Sunday, December 14, 2008

Valley maze - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Valley maze known as the "second-line days", formerly known as the River 24, refers to the winding round the bend point. The water about 2 km long, the two sides cliffs, cliff climbing plants, forest Xiuzhu, when the birds are. Vessels in the quiet valley in the left corner to turn right, turn to give, the feeling of uncertainty, so elegantly called Valley maze. The front end of a block of rock blocking the road into the vessel appears to be not, in fact, can get really "have no doubt failed, the new vista." Now grazed along the vessel along the Shek Pik, a huge round of yo, reflected in the water on both sides of the line; look, a curved, that is, " On the second day ". ?? on the left into the water, and another inside a scenery, the surrounding rocks are rocks, towering old trees. Now we disembark, walk 200 meters, Valley Snow to Jian. The streams, Qingqianlenglie, Jian At the end of sand covered with gravel. If they wish, you may like childhood as the recovery of water Tangzhuo Fish, the whole immersed in the physical nature of the bright and clean. ?? This is the direction the courtyard, the water float down like snowflakes the same. I spiral of rock that is obviously the formation of water erosion, it is not difficult to imagine, how many years of precipitation wind rain and snow. Cliff on the moss, green all year round. ??

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