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Lishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Shan of China's ancient and well-known scenic tourist attractions, as a result of the Department of the Western Zhou Rong Guo Li at the country, therefore, called Li Shan Tang Chao at Lintong name should be, Hui-chang, Li Shan and had therefore changed its name to be Chao Shan, Shan Hui-chang. ZHOU Qin Han and Tang Dynasties, there has been a royal garden, many Imperial Villa Villa. Li Shan is a branch of the Qinling Mountains Miangen 25 km East-West, North and South width of 13.7 kilometers, 1302 meters above sea level and aging mountains, magnificent show Tsui, like a green Cang Li Ju's named after. "Chi historic" cloud: Lishan "not too Chongjun China, the fastest Miangen better, different than Taibai quiet, odd dangerous than the goal, but for the San Juan-old, Both the rule of a saint, Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang, travel and more detached palace Fortunately, the other House, Sau Ling all hot water into nirvana. "

  Lishan, such as the United States and Fairview, also known as Xiu Ling to stone urn for the Valley community is divided into East Ridge embroidery, embroidered West Ridge. Lishan was the king of the Tour Fortunately, the foot of the mountain monuments can be seen everywhere, myths and legends layer Non-poor. "Wei-shui white in the autumn, according to Hung Li Shan night." Whenever the sun sets, Lishan in the sunset, setting sun-stricken Hongxia particularly spectacular, "Li Shan as late" as the "customs of Eight".

  "Li Shan Yu Shu-gray cloud, going through ZHOU Qin and Han and Tang Dynasties, a clock hot water flow day and night, a few take up in both hands to cover Emperor Huang Zhong "In this Guo Jing Lishan on the status of its history has done a proper and accurate summary. Far in the ancient period, there was Nu Wa's" rock Lian Sky "are; Western Zhou Dynasty, Zhou You Wang in the performance An episode of "war lords drama, praised smile Si lost to the world that" the history of farce; Wei Qin Shi Huang of the world will be his Built in the tomb at the foot of Lishan, also left a world-famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Army Front; period of the Tang Dynasty, the emperor and Yang in the interpretation of a beautiful love story, but not to flee from the Empress Dowager Cixi Forget the pleasure to play here, this is Lishan vicissitudes of life experience, but also to witness the historical progress of the Chinese nation. Li Shan is not only beautiful natural scenery, and there are dozens of well-known scenic spots of cultural relics sites, since time immemorial, the people of Lishan memories, Tang Li Shan do not have some fun. Qingshi step of the way the well-known beacon towers week, the mother Temple, Lao Jundian, according to late-ting, Ting Jian soldiers, stone urn Valley, give the fire floor, Xian Qiao, Sinojackia Stone, chicken shelf, three-hole, Yao Zi, and other monuments stand up together. Rising or visitors can take a cable car cable Lishan Mountain to the beacon towers. Jimuyuantiao, in the vast, 800 Qinchuan, such as the Weihe River in a fluttering green jade belt, looking down at the foot of the mountain, picturesque, bustling tourists. Lishan halfway up the mountain on a piece of rust fungi have a golden boulder, looking like a tiger's stripe. And it told the tiger stone, because of a squat Xingzhuang Si lying tiger, also known as Wo Hu Shi. There are a cement stone pavilion. This is the Xi'an Incident, Chiang Kai-shek's Office arrested. In the 1950s changed its name to "playing with Jiang Ting" and Kiosks and positive inscription on the top of the Shek Pik, describes the "Xi'an Incident" through Western. In recent years, changed its name to "suicide soldiers Pavilion."

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