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Xi'an ancient city wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi'an city wall of Xi'an is located in the central area, were rectangular, wall 12 meters high and 18 meters Dikuan, Dingkuan 15 meters, 2590 meters long east wall, the Western Wall 2631.2 meters long, long wall 3441.6 m, 3241 m long wall, with a total Circumference of 11.9 km. There are four Shing: Changle Gate East, West Andingmen South Yongning Gate, the far north security gate, each by the Shing Mun Jian Lou and composition of the tower. Ming Hongwu wall of the existing seven years to 11 years (1374-1378), has been 600 years of history, China is the most complete existing ancient city wall of a building.

Some experts think that this is the ancient city wall Third, the ancient capital of North Korea on the ground of the most splendid architectural relics; can be said that the value of its unmatched.

According to the accurate measurement of Xi'an ancient city wall 13.912 kilometers in length, 12 meters high, Dikuan 18 meters, 15 meters Dingkuan. The south wall of which 4256 m, 2706 m long wall of the West, covered in the Sui and Tang Dynasties Imperial period on, respectively, to the east and north to extend about 1 /4; east wall 2886 meters, 4262 meters long north wall, Wu Ming-hong for years to build. The whole wall, including the moat, drawbridge, gate building, Jian Lou, the floor is, the turret, Di Lou, parapet, and a series of Duokou facilities constitute a complete tight Century, the ancient castle.

It can be said that every piece of the ancient city wall Chengzhuan as if ancient letter is read the 13 books of the ancient capital of North Korea does.

According to the history of set: "The fortification gun to Wei-Jun, Guo made to Habitat, the city walls are also beginning." Can be seen as early as 4500, as the walls of the traditional anti - Facilities, along with the cities have at the same time. In 3100 there is the history of the city of Chang'an, the ancient city walls were built. Regardless of the Zhou Feng, ho, or at the time of Xianyang Qin, Han Chang'an, the fortification in order to have Wei-Jun, Guo made to Habitat. After all, "Merry was a total, the wind and rain to go." Most of these ancient city wall of history reduced to dust , Left, it was no more a relic of history for future generations to have spent the setting sun in pay. And the existing ancient city wall, started in the Sui and Tang dynasties, the Ming re-construction, the 1980s has been completely renovated. It seemed a wise old people, through the fog of history, to tell the people of the glorious past ... ... Sui Wendi Wong Kai-2002 <582 years without public> to Yuwen-famous architect for the building of the chief architect of the capital, began construction of the Imperial City and Miyagi. Completed the second year. Followed by Kuo Cheng-building business. After the Tang Dynasty, the style is still the city as its capital, Tai Hing to the city for the city of Chang'an. Yong Hui five years <654 in the year> Emperor The Book of History and Industry were responsible for the Xuande Yan, in the spring and autumn, has an external wall and the construction of Chinatown East, west and south side of the tower and the Shing Mun 9. External perimeter wall 36.7 kilometers, and its 9 to 12 meters wide, 5 meters high and more. At that time, the whole city area of 84 square kilometers, large-scale, thorough, and the layout, major north-south 11, 14 east-west streets, the city divided into 109 Square and the east and west cities. Po Chu-i, as described in "may go home Baiqian Bureau, Street 12 species, such as vegetable bed." Chinatown has become the world's largest capital, five wind instrument, like centers of world civilization.

The late Tang and Huang Chao uprising, in Chang took 881 million years. Later Tang Dynasty Chang'an government forces quickly recovered. History is contained, "Huang Chao battle over power, the burning palace Dunqu" almost at the same time, "Guan Jun storms swept tantamount to 'thieves'," Chang-room house and the people, keep the same. "However, so that by the destruction of Chang'an City, is Zhu Wen Tang Zhaozong force the relocation of the capital. Emperor is not only a hundred Shi Min and the migration of people, Zhu Wen Chang also demolished the palace. Secretary century farmhouse and non-governmental, removed the wood and wood by the Weihe River and downstream of the Yellow River, moved to Luoyang, Chinatown reduced to ruins. Han Chang'an at the Jiedushi built into Chang'an; give up the original city and Miyagi Guo, Emperor to the walls for the new Changan wall. At this point Star gradually lost luster. Yuan dynasty, reduced to the northwest edge of a city. The establishment of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang followed by the closure for the son of Zhu Shuang Qin, Chang guard, and changed its name to "Xian." Hongwu three years <1370>, Song presided over the restoration of public FENG Xian City, Imperial City to Xiurong, which lasted eight years. Ming City Wall , The south wall and the wall of the West in the Sui and Tang dynasties on the basis of the imperial city walls, thickening raised, respectively, and to the east, the north extension of a quarter; wall and the North East wall, the dismantling of another building. Qing Ming-Lung year <1568>, Shaanxi Douzhihuishi Zhang Zhi, next to the original city wall built out of brick inside.?????<17 1 year> and governor Shaanxi Biyuan, renovated tower, built by brick package, and improving the drainage system. At this point, the walls were able to keep down the extension.

Xi'an city wall is in the Ming Dynasty Ming Zhu Yuan's policy of "high wall, grain, the relief win," under the guidance of the Tang Imperial City built on the basis of Completely around, "defense" strategy system, the wall thickness is greater than the height of a firm such as the Shan, Qiang Ding and sports car can be drilled. Including the moat wall, suspension, floor, gates, Jian Lou, the floor is, the turret, Di Lou, parapet, Duokou a series of military installations. Since the wall after the completion of major renovation after three. Qing Ming-Lung 2002 1568), Shaanxi Provincial Governor Zhang Zhi so that the repair presided over the Tucheng City for the first time into a brick; 46 years Qing Emperor Qianlong (1781), Shaanxi Provincial Governor Biyuan presided over the walls of the tower and made repairs; since 1983, and in Shaanxi Province The People's Government of Xi'an ancient city wall was a large-scale renovation, has been built up Destruction of the East Gate, North Gate Jian Lou, the South Gate House gate, bridge and into the park around the city, so that the old buildings full of the old style, Xi'an has become one of the major tourist attractions.

? recall in history: the ancient city wall is a traditional Chinese defense facilities. We are now in 6000 before the Banpo Ruins That the Banpo people in the place of residence around the deep excavation in order to guard against wild animals and attacks outside the tribe. If the Banpo village to the city as the first seeds of deep groove that is equivalent to the walls of the facility at that time. Until the technology was invented wall, the wall along with the natural birth of the city at the same time, the ancient city to become the symbol of It has been recorded in the annals of history; "whale to fortification Wei-Jun, Guo made to Habitat, the city walls are also beginning." This is about about 4500 years ago in front of the late primitive society. As the millennium the ancient capital of Xi'an, the ancient city wall built on many occasions. Most of them were buried in the dust of history. However, we still see the wall can be traced back to AD Century, the Sui Dynasty.

? features: including the ancient city wall of Xi'an moat, drawbridge, gate building, Jian Lou, the floor is, the turret, Di Lou, parapet, Duokou a series of military installations, constitute a complete tight military defense system. Tour the ancient city wall of Xi'an, the ancient understanding of the specific image of the war, City construction and architecture are of great significance. Shing Mun origin of the name: Xi'an city wall from the Sui and Tang dynasties has been the history in 1400. During the long years of history, Shing Mun changes occur. These list the name of the Shing Mun origin, but also from one side of the city reflects the ups and downs of the long funeral.

From the south gate at the beginning of Shun Direction:

South Gate: This is the Shing Mun in Xi'an oldest, the longest one in use, was built in Sui Chu (582). Then it is three doors south of the Imperial City in the east of a call-site security. South Korea reduced the late Tang Jian to build a new town at the south gate reserved. Yongning Gate changed its name in the Ming Dynasty. It is also now the West The door wall to recover most of a complete, but not in the original design Jianlou. Now Nanlaibeiwang vehicles per capita from the line just two things to open up doors inside the cave, through vouchers, which itself has become a cultural relics.

Suzaku Gate: Suzaku Gate Chang Tang is now the south gate of the Imperial City, was studied under the Central Avenue Suzaku Sui and Tang dynasties, often emperors held celebrations. In 589 AD, the Sui Dynasty unified China, Sui Wendi gate tower rose in the ranks to review the Arc de Triomphe. South Korea reduced the late Tang Jian to build a new town, the Shing Mun has been closed. Xi'an city wall repair in 1985, discovered a package inside the wall next door Suzaku site. It However, scholars such as the Sui and Tang described as the grand gorgeous, Zhu Chu Shing Mun use made of marble, on the threshold of Qingshi production lines engraved with the beautiful expression patterns Mancao dusty, brick mill of the joints of the solid wall openings correct, showing all Canyuanduanbi Wah Kwai Estate in the presence of that year. The site is located on the west side of the door Suzaku is 198 The opening of the year.

Do not screen doors: Do not screen doors, commonly known as the small South Gate, opened in 1939 in order to commemorate the martyrs of the Revolution in Shaanxi Province, Mr. Wells not to screen. Screen is not well, Mr. Sun Yat-sen founded the first group of member of the United League, the period of democratic revolution in Shaanxi have a major impact on the revolutionaries, in the 1 17-year campaign to protect the law died a heroic death.

Why should the door: Why is the door to the south of the Imperial Tang Chang-You-door. South Korea reduced the late Tang Jian to build a new town, closed its door in the hole and Simon, to retain the East Gate of the hole, after the full closure of the Northern Song Dynasty. Xi'an city wall renovation in 1984, left the door Why should dig out And found that the production of granite Zhu Chu, carved designs on the threshold of doorways. Has now decided that the new coupons at the site on the eastern side of the Shing Mun hole, the site of the framework for the protection of the structure, outsourcing Chengzhuan so with the appearance of the wall, in-house set up artificial lighting and air-conditioning systems, for future visitors.

Simon: You security of the West This is the Tang Imperial City in the west gate, the late Tang Jian Han reduction to build a new town was preserved. The expansion of the Ming Dynasty city walls slightly to the south at the location, Andingmen name.

Yuxiang Gate: in 1926, Liu Zhenhua Warlords Anseong unitary surrounded by up to 8 months, so that the people of Xian Dong E killed 40,000 people until the General Feng Yuxiang National coalition to defeat Liu Zhenhua, Xi'an was able to rescue. In 1928 the opening of the Shing Mun, to commemorate the achievements made by General Feng, Yu-xiang named door.

North Gate: The city wall built in the Ming Dynasty, when the construction of the North Gate, formally known as the security doors away. Revolution, the rebels attack town, with the Fierce fight, fighting in the north gate tower was damaged. Wall renovation in 1983, restored the original Jianlou.

Tak door: Xi'an Railway Station south-west side of the door opening of Tak in 1986, as a result of Tak straight road named after.

Zhongshan Gate: early in 1927, the General Feng Yuxiang Under the proposed opening of the door, Zhongshan, to commemorate the revolutionary leader of the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen got its name. May 1, 1927, General Feng Yuxiang Lvjun east, from the Mountain Gate City. Zhongshan door openings of the two side by side, they were named Frederick "east" and "Arc de Triomphe." The date for sending troops, General von head to the city from all walks of life Huan The masses speech, said that the victory of the Northern Expedition, and so on, and then open the Arc de Triomphe to welcome him. However, changes in the current situation, Mr General did not re-rate the division back to Xi'an.

East Gate: East Gate in the building when the construction of wall Ming, an official called the name of Changle Gate. Li military uprising in the late Ming scored by the East Gate of Xi'an. Li Zicheng see hanging on the Shing Mun Changle Gate "horizontal inscribed board, the officers and men who said:" If the emperor to allow Changle, the people should suffer long. "A remark soldiers, and public revulsion. Ignition burned the tower until the Qing Dynasty and re-construction." Xi'an Incident ", General Zhang Xueliang in the East Gate tower on the formation of teams to teach soldiers and school teams. This site Has As a repair to commemorate the Xi'an Incident.

Jianguomen: in 1986 the opening of Jianguomen to straight on the road named after the founding of the PRC.

Peace Arch: Xi'an Railway Station, the Wild Goose Pagoda in the same north-south axis to open the door to peace in 1953. In order to express Chinese people's war-torn World peace, named the door to peace.

Wenchang Gate: Forest of Stone Tablets Museum of Wenchang on the south side of the door, opened in 1986. The wall built on Kuixing Lou, the city wall of Xi'an is the only defense has nothing to do with military facilities. Kuixing also known as "Kuixing", "Kui places," one of the top 28 stars Legend of Ancient Man Wan is the key to the rise and fall of the gods, was called "mobile phone", "Wen Star." If his point Zhubi, the pen can be wonderful flower, even in three to become champion. Therefore, the ancient Confucian temple, where both institutions are dedicated to building the Kuixing Lou incense. House at the time of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Confucius Temple in Xi'an built in the wall next to the ( Forest of Stone Tablets Museum), also Kuixing Lou advantage of the opportunity to build on top of the wall. Kuixing Lou in 1986 to repair. Here visitors can see life, such as alcohol, slovenly, Qiu Pengtou beard, staggering steps, wine gourds hanging back, holding a bucket, hand written, intoxication and a half Banxing seems to be the stars Zunrong Wenchang. Under the new Kuixing Lou Shing Mun, naturally named Wenchang the door.

Magnificent city wall of Xi'an urban areas has become the most attractive tourist attraction is one. I have accompanied many foreign guests to visit Xi'an, all praise of the great wall. Thailand, a guest said: "Deng Changcheng in Beijing to see the National Palace Museum; wall in Xian Deng Terracotta warriors and horses do. "Japan's Emperor and Empress to visit Xi'an, Xi'an to board a special Shing, a glance inside and outside the city landscape.

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