Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dongshan Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongshan Island, Fujian Province, located at the southern end of it by the 43 islets with a total area of 194 square kilometers.

Hailed as "the western side of the island tourism," the Dongshan Island, beautiful and pleasant weather, the water here, such as sky blue, soft, long sandy beaches, abundant sun, deep forests vast, white sail , Seagulls soar, is a good tourist resort. There is a major tourist spot in pneumatic rock area, and Ukraine Maluan Bay Reef Bay Beach Park, and so on.

Dongshan Island, the better tourist facilities, hotels on the island have enough hotel can receive tourists, as well as a number of seafood Museum, in Restaurants, cafes, night clubs.

Dongshan Island is located in north-east of Dongshan Island of the ancient city of Copper Mountain Ming on behalf of the Hongwu period, when the Japanese defense for the violation, Jaap Jiang Shi Lei Zhou Dexing in this city in order to set up a kiosk defense firm. After the baptism of the ancient city of the war, now interdependent feet, the magnificent tower. Temple town near the old quarry area on the waterfront there is a weighing about 200 tons of stone sea, the rabbit seemed to crouch, touch the bottom of only a few inches, wind and stone animal on the verge of collapse, named pneumatic rock. The stone "rock the best in the world" load "of the world's most geographically," There is a "non-action Guan Feng Shi, in vain Dongshan Island. "Nearby and another with one stone, dressed like the lateral Sha, bend the worship of the monks, is just across the sea in front of a pagoda, Qiao as" monk stone tower worship, "The Greatest Places. Ancient city of the north-west of nine Mountains, the famous Ming Dynasty Kangwo Qi and national hero Zheng Chenggong, have camped in the naval training. A Peak Inscribed, "Yao Tai Sin," the boulder, the water was speaking to Taiwan, Gurong around the shade, the roots of the tree between the stone plate cling bar, the unique scenery.

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