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Revolution in Tibet Exhibition - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Potala Palace in Lhasa city on the eastern side of the former. In 1964 to start planning the next year built on August 25. Including the central exhibition hall and 9 rooms, display area of more than 4500 square meters. Zhu above the main entrance of the title "Revolution in Tibet Exhibition" on the seventh. Museum's possession of photographs, diagrams, models, sculpture, in-kind exhibition Tens of thousands of pieces, and so on.

Held after the opening of a new socialist Tibet's economic achievements, as well as "anger serfdom" of different types of exhibitions.

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Xiao Zhaosi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiao Zhaosi located in the north-east of Lhasa city, 500 meters NATO Bajiao Street, east of the West Block, from the garden, temples, the entrance tower, like the Buddha, the Golden Roof and turning inside and outside the corridors, and has a total area of An area of about 4000 square meters. Temple named "reached a fever-Lacan Zizou", meaning "Chinese Tiger Temple of God change." Xiao Zhao Is a Chinese name; small, and the Jokhang Temple is the corresponding term; WITNESS WHEREOF, the Tibetan language is "sleep lying," Kim, which means Buddha. Buddha Temple for eight-year-old Deng Shen and a large number of pure gold, like Buddha and Thangka, and so on. In 1962 listed as key protection units of the autonomous region.

Xiao Zhaosi three main building , At the bottom of Men Ting, the Church, the permitted three-part, is turning around the corridor, at times drawing Langbi immeasurable Buddhist life. Han Kim is the top-watt, glittering air, Ferris, Lhasa can see in all directions, magnificent.

Xiao Zhaosi founded in the mid-seventh century AD, incense stretches more than ?. Legend has it that Princess Wencheng to Tibet when they brought a 12-year-old Deng Shen pure gold Buddha image, to the present line of Xiaozhao Si, a wooden car in the sand. Princess through the calendar, and decided to Shakyamuni Buddha worship place here, was built Xiaozhao Si. The temple presided over by Princess Wencheng built, and the Jokhang Temple started at the same time, with Which we see, at the same time opening; east entrance to the place of the princess's parents miss home.

Zhu Gong Xiao Zhaosi main shrine of the original Princess Wencheng from Changan brought about by the Buddha Sakyamuni, the main Jokhang Temple from the original Princess Kathmandu, Nepal Zhu Gong brought Buddha Sakyamuni, the two later Buddha for a bit. According to the Dalai Lama's book "directory Jokhang Temple," recorded in the book: the first Xiaozhao Si Zhu Gong is a Buddhist Princess Wencheng brought about by the Buddha Sakyamuni. After the death of Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng in accordance with the instructions and ideas, and the Jokhang Temple Xiao Zhaosi Sakyamuni Buddha was on the exchange, to bring Nepal's Princess Caramel Muni Fo as a master in Sheng Xiao Zhaosi for.

Well-known secret on the Lhasa Hospital, also located in Xiaozhao Si, it is quite Gelugpa Buddhist monks to study the results further studies Lama, Micheng study, the hospital close Khenpo who presided over the Xiaozhao Si.

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Sera - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sera Mahayana Island salad full name, is located on the northern outskirts of Lhasa, Tibet Wu Zi Shan south of salad, as amended Temple at the foot of the mountain on the field covered with lush wild roses, "Watt-color," named after. Sera is the founder of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism Tsongkhapa to appoint one of its eight major disciples of Sakyamuni also missing (in 1354-1435, had been North Korea called king of Daiji) in the construction in 1419. 1962 was designated as key cultural unit of the Tibet Autonomous Region, in 1982 and was promoted to the national key cultural unit.

According to Wu Zi Sera Mt built into the light of local conditions, the scale of the event, covers an area up to 11,496 M, Cuolayouzhi temples and re-stack Court House, the resplendent, very spectacular, reflecting the mountain monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism's distinctive characteristics of architecture. Permitted by the whole complex, together Zhacang (abbey), and Kang Seng She Ce-Mexican villages and forests and Reting Living Buddha, and other well-known large chapter of the La Palace, and other construction units. Among measures Basilica, Maibazhacang, warehouse Abaza, Giza for the Monastery of the main warehouse building.

Early in the construction Maibazhacang Abaza and warehouses for the construction of the center. Located in the south-west of Maibazhacang by lightning in 1761 after reconstruction, four-high, floor area 1600 square meters, by the Church, the Temple of law enforcement, Rohan , The permitted Sakyamuni, the Hall of Tsongkhapa and "Kanjur" Palace of the Dalai Lama and the bedroom, and other construction units; by the Church in the main worship Sakyamuni Buddha statue there, Maitreya, the measureless life Buddha, the Buddha pharmacists, Miao Yin Bodhisattva, three master Tsongkhapa, the Dalai Lama VII, III, Ce-Mexican Lin Living Buddha statue, and so on. Pakistan Zhacang Sera, a measure for the first Qin hall, built in 1710. Existing measures chin replaced after Zhacang hall, a three-storey building area of 1,500 square by the Jing-tang, the Ocean Palace, the Temple Wade King Kong, measureless light permitted four and permitted the Dalai Lama and the bedroom of Hope Tower Building, and other modules, for the Sera Monastery Zhacang large in the smallest Zhacang, at the same time as the Sera monks of Tibetan Buddhism to attend an important place for three of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism Benzun intensive King Kong, King Kong and Le Sheng Weide statue of King Kong; by the Church In the respect for the main statue of Buddha Sakyamuni as, respectively, on both sides of the three master Tsongkhapa, the Dalai Lama XIII, and so on, four Painting filled with magnificent murals, mainly for the Buddha-story Western Pure Land change-intensive, such as King Kong and the subject matter Longshu Tantric Buddhist master, and other senior monks in the history.

Beautiful mural design, smooth lines, colors Ming-li, showing that the high level of art. Giza positions for the three largest in Zhacang Zhacang, construction area of 1700 square meters, was built in 1435, in the expansion of the Qing Dynasty. The main four-storey high building, Jing-tang, the permitted III, Ma Ming Dian, Maitreya Hall, the Hall of Tsongkhapa, Miao Yin Temple,

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Norbu Lingka - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Norbu Lingka, commonly known as the Summer Palace in Lhasa, located in the western suburbs of Lhasa, the Dalai Lama's summer palace is history, the beautiful garden built in the mid-18th century, the Dalai Lama VII period, but also to deal with their government and hold religious activities Manner. The whole garden covers an area of 46 hectares, more than 370 rooms of different sizes, Known as the "garden of gardens" is to worship, free-vacation, to watch Tibetan palace inspection of the construction sites.

  Norbu Lingka to construction rather Gaisang chapter, Chapter quite golden, Da Dengming quite a long time for the main chapters, there are 374 rooms, Tibet is the largest man-made landscape, the best scenery, the most historic park .

  Gaisang from Norbu Lingka quite up to Dan Zhang and Zhang, and so quite explicitly three groups composed of building palaces, each divided into the construction zone before the palace, palace area and the forest area in three parts. The forest is quiet in the western district of the eastern stone wall of the palace is the Golden Summit. A total of three palaces, one by Hall, in front of a 600-square The stone courtyard, a two-story Hall of Ocean, law enforcement and the Hall of the Dalai Lama read by the room, three monks and laymen met with the Dalai Lama is a member of the palace, the garden lush trees and flowers and many more pavilions Tse Chi Lin Shi Takeyama, Rare birds and animals during embellishment. Former interior promenade and palace Diaolianghuadong, magnificent.

VII reach Kelsang measures in the study by the Drepung Monastery, from time to time take account of this Summer. VII politics after the Dalai Lama, Tibet's minister at the time uphold the Ching court decree, where he built quite Wu Yao Zhang (tents Palace), which is the predecessor of the Norbu Lingka. VII later years when the Dalai Lama in the vicinity of the construction of a quite Gaisang chapter, and named "Norbu Lingka , After approval by the Qing emperor Sejong, the Dalai Lama VII every summer in the chapter dealing with quite Gaisang Chief. From then on, convalescence from increasingly Norbu Lingka to evolve to deal with political and religious affairs of the Summer Palace. After the calendar generation of the Dalai Lama in the Tibetan calendar every year on March 18 from the Potala Palace, Norbu Lingka moved to nine of the Tibetan calendar, at the turn of October to return to Abdallah . Before the Dalai Lama is of the T'ung of the year here after school to study law.

  18th century during the past 40, Norbu Lingka or a beast to come and go, weeds, Liu problems dwarf the wasteland. Later, as the Dalai Lama VII, and often likes to come to this place, so at the time of the Qing Dynasty, Tibet will be Secretary of State for the construction of a Yao quite Chapter (palace pavilion). Year in 1751, the Dalai Lama VII birds in the chapter on the eastern side of Yao quite another to own a building named after the three-storey palace - rather Gaisang chapter (Xianjie Palace), the temple set, the bedroom, reading room and Temple of law, such as assembly hall, the Dalai Lama ages, as the summer of office and met with Buddhist monks in Tibet official . Eight Dalai Lama On this basis, the expansion of just Baikang (Reading Room), the Secretary Kang Song-lun (Three Realms town of Granville Court), Qu Ran (preaching house), reservoirs and digging into the old lake, according to Han -Style pavilions, built in the heart of Long Lake and Lake Temple heart palace, set up on both sides of the stone bridge. In 1922, 13 Norbu Lingka and then rely on the civil-hing, in the southwest to build Linka gold and gold-colored three-story rather chapter, and a large number of planting flowers, grass and trees. Dalai Lama XIV in 1954 in the north to build a new palace, so that the Norbu Lingka for the development of this size.

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Nam Co - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nam Co is a movement in the Himalayas and the formation of the great depression Xiao basin, the existing lake plain good pasture, is the natural pasture. Every summer, flocks of wild ducks flying habitat, breeding future generations.

Nam Co, Tibetan language is "Heaven Lake". It is located north of the city of Lhasa, Tibet when hung, classes Between the two counties. Hunan is a magnificent nyainqentanglha majestic mountain, and on the north side of the northwest side is gentle ups and downs of the northern plateau. Lake open long and narrow, 70 km from east to west and 30 km wide north-south, an area of 1940 square kilometers.
About 200 million years ago in the past, there have been a strong crust delivery , A significant uplift the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, squeezing rock, and some uplift fold, becoming the mountains, the whereabouts of depression, has become a valley or mountain basin. Nam Co is in the fall of tectonic movement on the basis of the glaciers added activities. Early into the Nam Co is the vast lake, the lake is above sea level than Much lower. At that time very warm and humid climate, the lake Yingying, the boundless expanse of blue water, like a sea. Later, due to continuous crustal uplift, Nam Co followed the rise, and in a million years ago, the plateau climate change is a dry, the water sources to reduce, much less on the lake, the lake was to uplift now Level. The lake is 4718 meters above sea level, is the world's highest, with an area of more than 1000 square kilometers of the Great Lakes. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Waterloo Turba wrong, although the lake reached an elevation of 5465 meters, but a very small area of Waterloo Turba wrong. Although well-known in South America's Andes mountain lake - Lake Titicaca, the area 8330 square kilometers, Lake Titicaca's only 3812 meters above sea level, lower than the Nam Co, nearly 1,000 meters.

The Nam Co Lake is the main source of natural rainfall and melting mountain snow and ice supply, the water can not drain, is the largest inland lake in Tibet. Lakes value less precipitation, sunshine strong , A greater water evaporation. Kuxian water, not drink, second only to Qinghai Lake is China's second largest saltwater lake.
Nam Co, also known as Geli Hai Tang, Tengger Lake. Mongolian Tengri, which means "sky" because of the lake, such as bright and clean blue cloudless blue sky, so named. Wu Xue-Feng Zhou as if the solidification Tao, reflected in the lake, solemn, solemn, very nature of the letter. 3 lake islands, south-east of limestone by the composition of the peninsula, into a development of karst topography, there are pillars, Tianshengqiao, such as karst caves, beautiful scenery.

As the cold weather, winter lake ice is thick, and the following year to May Before melting, melting ice crack when a loud booming noise, a voice number, for the natural wonders of one.
Nam Co's rich resources, rich in minerals, such as salt, alkali, Glauber's salt, such as boron, possession of a large quantity. Lake rich in fish, fish microlepis and scales of fish in the lake to cruise around in groups, mainly carp The Schizothorax Loach and the Bureau of Parabotia article. These fish Plains and the fish are not the same as 200 million years since the original fish from here, with the crustal uplift to adapt to the highland climate variability and gradually evolved. Some of the fish retain the short end of the first major features of the original. Schizothorax general can be a long one Kilograms, can grow to the 78 kilograms or even tens of kilograms. In the past, because the Tibetans have not the habit of eating fish, lake fish to run its course, people are not afraid, people close to the lake, the fish have to swim. Every summer, the lake's fish from the lake to swim to the depths of the lake beach and the mouth to lay eggs, often can be readily captured. Rosa has Nam Co, Seoul hit the ancient Tibetan cloth, check Hasselblad too, such as water into the river. The lake is surrounded by a vast expanse of the lake plain, with the growth of humilis, Taiwan moss, herbaceous plants such as grass tinder, water is lush natural pastures, grazing may be the year. The herdsmen in northern Tibet a year before the onset of winter, they rushed to the cattle and sheep this , Spent the winter wind and snow. Nam Co, the most in the summer of noisy jubilation, wild yak, blue sheep, rabbits, and other wildlife in the vast grazing on the marsh; countless migratory birds coming from the south, and on the island in the lake to lay eggs, hatching, feeding future generations; lake The fish leap surface from time to time, the sun flashing Yin Lin; Shepherd Yangbian Prancing Horse, Sheep surging as the clouds in the sky falling, sonorous, melodious voice echoes in the valleys. Nam Co peaceful quiet of the vitality and abundant charm. No wonder the Tibetan people should be seen as a better Nam Co, a symbol of the well-being. Nam Co is indeed a natural Houci.

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Potala Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China in Lhasa, Tibet's top Hongshan, a world-famous ancient castle-building, which is built in the seventh century AD, 1300 years have elapsed since the Potala Palace. China's famous ancient buildings, the national key cultural unit. Abdallah resort to Guanyin Putuo Luojia transliteration of the Sanskrit, means Guanyin Air & P in order to save all living creatures. Founded in the early years of the Tang Dynasty when Songtsan Gambo. Potala Palace, more than 3700 meters above sea level, covering a total area of more than 36 square meters, 360 meters from east to west and 270 meters wide north-south, the main building-13, 117 meters high, is the world's highest, set palaces, castles and monasteries in one The magnificent building .

  Potala Palace and the mountain building, the palace buildings stacked block, Song Zhi majestic, magnificent, its architecture reflects the Tibetan traditional stone and wood structure in the form of towers and traditional Han Liang Jia, Golden Summit, the characteristics of the caisson, Combination of space, the overlapping courtyard, corridors song threshold, in line with local conditions, Time is clear, not only highlights the main building, and coordination of the construction subsidiary of the group, scattered up and down, before and after mixed to form a more level space, full of rhythmic beauty, visually enhanced high up the feeling in the world in the history of the building??.

According to legend, the Tibetan Tubo King Songtsan Gambo good worshipers , Moved the capital Lhasa, often in the mountains near Lhasa, chanting prayers to the mountain named "Abdallah." "Abdallah" is a transliteration Sanskrit, translated as "Lo Po" or "Po", referring to the original Goddess of Mercy by the UN. In the year 641 Songtsan Gambo married Princess Wencheng of the Tang Dynasty, joy, for the Princess The Potala Palace. The Potala Palace was built by the high-level 9, a total of 999 palace, increase self-cultivation in the mountains a total of 1000 rooms, grand and magnificent. But times have changed, the mine suffered the Potala Palace, electricity and catastrophe of war, has experienced vicissitudes of life, are in a deplorable state, the king of the few remaining holes Zhudianpaba and Lacan. The Potala Palace is now Since the seventh century re-built.

The Potala Palace, the main building, its two main functions of most of the first, the Dalai Lama's personal life and political activities, one dedicated to the history of the Dalai Lama and various permitted.

The first part focused on the White House. The White House was built in a 45, the last 8 years, when the original Songtsan Gambo Yin-tang as the center and west to east from the construction of a huge Siyu. Siyu of the whole wall was painted white, from afar, particularly eye-catching, it is referred to as "the White House." High-level White House 7, No. 4 at the central level, "Qin Xia measures" (East Hall) area 17 square meters, from 38 large support columns, is the largest temple of the Potala Palace, the Dalai Lama in history to hold the enthroned, the T'ung ceremony and other major religious and political activities. 5, 6 Regent is a two-tier office and living accommodation. The highest level (the 7th floor) of the Dalai Lama is the Winter Palace, where a large area lighting, To the late, brilliant sunshine, known as the "Hall of daylight." Hall luxurious furnishings, Yu Wan Jinpen, Zhuguangbaoqi, showing that the owner of noble status. Palace, a large balcony, looking down from here to the whole city of Lhasa. Continuous ups and downs is far from the mountains, the beautiful Lhasa River is like a ribbon from a floated on the horizon Tian Long is near Pianpian criss-cross paths, trees cottage, there are age-old Jokhang Temple resplendent Golden Summit.

The second part concentrated in the Red Palace, the Red Palace was built in 1690, when the Qing Emperor Kangxi specially from the mainland also sent more than 100 Han, Manchu, Mongolian craftsmen to Tibet to take part in this expansion of the Potala Palace The huge project. The Red Palace is the construction of the main types of Buddhist and dedicated to the Dalai Lama. 8 intrauterine have kept the Dalai Lama's body dedicated to law, with the fifth Dalai Lama dedicated to the largest and most gorgeous, 14.85 meters high, the tower with Gympie package, Xiangzhuqianyu, is said to share 11, two more than gold, Chu, precious stones, coral, amber, agate, and other 18,677. Red largest palace hall, "Puncog West Division" (West Hall) area of 725 meters, the hall hanging above the middle of the Qianlong gift, "Lin Chung to the beginning of" horizontal inscribed board with the Dalai Lama's throne. Dian-zhong there Qing Emperor Kangxi donated a large current account Kam right, yes cloth Pull one of the treasures of the palace. Shu Sheng Dian three realms is the highest in the halls of Red Palace, by the side of the bookshelf, but also placed the Emperor Yongzheng grant the Dalai Lama VII of the Beijing edition of "Dan Zhuer" by the book. Red Palace is the most West XIII dedicated to the Dalai Lama Temple, 14 meters high, the legend of the altar city hall is more than 20 satellites string of pearls made up from . Potala Palace in-house beautifully decorated luxury on the one hand, the treasure house of Tibetan Art, on the other hand, reflects the nobility and the old Tibet, accounting for more than 95% of the population of the enormous difference between the serfs. Red Palace is dedicated to religious activities and worship hall, and the White House is the home of the Dalai Lama and political activities. Both red and white color However, one that fully reflects the old politics and religion of Tibet's social characteristics. Since the White House after completion of the fifth Dalai Lama moved here from the Drepung Monastery, until his death. Since then, the history of the Potala Palace, the Dalai Lama as their own will to live and conduct religious activities, thus becoming the Potala Palace lama and religious groups Pay homage to the Holy Land.

More than 300 years, the Potala Palace in Tibet as a "church" at the center of political power, to preserve the rich collection of historical artifacts and crafts, history and culture of Tibet can be called art museums, of which more than 50,000 square meters colorful characters As lifelike mural of the Potala Palace is a must. The mural of the Potala Palace to four categories: religious stories; customs; biographies; historical events. In the history of the expansion of the Potala Palace was the scene of the mural vividly recorded; Princess Wencheng to Tibet's murals, represents the seventh century AD both Han and Tibetan ethnic harmony with Scenes; Basilica of the West side of the wall is the 1652 Beijing audience with the Dalai Lama V, Emperor Shunzhi of the murals; XIII hall dedicated to the Dalai Lama, has drawn 13 in Beijing audience with the Dalai Lama and the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing emperor scene. There are nearly 1,000 seat palace pagoda, the 10,000 statues, a large number of Bayeux, as well as Thangka, Seoul Kim Precious cultural relics, such as books. Show in the history of the relationship between the central government and local government of Tibet in the Ming and Qing dynasties of emperors closure thanks to the Dalai Lama's Gold List, the India-China and India, the fate Letters were also in the palace collection. It is these relics of China to form a unified multi-ethnic country to witness history. Potala Palace in China and the United States there are many fine Mattress, canopy, instruments used, the curtain, forging Jin, gold and silver ware, porcelain and stone implements, and so on, dazzling Lumpur.

After the peaceful liberation of Tibet in 1951, the central government attaches great importance to the protection of the Potala Palace. In 1961, the State Council announced its focus on the national heritage unit, In all out maintenance funds. However, this magnificent palace in the reconstruction of 300 years or so after the overhaul has not, a serious danger. In 1985, the State Council decided to pull out of the huge sum of money to carry out large-scale maintenance of the Potala Palace, this is the People's Republic of China since the founding of ancient cultural relics protection of investment in the construction of the largest public works .

October 11, 1989 weather, the Potala Palace Fahao Bell, a group known as Gyaincain Sera of young people feel a wave of the Potala Palace lama maintenance of the project started in the first-ho. Gyaincain group of sleep-ho as the first wave of people from Tibet, the traditional fortune-selected, he Wuguanduanzheng, parents are still alive, Xiao auspicious sign of the Zodiac. The maintenance of the Potala Palace, the whole process is strictly abide by the Tibetan people's traditional customs and religious ritual. Chinese engineers in the possession of the solidarity and cooperation, the maintenance work in September 1994 successfully completed, will cost a total of 53,000,000 yuan. Potala Palace, this pearl of the plateau, and again brilliant Choi, attracting a growing number of foreign tourists come to visit. Now, the Potala Palace has been listed by UNESCO as "World Cultural Heritage" list.

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Lhasa Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lhasa, we are the world's most unique and most attractive cities. This is not only because it is 3,700 meters above sea level at the beginning of the high degree of order to feel dizzy, but also because of its history in 1300 left many cultural relics and the strong religious atmosphere to give people like the feeling of the history of sleepwalking, as well as in the modern city The legislation, with its unique classical simplicity revealed by the idyllic tranquil mind can grant joy and happy people. Lhasa is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the political, economic and cultural center. The outskirts of the city and many historical sites, the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Sera and Ganden Monastery, and so long Chinese and foreign.

Tibet has a long history and splendid culture, the motherland has made a contribution to civilization. Tibetan culture and art murals are an important part. There are unique to Tibetan customs and way of life, such as butter, Zanba, drinking butter tea and highland barley wine, clothing to the original as the main Pulu .

In 1982 the State Council of Lhasa for the state historical and cultural city.

  Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region is located in the southeast, a tributary of the Brahmaputra to the north bank of Lhasa, longitude 91 � 06 ', latitude 29 � 36'. Nyingchi area to the east, west Cameroon are areas of the north Nagqu Prefecture, at the junction of South and Shannan. North and the South's largest vertical distance 202 kilometers from east to west and 277 km away from the cross-largest district with a total area of 29,000 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 210 square kilometers, the city built-up area 50 square kilometers area. It presently dominates the Chengguan , Long heap Deqing County, Qu Shuixian, Dazi, Nyemo County, Linzhou County, Maizhokunggar County, such as a Damxung County District 7 counties. The total population of 400,000, of which the urban population 180,000 people. For the majority of the Tibetan people, and back to the Han ethnic, and so on. Located in the Tibetan plateau, 3500 meters above sea level Or so. Seongnam have long Lhasa River continue to flow around the East feel there is the mother fishes, southeast of Pearl has Niyaz, a music gala Southwest, Northwest has Zi Peng Wu Gang linked surrounded by mountains, and so on. A cold climate, long winter and summer without a full year without fog, the air fresh and cool, sunny, sunshine throughout the year at more than 2952 hours, People as the "Sunlight City." The maximum temperature of 28 ?, the lowest temperature of -14 ?, the average annual temperature of about 8 ?. Average annual rainfall of 200 to 510 mm, and rainfall concentrated in the annual general 6, 7, 8, in September ... "Lhasa" in Tibetan for "Holy Land" or "Buddha" means, for a long time in Tibet is the political, economic, cultural, religious center, the resplendent and magnificent Potala Palace, as the highest symbol of power politics and religion . As early as the seventh century AD, Songtsan Gambo merger neighboring tribes, A Tibetan, Cameron moved the capital from the position logic (now Lhasa), the establishment of Tubo Dynasty. May 23, 1951, the peaceful liberation of Tibet, Lhasa City has entered a new era. In 1960, the State Council officially approved for the prefecture-level city of Lhasa, in 1982 the country will set its first batch of 24 released by the history of Of one of the city.

Gu Cheng Lhasa, "Jalan Savimbi," the Tibetan "goat" "Jalan" and "territories" "Salvador", the seventh century AD Legend has it that Princess Wencheng of the Tang Dynasty married into Tibet, or a piece of grassland on the beach here, after the construction and the Jokhang Temple Xiao Zhaosi soil back fill with goat lying Tong, built temples, Monks and pilgrims coming to teach more people around the Jokhang Temple and later set up around the hotel and a number of residents in housing, formed by the Jokhang Temple as the center of the shape of the old city. At the same time, Songtsan Gambo in the expansion of the Hongshan palace (now the Potala Palace), so, the Lhasa river valley plains palace built one after another, prominent Chinese and foreign high - From then on the formation of cities. "Jalan Savimbi" gradually turned into people's minds, "Holy Land", was to become Tibet's religious, political, economic and cultural center.



It presently dominates Chengguan District of Lhasa, when hung, long pile Deqing, Qushui, Mozhugongka, Dazi, and Nyemo County a week VII County area. When hung in the northern Lhasa and Nyemo County, Long heap Deqing, Zhou Lin, Mozhugongka part of the rural areas are along the northern Tibet grassland south, the lush aquatic plants, animal husbandry, prosperous, rich in cattle and sheep meat, butter and cattle cashmere, wool; is well-known in central Lhasa Valley, south of the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo are, for better agriculture in Tibet One of the rich highland barley, wheat, oilseeds and pulses, "Lhasa One," is renowned in the broad bean varieties of Chinese and foreign. Lhasa around the economic value of the role of medical and geothermal hot springs everywhere, Deqing County, Long heap sang songs of Hot Springs, Maizhokunggar County's famous hot spring in Germany as a whole Tibetan areas.


Salvador is located in the urban areas of the valley 3650 meters above sea level alluvial plain, is the world's highest cities. Tilt the terrain from east to west, the climate is temperate and semi-arid plateau monsoon climate zone, in the hours of sunshine more than 3000 hours, the "Solar City" reputation. 200-510 mm of precipitation for the year, At 6-9 in the month, on a rainy night. The maximum temperature of 28 ?, the lowest temperature of minus 14 ?. Thin air, low temperature, the temperature difference between day, the dry winter and spring, and more strong winds. In frost-free period from 100 to 120 days.


Plateau city of Lhasa with its deep blue sky, clear water, new A feast for the eyes of the air and the environment visitors eight points of the compass to the left a good impression. Lhasa water quality and the atmosphere is very clean, pollution in China at least, the best environment for the city. The atmospheric environment in the Lhasa area, basically no pollution, the atmosphere in the urban areas over the harmful concentrations of carbon dioxide per cubic meter 0.1 mg, well below the national standard. While the downtown population density, religious activities as a result of the formation of dust and smoke more, but the smoke and dust in the atmosphere of the total content remained at 0.4 mg per cubic meter below. Lhasa river does not exist lead, zinc, copper and other metal trace elements, coastal towns and villages on the river has not caused Stained.



  Lhasa is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet is also the political, economic and cultural center. The outskirts of the city and many historical sites, the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Sera and Ganden Monastery has long been famous, and so on. Lhasa is the Industry's most feature of the most attractive cities. This is not only because it is 3,700 meters above sea level at the beginning of the high degree of order to feel dizzy, but also because of its history of the 1300 cultural relics and religious atmosphere to the people's shock. The mid-7th century AD, Tibetan tribal leader Songtsan Gambo in the record-establishing themselves In 641 AD, Songtsan Gambo to complete the great cause of reunification, married Princess Wencheng of the Tang Dynasty and Tibet princess after the proposed land back white goat Tian Hu, the temple was built. As a result, it is the first temple, which is now known as the Jokhang Temple, named "Jalan Savimbi," in Tibetan means "goat's back." Finally, "Jalan Savimbi" to be " More ", and gradually became" Lhasa ". And the thousands of years, there have been several attempts to become a political and religious activities in Tibet, then, Lhasa has become a veritable" sacred place. "

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Maimo cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nagqu county in the eastern mountains and peaks, many of the peculiar distribution of the natural cave, the most amazing thing is Pakistan's Qingxian Maimo cave, known for its fairy Chamber of Secrets. Inside there is a natural stone formation, a hole about the legislation were high pillars, such as the gatekeeper of the two defender, there is a rock cave not far from the altar Lei Qi, the cave-in Have a natural white Arab-Tibetan word. There is also a natural cave lions, there are many small hole after the cave, inside the cave covered with down the icicle, "Da drip, drip command to a horse," the sound of trickling water in the hole very clear music, all kinds of thousands of ice, as if all things Regeneration. Three human form of rock called the king of hell and its black and white Assistant, there are also many natural Buddha. And then forward, set within a red, two blue cave, are unpredictable, and strong light flashlight in the hole is shaped like Yinghuo, even at the foot of all see clearly. Folklore of a hole more than 100 km long, up to an additional more than 200 kilometers, has a very high scientific investigation and The value of insurance.

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Ding Qing Zhu Zi Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ding Qing Zhu Zi Temple is located in the county feel En Zhu Zi's rural territory in the mountains, about 37 km from the county seat. It is said that Zhu Zi and history can be traced back to as early as the second, 3,000 years ago. Zhu Zi Temple is a famous Bon monk Lo Ningbo Tang Hui-chu, Culture and Sport by the fourteenth century to the mid-term re-construction and rehabilitation. "Zhu Zi" means six peaks. Feng different process here , Tall and straight in a critical situation, craggy rocks, Zen-piles. For historical reasons, Bon once the political and religious power in Tibet have been the original religion, then had to give way to Buddhism, and the remote to remote areas to hide, to keep to preserve its own forces. This Qiongbo Ding Qing's 39 ethnic areas become Bon Hindu temple and the most influential. Zhu Zi and the Temple of the existing area and Culture is the largest and most Catholics, Bon rituals to preserve the integrity of one of the temples. Zhu Zi Temple of Bon Buddhist Temple can tell Benism systematically classic, including the transmission of the mysterious and ancient Bon supreme yoga and other methods to attend. Monastery there Species of ancient gods Bon dance naked.

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Bondarenko Prairie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tea Horse Road Zuogong out by the many beautiful women to have known of the field properly, and out-Qujiang valley, suddenly lost in the vast marginal without the big Bondarenko, Cao Ba. It was a vast piece ups and downs, forceful vast wilderness. Tibetans say the film is called field Bondarenko. Bondarenko prairie How? Now, I am afraid that no one Do not come, because it across 56 counties, many of the local population did not. It is said that even the big birds are not flying its margins. Ma Gang had just called 500 it Cheung, Cao Ba. That was a people are thrilled that some people fear the prairie, an average of more than 4200 meters above sea level in. Xia Prairie wetlands are everywhere, running around the snow-capped mountains into the water and rain water. Plateau has been no less than the rain, what is Piaopo dump sites, Huntianheidi, and sometimes hail arm. Snow melt and rain water and slowly Hui Jucheng numerous streams and eventually into the song-yu, a scene in which the vast grasslands like be a Gone with the Wind The Ribbon. At the end of the distant horizon, even a mountain is a gentle and the vagaries of the hill. From the fall back to Lhasa, often Caoba for the vast snow covered expanse of wilderness seems to be no life, even the crows are everywhere hide their shadow. Looking back at times looked in a The vast silence of the white wilderness, the caravan Ma Gang Xiao Heidian only just a bunch of them as a team, like ants moving slowly, seems to be much more heavily than their own things moving back to their homes. That's a huge field to form a unique natural landscape, but also underlines the fact that the Caravan had the courage to make a living away from risky Dan Po and perseverance In this Connaught Caoba big yard, only a small village called Bondarenko and a La Masi, as it is located in Yunnan, Sichuan-Tibet road in the middle, so some firms in this set up, sent to live Shou, Responsible for the transfer of goods and find a yak put feet short. Now there is a military depot and a station built in the transport junctions, from Rural up to a few years away. There are crossing the families of military personnel and Sichuanese to open a small shop. Where the houses used for metal roof, Fangqianwuhou, throwing full beer bottles and rusted cans of the military. Grassland some of the nomadic herdsmen, a blanket off a yak, the sporadic spread in the local water Fengmao Some people see passing, the way they shouted and waved, no matter who is the lonely. They tied the tent before the Tibetan Mastiff is a roar. Bondarenko to Qamdo in the direction of the three, 40 km, more wide-open country Tanzania. 60 India to China during the war, the People's Liberation Army here in the repair A military airport, there are more than a dozen soldiers sacrificed their lives. I have been here in 1993, Tianzheng rain, I turn around a monument to their lap. After years of high altitude wind and rain erosion of the sun, the monument has become very old, like a lost ancient myth. It stood there, looking at airport Not at the end of the runway, watching the wet fell across the vast wilderness, and that the runway in the field exposed to bright, strange feeling. At that time, Bondarenko is the expansion of the airport. Military personnel, civilian workers and vehicles as well as the blasting sound of the silence of the wilderness for many years made vigorous. Later, in the newspaper to see Bondarenko machine Shipping, it is a great thing. Bondarenko of the airport above sea level much higher than the Lhasa airport. I think it is probably China's highest airport, I do not know what it's transportation. Tea Horse Road at that time on the journey of the Caravan probably can not imagine that there will be a wasteland on airport modernization. In spite of Airport, Bondarenko desolate desert wilderness still, even in the summer night, where the temperature seems to have bone marrow Dongcheng ice. Cover down grassland in the dark, foggy steam transpiration, the Yinfengcancan. Tian Yuan Department 2 lightning stop in from time to time, even a little pathetic. In this year's The Waste Land, the only hot air is Ma Gang Out. Tibet over the past Bondarenko on the road to split into three, all the way to Qamdo, Lei Wuqi, Nagqu, Ma Gang Great North Road used to be called on. From Nyingchi to the north can work up to Jiang's cloth, or southward into the Brahmaputra valley, the Canadian investigation, Zetang, Gongga, Qushui to Lhasa. In 1923, France 000 Tibetologists, explorer Daweinier to 55-year-old age, in its just-Yong Deng Lama, accompanied by, from the territory of Yunnan on the road and eventually entered Lhasa. Moreover, there is a direct road from the music-bar-the-valley, is no longer the north Bondarenko grassland, but to the west by the likelihood of southern Tibet , Bomi, direct work cloth up and Lhasa River. This, of course, is the shortest trip in a straight line. However, it is said to be very dangerous road, the Caravan is impassable, so no one will go. It was definitely in the non-governmental However, take this course of action, according to Daweinier in her "a woman of Lhasa Paris Adventure" in the description of his Palongcangbu into the canyon, when many pilgrims, some of these pilgrims from southern Tibet go, as long as they over-ran Bo Shula Ridge will be able to Ukraine, Bomi. Zhao Xian should also remember that the Bomi musk is the best. Palongcangbu the two sides have since ancient forests. This is particularly dangerous road, people along the way Rare, wild animals appear At that time, few people dare to take this line, almost on the Caravan did not take this line. The Sichuan-Tibet line from the south through the line, but every year has been nothing but red mud-rock flow in a mess, impassable. It is because of its dangerous, so that in the vicinity of the scenery is magnificent scenery, the world cents To describe it, that can not be overemphasized. In 1989 I walked from the road, as it had never seen the incomparable beauty of shock. Palongcangbu on both sides of the mountain forests to completely cover the river of black oil and oil, as if the solidification, quietly, Shen undercurrent of dark, cool and scary. Some of the forest People can Hebao trees, shrubs under the trees cold and humid, I do not know how many lurking snake, you can hear them as if Tuzhao stretch of the tongue noise. From time to time there are some beautiful people were thrilled at the water birds from the past, their calls are the real Angels. Bondarenko in the third by a direct route to the West, and that is long The broad grassland Bondarenko (Ma Gang are called "long Caoba" or 500 years, "long-post"), Guo has been extended until 4800 meters above sea level, under the Mobo La Pass. That altitude is, of course, I later found out, it is said Yamaguchi is not difficult to walk, the body of Gan Ma who can stick it in Yamaguchi on a Xianghou Zi Crowhop it. By the Caravan of Tibet, Sichuan, Kangding, manager of Tong, Batang, off Jalan Chaya's not (the Tibetan people generally felt pretty rough people Chaya field), or from the Daofu, Luhuo, Ganzi, Dege, And then to Qamdo (formerly known as the "multi-monitoring"), most of them do not take the Great Northern line, but arrived Enda or co-Walled, together with the Yunnan-Tibet road for front-line, Jiayu from the bridge over the Nu River in the west to Luolong cases, the dam side, Jiali Jiang cloth and work up to the end to Lhasa. This is the traditional Guan Dao. Bondarenko Caoba in the long, sparsely populated increasingly, in addition to several top of the herdsmen's tents Heiqu Qu, often in the face of the Caravan is the remote wilderness of no smoke, Only expected to pick along the way by cow dung. At that time the Tibetan wild animals, many wild animals, particularly prairie Bondarenko. In the vast grasslands, often can see flocks of Tibetan antelopes, they are a long long sharp black horn, with the Caravan of a dog was so excited that they see no way, the bark is a Removed, startled a gazelle on the jump from the middle of the Caravan through the escape speed is amazing, utterly fail to follow the dog. After half a century I have come along since then, is not the shadow of the Tibetan antelope. They probably have been hunting on the same subject. Northern Tibet, also survived a certain number of Tibetan antelope, all of a sudden in the Western world to wear fashionable possession The cashmere clothing, all of a sudden the price of Canglingyangrong more expensive than gold, the Tibetan antelope to suffer, and they were brutally killing, although they have already become a national animal protection. That is why on earth is the most talented of animal cruelty, their endless greed demand, led to the extinction of many biological and The rapid deterioration of the eco-ball. In addition to the dire wolf, Bondarenko also bear, leopard such a beast. In some quiet night, the Caravan will be able to hear the roar of earth-shattering, experienced people know that Tiger is where a big meal of meat, drinking water to the river bank to issue a call. Although they have with Ma Gang But they all know it is not necessarily effective. As the bear, leopard, if such a beast shot dead play, they will be desperate to Pushang hard, it would be disastrous. It is said that even if they are not desperate at the time, they will firmly keep in mind that after the attacks on their enemy, and then wait retaliation. There are wild animals rule Luoma those poor, they smell a leopard or the scent of Lao Xiong will be scared straight shaking. Therefore, Ma Gang who has never had an open fire to the beast who, although they have been by the common leopard and bear. There should be a few cents Zhao also met with Tiger. But one thing, they do not play these Jalan beast, they generally do not take the initiative Jalan Ma Gang. However, no one can guarantee there will not be an exception. Tibet, those who walk in the grass in the first, Zhao Xian to his son Ben has a field of Tibetan Majiao son, What's the name of Zhao should have been Sally can not remember. That is a bad guy. He worked hard in the Tea Horse Road on Gan Ma, his ideal is to one day have their own Mule. This reminds me of Mr. written by Lao She's Rickshaw Boy story. His fate with almost Rickshaw Boy. He is a particularly effective and capable Majiao son, every time 12 Luoma, for he well, the boss of his boss deliberately awarded a mule. This will allow the child Majiao pleased broken, he To have their own mule, even though only a, but with the first piece will be the second horse, one day he might own the Caravan will become the first horse pot. With this should ZHAO cents Majiao son, with his own mule, once again set foot on the grass snow-capped mountains. Yunnan's first line of the Caravan have such a rule: You big Ma Gang, in time, can be their own boss to the mule put together in the Caravan go forage in the Caravan, along with costs. If the pack is the boss of the goods, you can get a freight, if you own back on the acquisition of capital goods, it earned money go to you all; Majiao son at the same time drive the other horse, A wages. This is a business owner to take care of the people of Gan Ma. These are also their bosses so developed. In their own words, to find their own money and let other people money. Tea Horse Road on horse cookers and businessmen are generally the first such tolerance. However, with the mule's own son did not Majiao This lucky. One day they went up 1.1 Bondarenko called "Doo-yard", as usual camp-opening, the son of Ma Jiao, as usual, are playing for a while before going to bed at the bullets to scare away those wild animals. But that night a strange thing: a leopard Chuangdao of the Caravan of the camp, not sound bites of a mule on, and the horse Majiao son who is just unique that a child. In the fourth, 50 Luoma, Natou bloody leopard only that the Majiao son to choose the bloody horse mule, only that the Majiao the son of luck. Mule is back on the horse is not luck, or perhaps a relief, ? ? distant from the endless Hard labor has been in free. Mule horse gnaw been lost in the throat, where, under the leopard did not eat a big mouth. Nadao because it is not a hungry stomach, but leopard Chourou like to eat, to wait out the dead mule it back to a meal. The next morning to see the body of his mule, who Majiao son injured And a cry, just like Xiangzi the car was taken away as soldiers. At that time the value of a good mule Baishi block and a half-opened Silver Dollar, who Majiao son for several years of hard work, hard-won possession of a mule of their own, so the result was killed by a leopard. This is, perhaps, life, right? Later, he will only son Majiao The goods to the back to help others, he had to continue to follow the path of the Caravan. Subsequently, he does not have its own mule, Zhao Xian should also not known. Tea Horse Road in the past, see what a leopard is a regular thing, Lao Xiong is more and more. They generally did not dare to Jalan Ma Gang, as with all of the Caravan , And all-night open burning pile of fire, but also marked a few before going to bed in the robbery. However, the camp has not let raw meat, can not kill what students or those who smell a little beast Xing Weier will be desperate to break through the. It is said to walk in the jungle of southern Yunnan have a unique Ma Gang, before going to bed in the fire spreading, Yi Bacao , Star anise, regarding any dare not close to the animals. In addition to wild animals, then there is grass, wild yak and wild horses. In the barren steppe, where they were once the masters are. Where there are large as Buffalo Gap, the big names like Mustang Beach. Now, in addition to a number of Tibetan antelope, and white Huangyangchuan chicken, wild yak and a few wild horses All the disappeared. Holy Mountain in Tibet, hunting is strictly prohibited, but Han, Ma Gang Naxi Ren's not out, they Guanbu Zhao. Tibet can be more wild, frozen, the Swinhoe's white, blue sheep, rabbits, what are Marmota, Zhao Xian they should be able to play quietly, not to know Tibetan. Call To improve food meal. Tibetan Buddhist beliefs as and should not be killing, so there will be no hunting said. If they secretly killing the animal, what, that is a very wonderful thing, sliced bread, or headman Living Buddha will punish them severely. Even if they see a little toast, or headman Lama, not even the first The. It is very cruel. Yunnan and the horse in the first pot can be on an equal footing with those Tusi headman. They brought things can not leave about the weather, Chu will take off the bus, on the roadside with a piece of stone ballast, no one would move. Even if it is a very valuable things, like what Tuozi can There was then no one would move them. On that magical plateau, the Caravan have witnessed not only in Tibet's social system, all kinds of cruel, but also witnessed the broad masses of Tibetan people's good and beautiful that they suffered all sorts of misfortune, but also to see the many strange and incredible. It is worth mentioning is that the walk Possession of a lawn of the Caravan of the road, nothing to eat the vegetables. Bondarenko to such a place, only the grassland. Most of the Tibetan high and cold areas, can vegetables, did not grow vegetables Tibetan habits. Furthermore, most of the time are no smoke in the dark and quiet place to walk, where to look for vegetables? Zhao They cents from Lijiang who had brought some Chinese cabbage, radish, pumpkin seed, in the kind of cross-bar. We have 50 years to go, in the near-along in the village have to eat the vegetables, cabbage, pumpkin, potatoes, green pepper and even, I do not know is not to be attributed to the Caravan? However, Zhao Xian they should go when the grass in Tibet Tea Horse Road on some vegetables. All the way from Yunnan to Tibet, a variety of vegetables are everywhere. Ganma sometimes taken while walking to shoot when open in the evening, there is delicious to eat the wild. If every day is Dundun butter tea, Zanba, usually very particular about eating vegetables on the Lijiang people, some of it difficult to accept. Fortunately, What are the wild. Ganma they provide a lot of vitamins, but also provided a rare delicacies. Prior to Bondarenko in those mountains and valleys, is full of wild onions, wild leek, the family planted a number of small, Luoma can be open to eat. In the most delicious vegetables, may have to count the vegetables fresh bamboo leaves, Bitter cold of the cold, and a sweet taste, take the meat to cook, eat the best. Because it looks like a tender bamboo named. This is something to be at an altitude of more high water in the forest, only the growth of open space. There is also a plateau called Xia Bala wild fruit, with a thorn bushes, a lot of fruit, such as small lanterns hung like a branch , The ripe fruit is a small red lanterns. But it did more than eat a big head, just under the skin have a little bit of meat, and then with fruit that is almost as big as nuclear. That year we go on the road, when hunger and thirst to take full of pocket, and then an a non-stop eating, eat as much as the content of counting. Harper of the cooked On a purple red, sweet, meat and the rustle, the Tourist Info. Wild peaches are more along the way, but a small and hard, can not eat. Over the past summer, the grassland, forest ultimately, all kinds of mushrooms. Zhao Xian should know which of course they eat and what not to eat, and that all of the Caravan are taught each other. It is now very popular expensive matsutake, there is a pot of bacteria and so on. They eat is a message, Nennen because Lijiang is no, do not call on the name, just call it white bacteria. It's the best taste. In the field a little bit in the past due, in the name of a Mu Nu side door, where the grapes were produced, sweet Grapes, there is such a big index finger in the first, very good to eat. Zhao should be living in Sin Bondarenko, once went on there where buy Tibetan brew their own wine, bought a drink for the Chinese New Year. That is a big Baishi households of the village. There is also producing the best wool of the most decent, "Mou lava door." Lava is wool fabrics Think, entirely by hand into the textile, the best in Lijiang are famous Lijiang people to bring a guest at a point where "the door Mou la" gift, it had not. Kanjian people to do what's best, like most of the Naxi women. The thin wool, with this fine now, "they would engage, should not It. "After years of Mr. Zhao Lao also full of praise. Mou then the doors have a lot of people do it," Mou lava door, "Women in general are out.'s Wool Mu door, with local sheep-related. Most of their wool Well, long cashmere, cotton is fine, women are from morning to take a spindle spinning line, and then woven into cloth Finally, dye their own, into the most Tibetan favorite purple. They lamaiin mostly wearing the red scarf. Zhao Xian they should be hunting prey are most often hit the frozen, white chicken by the name of science, but now the national animal protection. They are usually two groups of 30 to activities, along with food during the day, evening habitat Together, but there is only one experience of the old chicken does not sleep, take a sentry to guard the chickens task, there is a movement, it will issue a warning. Stupid frozen, it does not fly high and fly far, the long and beautiful eye-catching, and the taste is very delicious, naturally become the object of hunting. Other objects also White pheasant hunting, A little child, called to quack, but the meat You Diansuan. There are also rabbits, Zhang Zi's what. Sometimes not hit any game, Ganma on Marmota opening hole, so often found inside a stocking surprising number of seeds and a fruit called life extension of the roots of plants. Guo Yan-than peanuts Smaller, and as long as peanuts in the ground, in fact, the plant is a grass-roots, an a, purple, and some long, the Tea-Horse Road is the best of wild fruit to eat, but also a very good name . In the grasslands can see them often, people will be able to eat Pa. If it Banshang butter, sugar put on a better point A. Deqin most people love to eat wild fruit such. Ma Gang occasionally with a little back to Lijiang, we all love very much, is the gift of friends and family and a precious gift. Both into Tibet, Tibet or the back of the pack in the Caravan were never a lack of rare kinds of odd items, they will not have things all over the range of about To greatly widen the outlook of people, and promote a wide range of the exchange. Zhao Xian should be in the Tea-Horse Road on to see a strange phenomenon: Tibet will have a bird with a rat living in the same nest, is also among loyalty. In cold weather, the birds will be carrying a small mouse to the sun, without food, old Pa will be the fruit of life extension, to share with the birds. I still think I have seen Mr. Zhao Lao is the most honest man, he told me about the story of Ma Gang, I have never found that he had doped water. He is not the kind of rich imagination of the people, and certainly not the kind of chaos for quackish guy. Sometimes I also complained that some The talk too too too Thelephora lack of literary grace. However, after listening to the birds with the rat hole, the air realignment of animal story, I can not help staring eyes. However, the elderly assured me that he saw for himself, not a fairy tale, Tea Horse Road on the Gan Ma knows this. Of course I have not seen. All I can say on that high , Perhaps what is possible, what strange natural phenomenon may exist there as there are many strange phenomena, like culture. In fact, with people like animals in order to survive, we have to change their habits to adapt to the environment. In that vast prairie, even the branches do not have a bird Where do they nest? And they will not holes, they had to take Shuxue into the fields for the Nestle. As for how they agree with the consent of the rats, and live in peace, friendship and mutual help, only to zoologists to be studied.

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Zhu Cape Mount - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Qamdo is located in Cape Mount county in the territory of Russia Los Township Road 317 countries online, about 40 kilometers from the county seat. Zhu Cape Mount area of high mountains, a beautiful, towering old trees, rich vegetation. Outside his home in Cape Mount Zhu on the hillside and found a piece of the Tang Dynasty Cooper into a tree, according to the calculations for years have elapsed since the 1300 calendar , Is the world's longevity in the Bai Shulin. This study of ancient climate changes, as well as the formation and other scientific research has provided valuable materials. Zhu Shan in the opposite angle, there is a card known as Zuo Yi of Bazi, the dam in Qamdo strong fourth-largest Living Buddha Temple in Bahrain gala of the Holy Land in the summer heat. Here the beautiful scenery, climate , Qamdo is playing the best in the vicinity of Bazi. Bazi in the north of the valley, there are a few of the hot seasonal Wang.

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Basu card with the Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Year in 1473 with the creation of the card Basu Temple in Tibet for four government-owned Lin regent of the story rather than in a temple. It was the reunification of the motherland, the unity of the Tibetan and Chinese peoples, and strengthen cultural exchanges between Chinese and Tibetan has made outstanding contributions. In particular, is the seventh World Living Buddha Monastery Luosangbadeng Gyaincain Beijing as Khenpo Lama Temple, Religious and cultural exchanges between the mainland more often. Basu card with the Temple collection has a large number of cultural relics, ancient India have cast the Buddha, there are Tibetan craftsmen during the Tibetan Buddhist casting, casting more mainland craftsmen of the Buddha. 1,000 meters away from the temple there is a pagoda, was square, about 25 meters high, Qamdo area of the highest one of the ancient tower.

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"Footprints" wonders - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qamdo town to help reach the airport road about 40 kilometers of road, local people have been referred to as a "big step" wonders. In a street near Shek Pik on the steep stands, there are a few people still like the blurred traces of footprints in hanging on the cliff, carefully looked each of the "footprints" are as big as a bucket. This is what "Left by such a huge" footprints "? Footprints of these is how it will be printed on almost vertical on the Shek Pik? And vague" footprints ", the local authorities with red paint at the bottom of the Shek Pik written by his party as both For example, there is another explanation of the name of the landscape of his words - "as early as the mid-Jurassic ago 150,000,000 The former activities of the remains of ancient vertebrates, "people are too vague, endless rehabilitation doubt in mind. However, local villagers have long Pietism This is a shrine, and in their own way of explanations for this and conclusions -- Shek Pik that under the fellow who presented the flag Ma Hada and wind.

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Health Qin Langzha Kamiyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sheng Jiang Qin Langzha Kamiyama at Daxian Kong Rural care in the territory, 100 km from the county, district, Culture and Sport is 25 Kamiyama one of Buddhism. Kamiyama on a larger scale, riding around to take one day. The many attractions in the mountains, of which there are more characteristics: Zhaimao monkeys, the stone statue of Padmasambhava master, Padmasambhava Jiang Yao-dong, Padmasambhava Tung Bank, the practice Gamaba hole, Qin Langzha Health Temple, and so on. Padmasambhava Buddhist cave with a lot of self-cultivation of the most famous hole, which strangely shaped rock formation as if the Buddha nature. Kang Nyingma many areas, Ga Jupai of monks in this self-cultivation on Kamiyama, so devout to teach the public are very highly of Health Qin Langzha Hill, and Thanks for the life of the Hill blessing.

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Hui Wu measures - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hui measures at the Lake County Basu Guo customs territory of the township, where the open terrain, grass Jessica is a good natural pasture. From the snow-capped mountains above the lake water, adequate water, clear and transparent throughout the year. Lake fish rich in natural resources, especially in summer, if the measures Hui appreciate the beauty of the lake at the same time, catch some fish in the lake The food, then Hu Pang in the hot spring bath in a wash, then do not really have a taste of the wild to enjoy.

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Dora Kamiyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kamiyama Dorado County Basu at the White Horse in the town 63 km east of the Sichuan-Tibet highway, traffic is extremely convenient. Kamiyama this is not the size of a large, traditionally divided into the outer ring, middle ring, inner ring. To circle around on foot in about 4 hours, and Tian Zangtai be visible along the way various types of stone art. On the main peak can be more than a bird's eye view of the whole Mountain scenery. From the inner circle did not turn over 2 hours, which is the core of the Dora Kamiyama, is the main point of the visit, on his way to worship and to appreciate the main types of Padmasambhava Buddhist master, the pagoda, a few lines on the sixth and Tibetan prayer through. Kamiyama Dora the mystery lies in the fact that fill the fields of limestone carved on And the Buddhist mantra 6. As the old, combined with the wind and rain all the year round after year, weathering a very serious phenomenon, it has long lost the Diaozao artificial mark, which makes many people believe that the Buddha and a few lines on the sixth is a natural formation.

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Bhutto Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bhutto Qing Ding Lake is located 25 km north of the county seat, is a tributary of the Lancang River Qu color of the two parallel mountain lakes, Bhutto measures are Qing Lake and Lake Bhutto poverty measures. Hubei and Hunan more than 4000 meters above sea level, about 5 km away. Hubei and Hunan have water from nearby glaciers, and lakes around the open terrain, abundant grass, is Green rare in the vicinity of the ranch in the summer. Every summer, lush aquatic plants, wild flowers Yan Yan, a herdsman's tent full of little scattered in the grassland, and yak fat white sheep-like stars, such as embellishment In the meantime, the highland pastures full glory.

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Bo Luo Jirong Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bo Luo Jirong Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bo Luo Jirong at the Grand Canyon River County with the S & P Baltic and rural township at the junction, about 25 km from the county seat. From the county's more than music to flow eastward Pentium into the Jinsha River. Xiongfengqiazhi the two sides, Chien Zhang cliffs, canyons, about 5 km.

In the valley of the river there are more than music legend for playing chess with four Gesar Dice-shaped stone, al-chu's "bridge", such as landscape stone statue of Buddha. Department halfway up the mountain gorge in a very difficult climb up the cave, said local people to Cidong Gesar Jiang Yao-dong.
  Canyon in a generally hillside Department is difficult to climb up the cave, said local people Cidong Gesar is Zhidong Jiang Yao. Legend A long time ago, a canyon JI had harmed the civilian population of the banshee, Gesar pesticides for the people, upheld justice, so there is a hole in the head with a rock-shaped women. It said that the Gesar killed banshee. Here in this temple Jiang colored, such as the Baltic Temple ancient temples.
  Baltic ancient wooden town Also located in the lower reaches of the canyon.

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Bagaxueyan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rock at eight Ga school Basu, 5 km west of the county Department of the Palestinian village of winter pasture, where steep Shangao Lu, traffic inconvenience will take about a day trip on horseback soon. Diaozao Rock as a whole in a huge rock above the content of the rock paintings are in a single graphic letters, there are other combinations of type design. And other parts of the Rock The same is that the idea of Buddhism is also reflected in the painting. The combination of patterns to reflect the most human-oriented activities such as hunting, riding, running, and so on. These rock paintings not only reflect the original early human life, and reflect the early stage of human nature, is the Qamdo area so far found only an early rock .

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Zhang Deqing quite Kamiyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Deqing quite Kamiyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

German Green Wave Chapter Kamiyama, commonly known as "Lei Wuqi", in the Tibetan mountains for meaning, by the Shan people into names, names from the county into a name. The Shan Lei Wuqi located next to the town, 30 km from the county seat, Shanqingshuixiu, elegant environment. Kamiyama mountain is not high, inaccessible by road, more suitable to travel on foot. Every Tibetan calendar 15, the distance people put on their holiday best to bring enough food wine, young and old, the whole family used to worship Kamiyama.

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Strong Bahrain Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qamdo strong Bahrain Qamdo is located in the town of Temple Taiwan four on the ground. Monastery was founded in the Ming Dynasty, Tibetan Buddhism is the reform of Tsongkhapa, his disciples around the hi sumbu in the year 1444 created. . According to the provisions of Gelug sect, Qamdo Temple monks may have 2500 people. Tsongkhapa via Tibet in 1373 when Qamdo Predict the future here will be able to Hing Hong Buddha Temple. Later, by the year 1437 (2002 out Yingzong orthodox) hi disciples of Tsongkhapa Rao Aung Sambu in this song and music miscellaneous water between the two eagle landing on the island-style rock with the topic of building the temple, the main temple for the Buddha Jampa (Daiji) Buddha, the Monastery of the strong Bahrain Qamdo named Temple. Monastery in All areas of the Buddhist monasteries of the Gelug Sect, is the largest. Under its five Zhacang: Lin heap, slave-lin, the Treasury autumn, Jalan Kabbah folder, and so on, have been here from the Gelugpa Cheung Kwok-hung Wang Qu zaba, Chu Dayton Langka white, red sand Gonggazhaxi years, Suolang Jia III, the Dalai Lama, and other measures of well-known Buddhist monk had presided over the Monastery, which is famous in the whole of the Tibetan-Qiang Qamdo Convey temple for Khenpo XIII. Pagbalha by her Dayton-III, Dan passed from generation to generation since presided over the Monastery, then, in the Monastery, Culture and Sport has 130 sub-district temple, more concentrated in Qamdo, Chaya, Basu, the board Shuo, Sangang song and Bomi area.

Qamdo Temple Dynasty relationship with the mainland calendar Very close. From the beginning of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, by the Living Buddha Monastery of the main dynasties of emperors died. Temple has been preserved there for 58 years of Emperor Kangxi in May awarded to the Living Buddha Pagbalha Tong Yin. Qianlong 56 years, the Emperor Qianlong for the Qamdo Temple donated books, "I wish Temple percent," the board. Qamdo strong Bahrain descent living Buddha Temple, there are five, 12 Zhacang, For a maximum of up to 5,000 people, and jurisdiction around the small temple 70. The incumbent vice chairman of the National People's Congress Pagbalha Geleg Namgyai for the first Living Buddha Monastery, is now the reincarnation of the world to 11.
Monastery of the main building intact, the halls are hundreds of types of plastic Buddha statues and the monks, thousands of square The mural, as well as a large number of Thangka painting can be said to be a pool of talent Qamdo craftsmen, represents the highest level in Qamdo area.

Bahrain's strong Temple, "the ancient Qing" Dance to-life hideous masks, neat and elegant style action, the grand scene of the famous snow-covered plateau. Monastery Ax-cheng of the dance, gorgeous dress neatly, dancing flavor, and orchestrated the more simple-money. Monastery to the unique religious dance in the form of Tibetan Qamdo in Tibet as a whole own faction. Lama Monastery of the jump, "Zhuo" Dancing is a must. Bahrain is not only a strong Temple, Culture and Sport of the largest temples, but also can be called the treasure house of culture and arts district, Culture and Sport. Damara standing on top of the Qamdo Yishanbangshui panoramic view. Miscellaneous music and song Aung, Bahrain strong attachment towering temple in the mountains of the cross, standing on the ancient glaciers by cutting the red soil layer. Qamdo in Tibet due to open door to business activities that bring people into the main occupation, But also affected the "sacred" temple of the table, so in addition to monks chanting Buddhist scriptures, but also run live and do business. Qamdo Temple of the interest of business, Zhongseng to the average person to take this distribution of butter, Zanba, tea, and other ways to pay for the necessities of life. Year-end settlement of temples and, if profits in the New Year season, In the small hours, with an average of assessments. Qamdo temple murals, sculpture, architecture, art, and other scriptures and relics in Tibet and other parts of the temple's more or less the same. Of course, the old Tibet as a feudal lord, one of the three major temples, which hold a large number of land, but also unavoidable exploitation of serfs. Otherwise, those "red bus", "Khenpo" "Living Buddha" will not be able to maintain a luxurious life. Others do not, the case of fruit to eat, the monks to build the temple in Jalan increase dam, the draft was down to a few of the river there is room to the back.
  The temple has a high water of 22 major Tongguo every pot I have installed more than 100 barrels of water. Every day, 2500 monks drinking water, Rely on people around the temple to support the poor bear. The steep embankment so that the number of people exhausted, starving to death, falling into the sea drowned in the river! Qamdo temple known as "Beautiful Garden", but life in this garden of the people, generation after generation will inevitably have to climb the steep and rugged, go back down to the river water to eat. In winter, the river water level , The drift to the upper reaches of garbage and dead animals; summer, flash floods, "Jiukujiunan" Buddha did not give the people brought about by Oasis, but after the liberation, the Party and the People's Temple in Qamdo set up next to the water station, to solve the monks and laymen Qamdo People's difficult to draft a major issue.

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Akiko peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Akiko peak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Akiko peak, 7541 meters above sea level, located in the Himalayas in the middle east longitude 86.9 degrees north latitude and 28.0 degrees. China is located in Tingri County, Tibet Autonomous Region.

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Taqin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taqin Kamiyama is at the foot of a small village near the Xinjiang-Tibet Highway as a result of (Yecheng Xinjiang - Tibet Lazi), it is the pilgrims were in and out of Kamiyama inevitable, and the entire hill to the starting point and end point, it is Hill said the transfer of the headquarters. In addition to the stream where a flow, almost could not find any supply of goods. April each year in late September to the end of the season to Hill, on a daily basis have come to the Hill in the Tibetan built more than 100 tents. For visitors using hotels Taqin: 20 to semi-permanent inter-brick houses, mostly on earth 4.

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Makalu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

8463 meters above sea level, located in the Himalayas in the middle east longitude 87 � 06 ', latitude 27 � 54', the northwest 24 km away from Mount Everest, along the north-west - the South East Ridge for the community, on the north side of the Chinese territory of Tibet, on the south side of the The territory of Nepal. Feng's body covered with a thick year-round ice and snow Valley slope distribution of a huge glacier, the glacier there are many great abyss-like cracks in ice, avalanche Bingbeng are very frequent. 1955 France 9 members of the team for the first time on top. Maka Lu Shan 8463 meters above sea level, is the world's fifth-peak. East longitude at 87.1 �, Latitude 27.9 �, is located in the middle of the Himalayas, the straight-line distance of 24 km north-west is Mount Everest. Ken Hill along the north-west and south-east ridge for the community, on the north side of the head of Tibet in Chinese territory of Taiwan area, is on the south side of the Kingdom of Nepal. Maka Lu Shan five of the main ridge, north-west of the ridge: the southwest ridge, East Ridge, the South East Ridge and North Ridge. The northern ridge of peaks named Zhu Wei-feng mulondo, 78l6 meters above sea level. Ridge northwest of the Wei-feng Ma Kalu for the peak 2, 7640 meters above sea level. South East ridge of higher Weifeng, 80l0 meters above sea level. These are the peak body covered with a thick layer of snow and ice, the slope of the valley distribution The largest glacier, more jagged ice cliffs and the type of cracks, and there are frequent Bingbeng avalanche. Routes: from Urumqi by car or plane to Aksu, and then continue northward Wensu northbound along the tower to Iraq, and then walk along the river Qionglan Qiang northward to the southern slope of the peak Seoul Dato wood. Mountaineering base camp can be set up on-the-job-Taiwan The end of the glacier, 3,700 meters above sea level Department. Another route from the eastbound Wensu Chengzi to break, and then walk back 40 kilometers on the Hebei, to spit, do not cover Qi. From here can climb Khan Tengri peak and the snow lotus. Climbing history: in 1954, France has a team of people to board the elevation of 7640 Ma Kalu of the 2-feng (in 1980 and 1 on the peak). 1970 9 Japan 2 climbers who ascended 8010 meters above sea level southeast of the Weifeng. In May 1955, French climbers Moses Tereshkova, such as Ji Tanke 9, for the first time in Nepal along the glacier more Bakang Saddle Ridge in the northwest, in China's northwest slope on the peak.

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Gugewangguo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gugewangguo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The towering ancient Old City is located in Georgia Alizhada County Zarb to allow the territory of the district, 19 km from the county seat. For millions of people who have the iron railings of the Tubo King Ge built by the descendants of the royal family, Pianju here 700 years, passed more than 20 on behalf of the King, since 1300 has a history of extinction in the seventeenth century, leaving no descendants to Precious cultural relics and historical information. At about 300 meters of soil on the mountain, stands a magnificent palace wall and covers an area of about 1,830,000 square meters. To the north-east of the mountain city of honeycomb-like clouds on more than 600 houses and kiln hole in the middle Baiyuan across the red walls. This is hundreds of houses built on hillsides stacked, connected layers Up to the top, constitute a unique world of the palace. Palace are top of the dome cave, summer and winter at the palace, An Dao. There are existing good altar City Hall, Gong Kang, together Baimiao Hongmiao, the ancient knot Lacan, Zhuomalakang, Mani wall carving of stone ... ... Old City is the treasure house of ancient city wall Although the time for defense purposes, but the arts of war and dissolved into a crystal. 4502 line the walls have carved stone statues and possession of Jingzhou Sanskrit Mani stone, hundreds of years of wind snow and rain, making the most of the off foot of a wall. Over the years passage of time, earthshaking nature to be printed on the colorful, but also enriched the picture The Art of Kui Li, Mani stone is a large-scale exhibition. Another stone is carved in stone on the oval, as a result of this close from Shiquanhe, the river gravel everything.

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The source of the Brahmaputra - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The world's highest river Brahmaputra in Tibet is the first river. It is like a silver dragon, from an altitude of 6000 meters above the middle of the northern slope of the Himalayas originated from west to east flow at great speed in the Tibetan Plateau in the south of the famous "possession of the South Valley." Fall to about 95 � east longitude, which crossed the Himalayas, all of a sudden turn for South to form a well-known "Da Guaiwan Brahmaputra." Finally, in the eastern end of the Himalayan region of Pakistan Luo Yu Xi-card outflow in the vicinity of the border, and renamed the Brahmaputra, India, Bangladesh into the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal. From the cradle to the sea, the entire 960 km long, drainage area 670,000 square Lane. One of the Brahmaputra in China about 2093 km, the basin area of 238,000 km level. The river Brahmaputra in China, and the length of drainage areas account for fifth place. Less than the length of the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Nu River and the Heilongjiang; drainage area is smaller than that of the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Pearl River and Heilongjiang. Lu zangbo River flows through the area, in addition to India in 500 meters below the peninsula, mostly at an altitude of about 4,500 meters, is the world's highest river. Brahmaputra abundant water resources, the annual river flow by a total of 98,900,000,000 cubic meters, the annual average flow of 3,000 cubic meters per second Only smaller than the Yangtze River and Pearl River. As a result of water, concentrated drops, the preliminary estimates of its water reserves amounted to 74,600,000 kilowatt, second only to the Yangtze River, China's second. Its development and use, for building a socialist new Tibet has enormous significance.

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Shiquanhe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shiquanhe singer also known as the Tibetan cloth, the Department of Indian upper reaches of the river. Tibetan high and cold flows through the arid zone with a total length of 430 km, the basin area of 27,000 square kilometers, the annual runoff of about 700,000,000 cubic meters. Gangrenboqi originated in the northern side of the peak, 5164 meters above sea level at the source for periglacial areas downstream into the desert area. Leather via Kyrgyzstan Shiquanhe Town and other places, Tashi Kong in gar Tibetan cloth and a tributary of convergence. Kashmir, said after the exit into the Indian River. Tibet is the least rainfall in the area, annual precipitation is only 50-80 mm in between. Gully mainly to the coastal topography, the distribution of hot springs and marshes. Hot Springs for more than rock poured out of fissures in the diving, not The supply of rivers, but also increased the temperature of the river, some little frozen river in winter. Located in the area due to drought, water is not Shiquanhe development, with an average runoff depth of only 25 mm, the annual runoff of about 700,000,000 cubic meters, Tibet is the outflow of the river runoff of the smallest river. Nevertheless, it remains a dry climate, Water scarcity in the hinterland of the plateau's valuable water resources.

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Sheng Hu Mapangyongcuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hao Han, quiet, clear Mapangyongcuo is the world's more than that of the religious Sheng Hu, also in Asia and the world's most prestigious one of the lakes. In a number of ancient books as it is referred to as "Sheng Hu," the king. Gangrenboqi located in 30 kilometers southeast of Lake Mapangyongcuo, 4588 meters above sea level, is Industry's highest fresh water lake in one of the more than 400 sq km area. The early-believers call it "Ma-down wrong," Legend of the lake gathered many treasures. Also known as LakeManasarovar (God's will have a lake). Mapangyongcuo gets its name from the 11th century in the Lake A line of religious wars, which in Tibetan and Italy as "invincible lake." Tibetan Buddhism and the Bon Ga Jupai gradually winning the fight, then has been in place for many centuries, "Ma-down wrong," was renamed "Mapangyongcuo", that is, "Jasper Lake's unbeaten forever." Buddhist temple built by the lake and many of the existing 8. Monk Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty in India learn from China ( "Datang-Western Regions"), said the North Lake for the Queen Mother of the West where the Jade Pool. The lake has four doors bath: Lotus East for the doors to the West Gate bath scale, for the sweet South Gate, North Gate for the faith. The pilgrims have always been to the lake by turning the greatest blessing of life as a bath. Buddha Only that: Mapangyongcuo win is great music to give respect human mannose supreme, with the Lake purification, to remove all kinds of heart trouble, and the wild fancy sin. Drink this water can enjoy the benefits of exercise eliminate all diseases. Pilgrims, such as turning around the lake, the availability of boundless beneficence. In addition to the pilgrims of extraordinary significance, next to Ma Yong Sheng Hu as the King of the general tourist travel, is also a good place not to be missed. Not to mention those who passed through the myths and legends, it is one of the beautiful scenery of extraordinary refined enough for each journey along the way, after suffering people of the ecstatic. According to ancient India and Buddhism of the universe Four flow of the river originated in mainland India Mapangyongcuo, namely Indus, Ganges, Sutlej and the Brahmaputra, in fact, only the source of the Sutlej is Mapangyongcuo, but other sources are also near the river. In the mythology of India Mapangyongcuo God is Great Brahma with the formation of ideas, because his son after the ascetic Kamiyama need a place to bathe. Therefore Hindus often turn in the lake on the way to bath in the lake, and the Tibetan people in general or just to walk a long knock in the first turn, is not into the water. As for the travelers, although most of the time warm water Very cold and the wind a large lake, but there is still a lot of people would like to take a lifetime to clear the wind and the disturbed mind, I often see some naked guy at a rapid pace toward the lake, and then an even faster Ben speed will come back. Many books and Mapangyongcuo classic description of the water, "like pearls Like "drinking to be able to renounce the" BES sin ", almost all the Tibetan people will praise Mapangyongcuo water" sweet. "Tried to taste like, really sweet little meaning. Well, this stop, Sheng Hu really do not think that the water can not drink on disinfection. Shenghu regardless of how the sacred sound of water, free to drink The price is the first time into the toilet. That is, that is, Ukraine Ukraine Temple temple is built on a small lake in the mountains of the temple is said to have Padmasambhava in the Temple of meditation in caves, although the relatively small size, only a few on the hillside between the Tibetan Buddhist homes, but the layout of the building but Potala Palace and the same. Not Lake, which can be climbed Ukraine Temple on the slopes, overlooking the azure Sheng Hu. It also can go to the lake to watch an unknown migratory birds, and occasionally also with the lake to devout followers to fight a head-to-head. Hot Springs is a small temple Ukraine Cunpang a natural hot spring, the local processing it into a small open-air bath, One bath. Therefore, always distribute a valley off the taste of sulfur. Kamiyama along the primitive conditions of stay, but do not have a bath conditions, but here you spend 10 yuan money laundering can be enjoyment of all. But to be honest, in such a high altitude place to bathe, compared with the pain.

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Kamiyama Gangrenboqi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gangrenboqi is one of the world recognized Kamiyama, at the same time being Hindu, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan native Bon religion Jainism, as well as ancient as the center of the world. Bo Qi Hui Kong is not the highest mountain in the region, but it is only the peak of the snow in the sun to shine under the shining light of the bizarre, seizing people eyes. Add Is the Yamagata, and very different from the surrounding mountains, had to be as full of religious piety and amazing. Gangrenboqi, at 81 east longitude. �, 31 � north latitude and altitude of 6638 meters (6714 meters above sea level, said another), is a mountain peak the Gangdise. Gangrenboqi peak of the pyramid shape (like that Tibetans The stone hands "), the walls are very symmetrical. Looking from the south it can be seen well-known symbol: the vertical peak and trough of ice under the huge rock with a horizontal composition of the Buddhist word lattice million (in the Buddhist symbol of spiritual strength, Buddhism is intended to last forever, and represents the auspicious Huyou. Gangrenboqi Bai Yun-feng often wind around the local If you can see that the peak is very lucky. Gangrenboqi in Italy for the Tibetan "god of the Mountain" in Sanskrit and Italy as a "paradise of Shiva" (god Shiva as the leader of India), is originated in the Bon religion. Creation from the Indian epic "Ramayana", as well as Tibetan history, "Chi Gangdise Shanhai "Wang Shi", and other written records of that, there is Gangrenboqi Kamiyama of worship can be traced back to about 1000 BC. According to the classic description of the Bon religion: a Gangrenboqi down from the river into the lake can not be conquered - Ma Yong next to the lake. Thus Origin four rivers, flows east, south, west, north Side. The flow of the East when the Quanhe has possession of Bouma (for the lower reaches of Brahmaputra), the emerald-rich drinking water in this People such as the Ju Lang generally strong; the flow of the South is the possession of cloth vest Kongquehe (for the lower reaches of the Ganges ), Silver-rich sand, the water people drink, such as general and lovely peacock; to the West is as Langqin zangbo River (as Sudal tired quarter of the lower reaches of river), a rich gold deposit, the drinking water of the Zhuang people, such as elephants; flow to the north is the Tibetan singer Shiquanhe cloth (for the lower reaches of the Indian River), a rich diamond deposits, the drinking water It's lion-like. Every year, come from India, Bhutan, Nepal and the Tibetan-inhabited areas of China's major St. team here makes the sacred means that stretches for thousands of years. It is said that in the most famous Buddhist Sumeru Hill also refers to it. According to the "small Buddhist Dictionary": Sumeru, mountain, a small centers in the world. Pre-Buddhist Bon zhang-time period, Kong Qi Hui wave known as the "Nine (10,000) Shan word" Legend has it that there is 360 of the Education and the gods live here. Bon Dunba Xin having come down from heaven around this Hill for the landing. In the 6th century BC 5 to the rise of Jainism, Kong Qi Hui wave known as the "Great Achta up", that is the highest mountain, is the founder of Jainism Ruisihaba that brake relief. India Said the mountain for the Kailash, that this is the center of the world. In the three main Hindu gods in the most powerful, the highest position of Shiva, who lives here. India and the Indian River, the upper reaches of the Ganges have originated here, so now Gangrenboqi to see a large number of Indian pilgrims not surprising. Over the centuries, Kong Hui Qi has been a wave of pilgrims and explorers in the eyes of the fascinated, but no one has yet come to the board Kamiyama, or no one has yet dared to breach the center of the world. Travelers looking piece of Holy Land in recent years, however, is the only thing, but people Is still small, this may be a good news. A total of 5 Gangrenboqi around the temple. In order to Shan Temple on the first stop after the pull-up followed by Temple, Song Chu Temple (also known as the Temple Surround), Jiang Temple bar and Dragon Temple game, after which the temple is located inside the two. This five temples have a lot of well-known Legends, and retained a wealth of sculpture, statues, murals, and other cultural relics, but now are varying degrees of damage.

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