Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hill Jiuhou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhaoan County in the north-east, 15 km from the county seat. According to Song, "by Zhangzhou map" document, Yu nine children and grandchildren living in Fujian, into the death of a god, the main mountain, it has become Jiuhou Hill. Jiuhou nine mountain peaks, the highest for the Tianzhu Feng, a radius of more than 10 years, there are days in the mountains to open the door, five-ru Hall, stone chessboard, as well as natural , Song Jian Quan, waterfalls, such as Stephen King, 24, is well-known tourist resort. Tianzhu Feng Jiu Hou Temple are halfway up the mountain, was built in the Tang Dynasty, ancient frequent repair, Zhaoan one of the main temple, known as Yan Jiu Hou. Foothills of a large Cave, "Chen-hung," It is said that Late Song Yuan, the Chinese Fujian She popular uprising leader Chen suspended Have troops there. There are steep hills on a number of famous Inscription.

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