Sunday, December 14, 2008

Min River Source Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jianning Jianning Xian Min River Source Nature Reserve is located in the territory of the south-east, north-east of the junction of Taining with a total area of 13,022 hectares, the Min River is the source of a thousand miles to protect the region originated in the south of Shanxi, Yan Feng. Golden Hill area Rao altitude 1858 m, is the first peak of Sanming, an ancient formation and a linden Jianning, Jianning payment of back mode To collect specimens. Wuyi Mountain area is a pulse in sub-tropical forest ecosystems of protected areas is an important component part of the rare wildlife habitat for the good of the country and focus on the protection of 36 species of plants, animals, 17 kinds of state-level protection. Minjiang source at the provincial level the establishment of nature reserves, the Min River for water conservation, as well as biological and more The protection of an important meaning. Min Jiang Jianning from Sept. 4 through the provincial Forestry Department, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau organizations at the provincial level nature reserve assessment.

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