Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jiulong Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kowloon 18 Jiulong Hu streams as a result of beach got its name, is the construction of sand-an artificial lake formed by hydropower. Area of 33 square kilometers, 640,000,000 cubic meters water; from an East Sand Lake, west and a clean mouth Ping-song, as long as Barry. Lake vessels open, cross-strait Linmusensen. Every spring and summer season, Jiulong Hu overflow dam, the vast Water poured from a height 92 meters down to form a waterfall. Its sound like Wanmabenteng, could be heard several miles away, within 300 meters of water passing spray was vague, particularly spectacular. On the twin towers of sand, sand-an town in the lower reaches of Wuli River, the two sides outside the Kowloon hills, Buyun for the left column, right-Yang of the World Tower, the two tower across the river, and its potential Granville The United States, the "Twin Towers stand lock Kowloon," said

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