Sunday, December 14, 2008

East China in the first drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taining County is located on the northern part of the stream, the upper reaches of the Lake. The whole stream through the green on the territory of the rural hinterland, the Sequoia Taining County town of Changxing Village, in Pingshang Yao Zhu into the river mouth. This is why the river is called on the stream. It has a total length of more than 50 km, 25.3 km long main, the current development of the area 16.5 km long, concentrated in the rural Green Shan village on the occasion to cities and towns in the mountains of Changxing Canyon Village area. Therefore, there are "33, King 44, 55 Rock, 66 peaks turn 77, 88 Beach, 99," said. It was uninhabited shuttle Cueifong Akaishi, into the "wild, quiet, odd, interesting, and dangerous" for one, may be drifting throughout the year. You stream on the coast of the Olympic Danxia Mountain scenic area and worthy of the famous Wulingyuan and Jiuqu Xi Jin Bianxi match. Many scenic spots on the stream, "Three Gorges" wonderful attractions for Utah. On the stream of natural simplicity, the original ecological protection intact, drifting for more than two hours, full of beautiful scenery, quiet The forest, full of Wild Nature.

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