taifu fear the hands and feet, thinking calamity imminent, to come up with any countermeasures. In the critical time when his daughter, in tears Kim request of the father, mother, Shezhai for the temple, she Thinning to Nepal for the preservation of family life. Chen Taifu had promised, now called Master, ordained tomentosa for Nigeria and her women's apartment To "cleanroom Xiuzhen," mansion will be replaced by "al-qu hospital." Imperial minister came to see the temple is built, not the palace, the purpose behind the complex, Chen Taifu exempted from vindictive.

Nanshan Temple specific time for the construction of Kaiyuan in 24 years (in 736 BC), at the beginning of the "qu reported that hospital." Ning six Conduit (That is, the first year of opening Po, in 968 BC) provincial governor Chen Wen-renovated and renamed "Chongfu" (the second time Zhang Quan, Chen Jin jurisdiction, Zhangzhou Executive provincial governor said. Taiping Song Xingguo three-year 978 BC that Chen Jin on "Natuna "Second, Zhang Quan, the official Song), Zhangzhou, known chapter title of great important," Horie Southern state law "in the newspaper House, called the Ming Dynasty was reported for the hospital Qu Nanshan Temple.

Nanshan Temple scale of the event. Five tied into the Hall of Heavenly Kings for the door, a dedicated Dian-zhong Xiao Ying of the visitors eight points of the compass large Maitreya Buddha, set out on both sides of the four kings (also known as the magic of the four) tall image. For the original clay sculpture for the 1960 "six-nine ??" Dahong floods, as the saying goes: "mud Buddha Jiang had no guarantee that their own" King Kong all four major collapse. To use cement to re-shape the post-disaster, not the past. In particular, beyond its plastic arts ancient and modern. Behind the Maitreya, a dedicated law enforcement Weituo, holding down a two-handed, "Jiang Mochu" line on the ground. This is said to "get off the Pestle, "said Cisi available for the four-party travel accommodation monk sign (the other is Gassho Dangxiong, Jiang Mochu on the two-arm, said the monk You do not supply food).

After a Hall of Heavenly Kings is the Main Hall, the center of worship, "Sambo Buddha" (3), the temple was built in the Song Dynasty when remodeling, characterized by Two ears into the bottom Jianxing, after the liberation, that the Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty Buddha is plastic, not two-phase, so called "re-hatting", it's the first "cut" out, in accordance with the characteristics of the Tang Dynasty Head of the lower end of the round ears. However, sitting squat stone Buddha Temple and the "table skirt" of the Song Dynasty remains.

Treasure Palace hung on the left side of a stone Court, "the net together industry," Court in a huge stalagmite, the division employed mason it Diaocheng Amitabha Buddha. Buddhist lotus seat even as high as six-foot-Yi Zhang, beautiful shape, commonly known as the Great Stone Buddha. Archaeologists set by the supervisor, is the art of the Tang Dynasty more than 1000 years ago treasures. In this large stone statue, the There is an interesting legend: a well-known stone temple each division to hear nanshan large stone sculpture, the candidates come, higher wages, but the statement in Diaocheng, if someone can point out any shortcomings can be Fenwenbuqu . Completion date, to invite people from all walks of life come to visit the comments, you click one's tongue praise No one pointed out the shortcomings. The master is triumphantly, a child suddenly shouted: "Great Stone Buddha's fingers so much, and the nostrils so small, how to dig into Bishi?" We have noted that the only drawback. Mason to find an exact science, the mason has secretly slipped away. In fact, this is only joke. The Main Hall to fly low and left a Bacun three feet in diameter, inch-foot high and weighing more than 1300 Jin big bronze bell. It was cast in the Tang Dynasty, Hu six-year extension of the Yuan Dynasty (1931) expansion of the temple when the re-casting, there are 10 minutes of the Yuan Dynasty abbot monk of the ancient title of Yu-ming. Resonant bell, a few miles apart can also be heard. Regarding I cast the clock, there is a story: The legend was cast as the monks inside this 10 minutes I go collect alms, a lonely old widow, the only sincere in a copper hairpin donations, a beggar is also the only one Gold coins donated, although the monk Xiao Na, as has nothing to do with the severity of its aside Clock out, the clock face has a small round hole and a small crack, after several re-casting of these two shortcomings still exist. Buddhist abbot was reminded of that hairpin and copper coins, one to be used in full compliance with, and stick to, no longer prized and not down. So far the clock on the coins and copper traces still in the hairpin, this story Yu is a philosophy.

Stone Buddha Pavilion is the right o de Star Church, commonly known as cabinet secretary, was to live for the visitors. In 1930-1931, Tao Zhu appointed secretary of the Fujian recorders had to live here, a recorder concealed on the body in this revolutionary leadership of the Temple.

Main Hall at the back of high slope Cangjing Ge is a right, within sixty kitchen scripture collection, including priceless blood "by Hua Yan", according to legend is Tianqi monks financial years (one-hung said) and Lin Shan-lian three nuns and three years with Spurs Co-written by blood, show-side strokes, showing golden writing, a total of 81 volumes. But the "Cultural Revolution" are damaged, Residual deposit page. There Guangxu Emperor Royal Secret Inspector "Tripitaka", that is, by the Bayeux, is a rare precious cultural relics. Court also enshrined in a white stone, is crafted from pure white marble, six feet high and weighs 4000 kilograms. Bright and clean as a result of jade, known Yu Fo. According to the investigation is the Qing Emperor Guangxu 30 (1904) abbot monk Miaolian law From collect alms from Myanmar. This white stone, only 3 of the National, a Beijing college in the city (say a siege), Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai.

High slope of the extreme left is Chen Taifu Hall, was said to Chen Yong's former home, later turned into a shrine, a statue dedicated to Chen Taifu, as after the destruction.

After the Temple Tai Fu There are buildings, now known as "Miss F", also known as the "floor, the girl," Legend of gold for the mother's bedroom that year. However, according to local cultural relics have in-depth study of North-Chen (has more than 90 years old) said that the old gentleman, that is from an upper floor dedicated to father of Chen Yong Chen ancestor five generations or more tablets, "Legend House", the so-called "Miss F "Falsely represented that is And in order to correct the "girl floor."

Miss Jin Niang Thinning water for Nepal, the emperor who called Golden Princess, the original tomb in the mountains Sihou called the "Tomb of the girl," after the liberation of the five factories due to the need to build a pool of water, the remains of her shift After Cangjing Ge buried in the garden, the construction of a new tomb, Li The tourists paid their respects.

Great Stone Buddha, white jade Buddha, 10 minutes, blood "by Yan Hua", Royal Secret Inspector "Canon" (by the Bayeux) a five-Bao Shan Temple.

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