Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chuan Wen River rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chuan Kai-wen, no matter from the field, City Link, Kowloon and the bottom of the river meets the sand into the river and then into Nanxi and Yan Jiang. Kyrgyzstan mountains are Drift along the way, embroidered shoes, orange stone, stone horse lie down, Dacuo, pontoon, pontoon, large banyan, dam, Rock Bridge, Kyrgyzstan, Wenchang Pavilion, Fort earth, snakes dog tide, stone, stone Jiugang, Qing Washi Guan Stone, seal stones, stone alligator, clam shrimp Village, Shek Pik, along Shi, Xi Qiao, Riverside Park, Mountain Park, North and the South Tower, North Bridge and a number of landscape.

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