Sunday, December 14, 2008

Xi'an Qujiang Ocean - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an Qujiang oceans of the world budget for the project with a total investment of 350,000,000 yuan, covers an area of 90 hectares, mainly due to the Atoll Reef, the Rhine Square, Ocean Club consists of three parts business. Atoll Reef with a total investment of 170,000,000 yuan, the main construction area of 18,600 square meters; built outside the Museum Plaza, including the Rhine's speech Square, the water landscape, commerce, catering, leisure and entertainment facilities such as an area of nearly 30,000 square meters, more than 10,000 yuan investment in 3000; has started construction of the marine business investment by about 1.5 billion square meters of construction area of more than 3, Foreign business plan early in 2006. Atoll Reef is a marine Qujiang The core engineering sector projects. Museum's total water is about 6,000 tons, the design culture of fresh water, sea water more than 300 biological species, more than 12,000 the number of the end of (only). Museum of the main dolphin performances by the Museum, Marine Science Museum, the Museum of tropical rain forest, the Cross Harbor Tunnel, the underwater part of the five Grand View Garden and matching Dining Ocean Retail goods and services such as interactive entertainment facilities. Atoll Reef and the appearance of the display of creativity by the United States Landemake (LANDMARK) design companies will see Hong Kong Yarui (International) theme of the design and construction company responsible for the content of the display of the specific design, scale and ranks among the display of the level of domestic marine The top five. Aquarium of Xi'an in China has created a peer in the five most: 1, the Science Museum of the marine area of more than 400 square meters for domestic aquariums in the most; 2, the museum is divided into ancient tropical rain forest exploration, rainforest wonders of man and nature, Exotic, walk over the next five in the Atoll Reef is also part of the body volume Large; 3, the marine science museum to display the country of a class of aquatic animals to protect whales Brinell specimen length 13.5 m, is the longest in the Atoll Reef, the only; 4 with a home aquariums in the highest-cylinder cylinder; 5 The mainland for the first time to introduce the most advanced, the largest screen (3 meters high and 14 meters wide) of high-tech virtual Yang demonstrated biological systems. Xi'an Qujiang Atoll in the development of Jan. 31, 2005 opening to the outside world of business. Tickets: Adult Pass ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 100 yuan for children under 1.2 meters (must be accompanied by parents) ... ... ... ... Shouxing free of charge (certificate Must be accompanied by an adult) ... ... ... ... Free

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