Sunday, December 14, 2008

Feng-hsiung column ?? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pinghu ten on the left side, isolated high-rise blocks of rock, sky-line, full of masculinity. Chinese worship since ancient times reproductive customs, the Lake is also popular with such an ancient culture. With regard to this piece of rock, folk played a lot of people too embarrassed to name, we let you call it Feng hsiung column. Legend Before there was a widow, very kind-hearted man, one day go out to be a guest, hung in the column under the peak had been dead for a long time to see a beggar, naked. This is great sympathy for the widow, on the scarf off his modesty, also known as home to their village men buried him. After many years, the widow of her son grow up, trained a good-wu , Turned up in Beijing. The last clearance, shooting red horse race, his arrows, archery is not in sight, suddenly saw a naked, the only man of modesty scarf over his grasp into the red arrow up, completed a three-Arrow, Arrow Arrow So. Strangely enough, other people can not see this scene. As a result, he has been in force Million. Back home, his strange about this, people thought of his mother as a beggar's modesty, that it is beggar-chu, Feng-hsiung of the change, now has to pay a debt of gratitude, then on, the men hung column peak as the gods. Especially those of the old Xiangyong, bandits, one must take into account the al-al-chu, Feng-hsiung. ?? Baxiongzhufeng Behind the pole piece, commonly known as the Walled Dan composite rock, artfully posed on a moving head, may have to travel into the sea "Herbie", said the landscape as "Herbie into the sea." Legend has it that this world by Herbie's Aura, the essence of the sun, Spirit has become, in the middle of the night turned into a handsome young man to People confuse the girl, Tian Kuailiang time to become a trace, even the girls themselves do not know how it is going to a pregnancy. There is a woman out of his mind and told her that if met, would sneak in his Yijiao to hang on a line, so that he unknowingly pulled away coil. According to her daughter to do so, the next day Early, looking down the line, Herbie is found trouble. After the truth, in the vicinity of the village of a few people about the deliberations, Taoist mountains, this Zhenzhu the Spirit. Since then, it will never come out Anomala the trouble. ??

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