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Zhangzhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangzhou mountainous north-west, south-east by the sea, lying in the northwest to the southeast from the tilt. Diverse terrain, mountains, hills, and plains. The north-west along the Bo-Ling Mountains, an elevation of 700-1000 meters, the largest in the territory Pinghe Qinshan to the highest point, 1544 meters above sea level, than other well-known mountains, there's Pinghe Qinshan, recorded Toriyama, the Tianzhu County, Chang-Tai, Shan Liang Gang, Zhangpu County of Liangshan, Zhaoan County Jiuhou the mountains, clouds, Zhaoan, Zhangpu County at the junction of three Osan, and so on. Mountain area of 8000 square kilometers of the city. 80-240 meters above sea level of about 2956 square kilometers of hilly, the only area of 23.56 .

Zhangzhou Zhou is the largest of the Jiulong River. Ling-Bo originated in the Jiulong mountain range, at the North River, two main stream of Xixi, the Trans-Hua, Chang-Tai, in a calm, Nanjing, Xiang Town, Longhai six counties. Two in the main stream of the Longhai trigeminal convergence River, and streaming into the East China Sea. The main stream of long 58 kilometers, a tributary of the total 1923 km long. Jiulong River in Fujian Province is second only to the Minjiang River in the second, with the exception of Jiulong, a larger territory of the river there's Zhangjiang Yunxiao County, the Dongxi Zhaoan County, the Deer Creek Zhangpu County, Changtai County Longjin of Jiang.
There are many along the Jiulong River Valley basin. In the Jiulong Tour of Zhangzhou plain there are 566 square kilometers, Fujian Province is the first Great Plains. As the fertile land, rich in rice, sugar cane, fruit and other cash crops.

  Zhangzhou, Fujian Province is located in the southernmost tip, across from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao south, in Xiamen, Shantou Special Economic Zone between the two. And From the northwest to the southeast tilt, diverse terrain, mountains, hills and plains and taste, Zhangzhou, Fujian is the first Plains Great Plains. Zhangzhou City, a total length of more than 680 km coastline. Zhangzhou beautiful, the Gathering of Talents is a set of the natural landscape and human landscape into a tourist destination. The main attractions are: Dongshan Island, cloud Rock, Nanshan Temple, the Temple three-Ping, Chi Gong, well-informed rock, Tan Sian words, the village of flowers, Tian Bao Lam, as well as the earth storied history of celebrity sites off the ecliptic week Memorial Hall, Temple Wei Hui, Chen Yuan-ray, such as the tomb. Opened up a seaside holiday, religious pilgrimage, to visit ancestral roots, Earthen trip, watch the fruit characteristics, such as tourism projects. Zhangzhou renowned celebrity and cultural prosperity. In addition to the history of the generals to open up Zhangzhou Chen, Chen Yuan-ray, Dingru also appeared in Gordon, Chen Chun Lin Chun-kai, the ecliptic week, Zhang Xie, Yi Tang dynasty blue-Ting Yuan, Zhuang Heng Yang, Cai, and so on a large number of new politicians, thinkers , Educators, writers, historians, mathematics And geographer. Appeared in the early Qing Dynasty to thank Guanxi-chiao, Gusong Shen, WANG Zhi-week represented "Zhaoan School." Zhaoan famous modern painter of the "three-Shen": Shen Fu, Sophie Shen Jian, Shen-yao at the beginning. Modern famous writers have Lin, Yang Sao, Xu Dishan. There are famous at home and abroad, performed abroad many times the bag Puppet, Xiang drama, opera. Rich and colorful folk art, Jin-Song, Zhu circus, dance and drum carts fine art of paper cutting. Chinese women have access to as the cradle of world champion - Zhangzhou Sports Base.

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