Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shang article - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as the "five Fuk Tong", in Taining County in the second victory of the Fuk Tong Street Lane, Bingbushangshu Ming and Ye Li Ming revealed Taizaitaishi years (1621 ~ 1627) of the mansion. Reasonable layout of the strict construction, the existing Fujian is the largest and most complete preservation of the residential areas in the Ming Dynasty. The third batch of national key cultural relics protection Unit. Shang section east of the West Block, 87 meters long from north to south, east and 60 m wide, covers an area of more than 5220 square meters. Courtyard of the former sub-connected and out of North-South 2, located inside the northern end of the Office of guards of honor, then the living room. The gatehouse has a five-connected set, the entire amount of rich family are embedded Shibian, respectively, with effect from the southern end of the title inscribed, "Shang No." "Zhuguo less security," and "IV-goods" and "door ceremony", "Yi Road" and "Lu-star drag", "according to Sun Moon Light" and "all advice" and other words, the horizontal inscribed board purlin Fang sculpture of stigma A variety of sophisticated designs. Doo-door in the stone steps have included a pair of stone drums, 2 meters high, 0.92 meters wide, drum Eagle Block, a Shuangshi play ball, Yunlong, Hui. Men Dun wall engraved with the Netherlands-based care Chi, Lin skirt, bamboo lining, and so exquisite design column. Main house 5, Des room 8, 5 minutes along the door connected the word order, with the exception of the main hall, courtyard, corridors, there are more than 120 rooms, all-brick structure. Home owners are each three, in the main hall used by law-beam columns carry, wooden pillars , 0.45 meters in diameter, the stigma out two brackets hold up copy Fang Liang, the octagonal stone base, a carved unicorn, like Kam, lianpan patterns and so on, also between Zhuchu Dianzhe flat drum carved stone. Connected, courtyard, corridor-wide courtyard paved with granite slabs, is Fangzhuan hall, a courtyard of carved stone columns, stone flower and water . Shang's first victory in the Second Street is the only city to retain the Old Streets, to preserve large tracts of residential buildings in the Ming Dynasty. Residents here day-to-day drinking water, also used in the Ming Dynasty of the wells, wells Jingquan engraved on the "Long Khanh," "Wanli" and other words the year. The first set in the Book of History Wax Museum, the Museum of Ethnology.

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