Sunday, December 14, 2008

Min River Source - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Min River in Fujian Province is one of the largest rivers, originated in the Min River in the northwest, the convergence of a thousand miles from Fuzhou to the sea, dry tributaries flow through 38 cities and counties (including two counties in Zhejiang Province), accounting for about drainage area of the province's total area 50, amounting to 60,992 square kilometers (Zhejiang Province, including 1070 square kilometers of territory). Nine In the early 1990s, the province's Office led by the Min River, organized by professors and experts to participate in the "source of Min River Expedition", the use of two low-flow season Jiang Yuan-depth region at the source of 10, reached the river water source that is, Qian Min Jiang is the source of her Yan Feng is located in Shanxi Province on the southern slope of the conclusions. Jianning source of the Min River are located in the Town of North Yan-san . Dicui pine trees, tall and straight Zhu Jin, Jing Yan Yamahana. Stone County, nine of its peak 1185 meters above sea level, south-east of the barrier is Jianning, Min River source is also the birth of a monumental heights. If the weather when we board the top of the top, overlooking the Kowloon-Min Gan County, a taste of "unlimited scenery in the Xian-feng" Kai King. Nine counties in stone Qing Qi beautiful, the famous sea of clouds and the spectacle. It is made up of four huge stone pillars stand side by side, like a solemn ancient hollow column, Roman column, the largest one on the left side of the highest risk. They did not smooth the surface, almost filled with holes of various sizes and folds, think of people with long years of vicissitudes. From the east and gentle terrain can be Pro Stone County, the top nine. On top of a platform that is the best attractions in all directions with no cover to stop, Oldies, rivers, fields, villages, panoramic view. Nine Stone County, along the many natural plant, and Department southern region, suitable for precipitation, wet seasons. Therefore, when the weather here can see clouds of steam Xia Wei Jing Zhuang. Nine counties view , Which spans the mountains like the late great man's body lay, facial features, body life, it was known as the Shan Mao Gong. Min River is the source. Shek Pik inscribed on the "mouth of the Min River source."

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