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Earthen Zhangzhou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangzhou all over the earth storied building in the city of Zhangzhou, Nanjing, Huaan, a calm, Zhaoan, the clouds, mountains and so on Zhangpu. It is strange shapes, styles and unique as the "mythical mountain building."

Earthen is the predecessor of the Tang Dynasty, Chen Yuan-Zhang Kai-ray when the barracks, the castle and cottage construction, it is in the southern region " The access Maozei of internal strife, "the special social environment of a product. Zhangzhou immature soil to earth storied as the main material doped on the lime, sand, glutinous rice, brown sugar, bamboo, wooden, and so on, after repeated pressure Chung, tamping Built by the general three to five, one for the kitchen, for the two-story warehouse, three more than for the living room, home 200-700, with together to form a clan, anti-theft, earthquake, anti-animal, fire, moisture, ventilation and lighting, Dongnuanxialiang and so on.
  Earthen houses near Zhangzhou 2000, Nanjing County alone there are more than 1300 seats, called the Kingdom of earth storied building. Earthen is the largest country. Yuanmomingchu, Yuan clearance from the outside, but the Japanese coast, the pirates infestation, the repeated incursions into urban and rural counties Zhangzhou attacks and burning of people disturbed by the Health, like many villages in the Acropolis model-building group Earthen Guardian Royal. The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Zheng Qing and Shuaijun seesaw battle in southern Fujian area, a number of civil construction and earth storied, stone floor to Chan. Earthen Zhangzhou a round, square, rectangular, oval-shaped, curved, octagonal, colt-shaped, Wufeng Lou, and so on, a lot of it is a square floor, with a round floor.

Zhangzhou earth storied houses first appeared in the Yuan Dynasty, Nanjing Yang Heung Shu-Shi Qiaocun Wing On House, built in the mid-yuan, Yang Shu-yue next version of the Village , The series about F-ray built in the Yuan Mo (about 1368), 600 years ago. Nanjing County, according to statistics, the construction time of more than 400 years ago Earthen there are 27, 300 years or more have 37, more than 200 years of more than 130. The largest is a book Earthen yang yue rural buildings, a five-storey high, Layer 54, a total of 270. Earthen is the highest in the township square Merlin and your floor, five-storey high, 21.5 meters, a total of 140.

Earthen multi-residential construction site on the slopes or near Yishanbangshui Mountain Valley, or the election in the mountains, water, field, floor, harmony between the physical environment. Book Tin Liu Hang Heung-rise buildings soil, the soil Hang Qu rivers rise buildings, the village of soil under the tower complex, the next version of the Lao soil-rise buildings, post-sur-earth buildings, are built on hillsides along the streams, valleys, the beautiful natural environment, Taiwanese unique characteristics of rural scenery.

House Huaiyuan
Huaiyuan floor in Nanjing County Linxiang Zhang Xiao-Mei Under the village Xuantong built the first year (1909). Buildings are beautiful, well-preserved medium-sized earth storied park. County heritage in 1988 as a unit. A four-storey building 13 meters, 38 meters in diameter. The bottom floor, round pebbles from the river and the concrete base construction, 3 meter-high, two-story wall is over, a solid wall Solid.

Circle each floor, 34-year-room, 4 layers total of 136. Room 3.1 meters wide and 3.5 meters deep into. To a four-story open corridors are located, adequate light and air circulation. On the fourth floor are a number of distribution window for defensive shooting. In the fourth floor of the Quartet has Chutiao 4 post Taiwan, highlight - Defense functions.

Huaiyuan into the floor, the door is a circular courtyard. The door is now on the Block "4 3" of the ancestral hall, fine-sounding name: "Sri Lanka is the Room" and is also studying children's private school. "Sri Lanka is the Room" about the construction, Diaolianghuadong, delicate and refined. There are Hall of gold slipped Zhuanshu couplet: "The shift took over on video, get Bamboo wind. Italian history books, flowers and trees Xiaochun heart "." Sri Lanka is a room "full of literary style, reflects the" time-farming family, "the desire.

"Huaiyuan floor," Jane's family is built, the building housing 18 Jane's 115.

Changyuan Floor
Changyuan County Book House, located in Nanjing Dan Qiaocun Township, was built on behalf of the first year of Yongzheng (1723). Changyuan Earthen floor is a square, located in the Xixi River tributary of the shore, depending on the level of river bank slope built. The formation of Castle Peak, green water, earth storied building, the people of the Garden. Yuen Long Creek provisional floor, the walls are gravel from the river Xianleiqi up only one building, ten -Room, three-storey building of the Central Main Building, a 13-room, two wings and three from the second floor, before the formation of a high-low post, such as position of the earth storied side, also known as the local people, "Kau Yi floor." In order to prevent foreign invasion, around the first floor is closed, only opened a door on the left side. There are building courtyard, facing the courtyard is the center of the ancestors , On both sides of the ancestral hall is the kitchen and the Treasury, two-story, is a three-bedroom, one of the open corridors, open field of vision, lighting excellent ventilation.

Changyuan floor topography of the entire construction wishes, and the melting of the natural environment into one that reflects the earth storied building skills and intelligence. Japanese experts said construction Yuen Long House, "soil slope . "Earthen domestic researchers believe is a variant of Wufeng Lou. Changyuan floor, a total of 53, Zhang's family is now living 7 to 30, while building future generations in Taiwan or overseas Chinese for, than the number of stay In the ancestral home of many more.

And your floor
And expensive township Merlin House, located in Pu Village 10-year Yongzheng Dynasty (1732), Nanjing County is the highest Earthen a rectangle. 5-storey 21.5 meters. There are 28 rooms on each floor, a total of 140 rooms. Middle of the floor, there is an open door to the North and the South East Quartet have up and down the stairs.

Courtyard paved with small pebbles, about There is a well, adequate water supply for the whole floor with JI.

The central courtyard to build a three-school, the school door Mubian "Lee schools after" words, reflect and respect your ancestors floor, re-learning to teach and train qualified personnel ambition. And your great-storey spectacular, magnificent solid, Posi ancient city gate tower. Jane lived inside the building More than 120 family of 22

Yue Floor
Yang Shu-yue floor at the country's version of the Village section of society, was built in the Yuan Dynasty, 5 high-level housing a total of 270, is the seat of the oldest and largest round of the floor. House, the site was swampy, was dumped after a large number of pine lay a pile reinforcement to reconstruction Qianghou floor, 1.5 m, the building construction of the wall are fir. As a result of old, wooden building corridors part of the tilt, but still be able to withstand the test of repeated earthquakes. Yue floor, large built-in semicircular two-story courtyard. There are 13 wells inside the building, were digging in the kitchen, filling water, a bucket to go down to one meter of water can be suspended. Yu House Creek provisional mountains, quiet environment, Liu has 18 110 people inside the building.

Tin Liu Hang soil complex
Tin Liu Hang soil Fujian many of the earth storied buildings is the most spectacular in a way King. Its image has appeared in many media at home and abroad, the world-famous. Tin Liu Hang 5 soil Located in the Valley of the hill, the mountain Creek provisional, surrounded by cascading terraces of merging. Bottom-up, high and low earth storied Cuoluoyouzhi 5. Look down from above, 5 Qiao Earthen may open a plum 4. In the middle seat is a square building, built Jiaqing years, said, "Buyun floor," three-84. Four for four weeks Earthen, said, "and floor-chang," "House chen chang", "Wen? Quot;," Ruiyun floor. "Were built in 1952, 1930, 1966, in 1930." Wen floor, "into the construction by Site constraints, local conditions, was built three-floor elliptical 96. This is the 1000 Nanjing County Earthen Block, the only earth storied oval. Tin Liu Hang soil representing the layout of buildings of its own kind.

Turkish stone buildings
Turkish stone buildings located in the Nanjing days of the Shan Fu Shu-Ling Yang Shi Qiaocun. Nearly 20 square, round earth storied building Yanxi in the valley slopes, scattered high and low, according to Earthen environment to build a great landscape. Old Bridge Village, the county has the oldest side of the earth storied building, "Wing House", have attracted many Chinese and foreign experts and scholars to study the earth storied slope, "the source of long-floor", the county's largest earth storied round, "Yu Shun House," House, There are 288 four-story, courtyard 59 meters in diameter.

Earthen pit River Pit River land-rise buildings located in Shuyang rural villages Hang Qu rivers, there are more than 15 three-round, old and new earth storied side, the construction of the valley in an area of less than one kilometer Yanxi flat on the ground, the earth storied building is the most intensive local distribution . High looking down, the soil was spread all over Qingshanxiushui between the buildings. Earthen community is also Great scenery.

Second floor, should be
Xiandu town of Hua Anxian land of the village should be the second floor, was first listed as national heritage of ancient circular floor unit, is the outstanding representative of Fujian earth storied building, has been Taiwan's "United Daily News" and "Echo" the magazine said The "circular floor treasure."
Eryiloulou West, the door engraved with the amount of Danbian 40 cm square, "the second floor, should be" words in the past Zhao's body without the soft-state, thin-type gold-and less out strong, sui generis. "Second, should" word, Yu Yishan should have water, IKEA Yi Shi, should be appropriate within, Yi Yi brother younger brother, Yi Sun-Yi, Yi-Wen Wu Yi meaning. This has important revenue " Were important "in his book.

Second floor should Yishanbangshui, stacked floor, range upon range of hills behind the peaks, rolling hills near Weiyi, like a centipede crawling slowly; mountain terrain open flat, two clear of the stream in front of the intersection after the left went straight to the southwest, a small Bridges, pavilions, Bamboo, decorated cottage In the meantime, the beautiful, green Building green with yellow walls Heiwa add radiance to each other, an integral whole, it said "should Yishan water."

Second floor should be built 34 years-long dry (1770), the Jizu for Jiang Xiong. He ranks second in the home, Superman brawn, farm land reclamation is the master, in Anxi, Zhangping Huangtian hundreds of reclamation, etc. , Together to save some wealth.
After get married and have children, would like to build for future generations million on behalf of the Foundation. He asked the geomancy of a home for him to choose a piece of treasure feng shui, at huge, operating for 12 years to complete the building. The floor flat with a diameter of 73.4 m, four-storey outer, inner layer, uniform, And other places is divided into 12 units, with the exception of the door, hall, staircase out a total of 192 Road.

Today, well-preserved at Chiang Kai-shek together to form a clan, has lived more than 36 220. Its spatial structure quite reasonable, inner-house "Tou Tiancuo", set up in the kitchen, dining room and living room, for one to three bedrooms, warehouses , For the four-storey home of the ancestral hall, each with up and down the stairs. Building Center is a public place with a big house, an area of 600 square meters, only 2 wells, put up a lot of columns 2 meters high, and crop drying clothes. Corridor in both its style and a round of two-floor unit of the advantages of wind earthquake, Dongnuanxialiang public Both, quiet and comfortable, so that the "Yi Shi IKEA."

Residents in the building sector is its own world, outside of the family in the world, outside of the green countryside, Richuerzuo, interest rates and sunset, live-idyllic life, is the "appropriate time should be outside."

Second floor of the building should be on the pattern of "Dominate the world without equal, and equally no room for large and small," very much in favor of family unity, its cohesion, unity and restraint function-oriented and that it "should be advised to younger brother elder brother" and "Yi-Yi Sun," was also Tuotie.

Second floor, should be ring-floor, 18 meters high, no one to three windows, only four small Hole, and the bullet hole over, at the end of Qianghou 2.5 meters. Arched door with a round granite stone masonry article, located two doors, the inner riveting on the plate, after the two-door latch, the top of a sluice gate leakage sand device can fire attack. Upstairs in the four-storey wooden partition between the walls and floor-wide through the "hidden Corridor", there is little door with the same household. At Body design is too scientific. In the axis of the ancestral hall to make an important position in the end, the column of refined, traditional costumes and painted, see Central Park, there are simplified, it? Quot; Wu Yi Yi Wen, "is no exaggeration.

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