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Bondarenko Prairie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tea Horse Road Zuogong out by the many beautiful women to have known of the field properly, and out-Qujiang valley, suddenly lost in the vast marginal without the big Bondarenko, Cao Ba. It was a vast piece ups and downs, forceful vast wilderness. Tibetans say the film is called field Bondarenko. Bondarenko prairie How? Now, I am afraid that no one Do not come, because it across 56 counties, many of the local population did not. It is said that even the big birds are not flying its margins. Ma Gang had just called 500 it Cheung, Cao Ba. That was a people are thrilled that some people fear the prairie, an average of more than 4200 meters above sea level in. Xia Prairie wetlands are everywhere, running around the snow-capped mountains into the water and rain water. Plateau has been no less than the rain, what is Piaopo dump sites, Huntianheidi, and sometimes hail arm. Snow melt and rain water and slowly Hui Jucheng numerous streams and eventually into the song-yu, a scene in which the vast grasslands like be a Gone with the Wind The Ribbon. At the end of the distant horizon, even a mountain is a gentle and the vagaries of the hill. From the fall back to Lhasa, often Caoba for the vast snow covered expanse of wilderness seems to be no life, even the crows are everywhere hide their shadow. Looking back at times looked in a The vast silence of the white wilderness, the caravan Ma Gang Xiao Heidian only just a bunch of them as a team, like ants moving slowly, seems to be much more heavily than their own things moving back to their homes. That's a huge field to form a unique natural landscape, but also underlines the fact that the Caravan had the courage to make a living away from risky Dan Po and perseverance In this Connaught Caoba big yard, only a small village called Bondarenko and a La Masi, as it is located in Yunnan, Sichuan-Tibet road in the middle, so some firms in this set up, sent to live Shou, Responsible for the transfer of goods and find a yak put feet short. Now there is a military depot and a station built in the transport junctions, from Rural up to a few years away. There are crossing the families of military personnel and Sichuanese to open a small shop. Where the houses used for metal roof, Fangqianwuhou, throwing full beer bottles and rusted cans of the military. Grassland some of the nomadic herdsmen, a blanket off a yak, the sporadic spread in the local water Fengmao Some people see passing, the way they shouted and waved, no matter who is the lonely. They tied the tent before the Tibetan Mastiff is a roar. Bondarenko to Qamdo in the direction of the three, 40 km, more wide-open country Tanzania. 60 India to China during the war, the People's Liberation Army here in the repair A military airport, there are more than a dozen soldiers sacrificed their lives. I have been here in 1993, Tianzheng rain, I turn around a monument to their lap. After years of high altitude wind and rain erosion of the sun, the monument has become very old, like a lost ancient myth. It stood there, looking at airport Not at the end of the runway, watching the wet fell across the vast wilderness, and that the runway in the field exposed to bright, strange feeling. At that time, Bondarenko is the expansion of the airport. Military personnel, civilian workers and vehicles as well as the blasting sound of the silence of the wilderness for many years made vigorous. Later, in the newspaper to see Bondarenko machine Shipping, it is a great thing. Bondarenko of the airport above sea level much higher than the Lhasa airport. I think it is probably China's highest airport, I do not know what it's transportation. Tea Horse Road at that time on the journey of the Caravan probably can not imagine that there will be a wasteland on airport modernization. In spite of Airport, Bondarenko desolate desert wilderness still, even in the summer night, where the temperature seems to have bone marrow Dongcheng ice. Cover down grassland in the dark, foggy steam transpiration, the Yinfengcancan. Tian Yuan Department 2 lightning stop in from time to time, even a little pathetic. In this year's The Waste Land, the only hot air is Ma Gang Out. Tibet over the past Bondarenko on the road to split into three, all the way to Qamdo, Lei Wuqi, Nagqu, Ma Gang Great North Road used to be called on. From Nyingchi to the north can work up to Jiang's cloth, or southward into the Brahmaputra valley, the Canadian investigation, Zetang, Gongga, Qushui to Lhasa. In 1923, France 000 Tibetologists, explorer Daweinier to 55-year-old age, in its just-Yong Deng Lama, accompanied by, from the territory of Yunnan on the road and eventually entered Lhasa. Moreover, there is a direct road from the music-bar-the-valley, is no longer the north Bondarenko grassland, but to the west by the likelihood of southern Tibet , Bomi, direct work cloth up and Lhasa River. This, of course, is the shortest trip in a straight line. However, it is said to be very dangerous road, the Caravan is impassable, so no one will go. It was definitely in the non-governmental However, take this course of action, according to Daweinier in her "a woman of Lhasa Paris Adventure" in the description of his Palongcangbu into the canyon, when many pilgrims, some of these pilgrims from southern Tibet go, as long as they over-ran Bo Shula Ridge will be able to Ukraine, Bomi. Zhao Xian should also remember that the Bomi musk is the best. Palongcangbu the two sides have since ancient forests. This is particularly dangerous road, people along the way Rare, wild animals appear At that time, few people dare to take this line, almost on the Caravan did not take this line. The Sichuan-Tibet line from the south through the line, but every year has been nothing but red mud-rock flow in a mess, impassable. It is because of its dangerous, so that in the vicinity of the scenery is magnificent scenery, the world cents To describe it, that can not be overemphasized. In 1989 I walked from the road, as it had never seen the incomparable beauty of shock. Palongcangbu on both sides of the mountain forests to completely cover the river of black oil and oil, as if the solidification, quietly, Shen undercurrent of dark, cool and scary. Some of the forest People can Hebao trees, shrubs under the trees cold and humid, I do not know how many lurking snake, you can hear them as if Tuzhao stretch of the tongue noise. From time to time there are some beautiful people were thrilled at the water birds from the past, their calls are the real Angels. Bondarenko in the third by a direct route to the West, and that is long The broad grassland Bondarenko (Ma Gang are called "long Caoba" or 500 years, "long-post"), Guo has been extended until 4800 meters above sea level, under the Mobo La Pass. That altitude is, of course, I later found out, it is said Yamaguchi is not difficult to walk, the body of Gan Ma who can stick it in Yamaguchi on a Xianghou Zi Crowhop it. By the Caravan of Tibet, Sichuan, Kangding, manager of Tong, Batang, off Jalan Chaya's not (the Tibetan people generally felt pretty rough people Chaya field), or from the Daofu, Luhuo, Ganzi, Dege, And then to Qamdo (formerly known as the "multi-monitoring"), most of them do not take the Great Northern line, but arrived Enda or co-Walled, together with the Yunnan-Tibet road for front-line, Jiayu from the bridge over the Nu River in the west to Luolong cases, the dam side, Jiali Jiang cloth and work up to the end to Lhasa. This is the traditional Guan Dao. Bondarenko Caoba in the long, sparsely populated increasingly, in addition to several top of the herdsmen's tents Heiqu Qu, often in the face of the Caravan is the remote wilderness of no smoke, Only expected to pick along the way by cow dung. At that time the Tibetan wild animals, many wild animals, particularly prairie Bondarenko. In the vast grasslands, often can see flocks of Tibetan antelopes, they are a long long sharp black horn, with the Caravan of a dog was so excited that they see no way, the bark is a Removed, startled a gazelle on the jump from the middle of the Caravan through the escape speed is amazing, utterly fail to follow the dog. After half a century I have come along since then, is not the shadow of the Tibetan antelope. They probably have been hunting on the same subject. Northern Tibet, also survived a certain number of Tibetan antelope, all of a sudden in the Western world to wear fashionable possession The cashmere clothing, all of a sudden the price of Canglingyangrong more expensive than gold, the Tibetan antelope to suffer, and they were brutally killing, although they have already become a national animal protection. That is why on earth is the most talented of animal cruelty, their endless greed demand, led to the extinction of many biological and The rapid deterioration of the eco-ball. In addition to the dire wolf, Bondarenko also bear, leopard such a beast. In some quiet night, the Caravan will be able to hear the roar of earth-shattering, experienced people know that Tiger is where a big meal of meat, drinking water to the river bank to issue a call. Although they have with Ma Gang But they all know it is not necessarily effective. As the bear, leopard, if such a beast shot dead play, they will be desperate to Pushang hard, it would be disastrous. It is said that even if they are not desperate at the time, they will firmly keep in mind that after the attacks on their enemy, and then wait retaliation. There are wild animals rule Luoma those poor, they smell a leopard or the scent of Lao Xiong will be scared straight shaking. Therefore, Ma Gang who has never had an open fire to the beast who, although they have been by the common leopard and bear. There should be a few cents Zhao also met with Tiger. But one thing, they do not play these Jalan beast, they generally do not take the initiative Jalan Ma Gang. However, no one can guarantee there will not be an exception. Tibet, those who walk in the grass in the first, Zhao Xian to his son Ben has a field of Tibetan Majiao son, What's the name of Zhao should have been Sally can not remember. That is a bad guy. He worked hard in the Tea Horse Road on Gan Ma, his ideal is to one day have their own Mule. This reminds me of Mr. written by Lao She's Rickshaw Boy story. His fate with almost Rickshaw Boy. He is a particularly effective and capable Majiao son, every time 12 Luoma, for he well, the boss of his boss deliberately awarded a mule. This will allow the child Majiao pleased broken, he To have their own mule, even though only a, but with the first piece will be the second horse, one day he might own the Caravan will become the first horse pot. With this should ZHAO cents Majiao son, with his own mule, once again set foot on the grass snow-capped mountains. Yunnan's first line of the Caravan have such a rule: You big Ma Gang, in time, can be their own boss to the mule put together in the Caravan go forage in the Caravan, along with costs. If the pack is the boss of the goods, you can get a freight, if you own back on the acquisition of capital goods, it earned money go to you all; Majiao son at the same time drive the other horse, A wages. This is a business owner to take care of the people of Gan Ma. These are also their bosses so developed. In their own words, to find their own money and let other people money. Tea Horse Road on horse cookers and businessmen are generally the first such tolerance. However, with the mule's own son did not Majiao This lucky. One day they went up 1.1 Bondarenko called "Doo-yard", as usual camp-opening, the son of Ma Jiao, as usual, are playing for a while before going to bed at the bullets to scare away those wild animals. But that night a strange thing: a leopard Chuangdao of the Caravan of the camp, not sound bites of a mule on, and the horse Majiao son who is just unique that a child. In the fourth, 50 Luoma, Natou bloody leopard only that the Majiao son to choose the bloody horse mule, only that the Majiao the son of luck. Mule is back on the horse is not luck, or perhaps a relief, ? ? distant from the endless Hard labor has been in free. Mule horse gnaw been lost in the throat, where, under the leopard did not eat a big mouth. Nadao because it is not a hungry stomach, but leopard Chourou like to eat, to wait out the dead mule it back to a meal. The next morning to see the body of his mule, who Majiao son injured And a cry, just like Xiangzi the car was taken away as soldiers. At that time the value of a good mule Baishi block and a half-opened Silver Dollar, who Majiao son for several years of hard work, hard-won possession of a mule of their own, so the result was killed by a leopard. This is, perhaps, life, right? Later, he will only son Majiao The goods to the back to help others, he had to continue to follow the path of the Caravan. Subsequently, he does not have its own mule, Zhao Xian should also not known. Tea Horse Road in the past, see what a leopard is a regular thing, Lao Xiong is more and more. They generally did not dare to Jalan Ma Gang, as with all of the Caravan , And all-night open burning pile of fire, but also marked a few before going to bed in the robbery. However, the camp has not let raw meat, can not kill what students or those who smell a little beast Xing Weier will be desperate to break through the. It is said to walk in the jungle of southern Yunnan have a unique Ma Gang, before going to bed in the fire spreading, Yi Bacao , Star anise, regarding any dare not close to the animals. In addition to wild animals, then there is grass, wild yak and wild horses. In the barren steppe, where they were once the masters are. Where there are large as Buffalo Gap, the big names like Mustang Beach. Now, in addition to a number of Tibetan antelope, and white Huangyangchuan chicken, wild yak and a few wild horses All the disappeared. Holy Mountain in Tibet, hunting is strictly prohibited, but Han, Ma Gang Naxi Ren's not out, they Guanbu Zhao. Tibet can be more wild, frozen, the Swinhoe's white, blue sheep, rabbits, what are Marmota, Zhao Xian they should be able to play quietly, not to know Tibetan. Call To improve food meal. Tibetan Buddhist beliefs as and should not be killing, so there will be no hunting said. If they secretly killing the animal, what, that is a very wonderful thing, sliced bread, or headman Living Buddha will punish them severely. Even if they see a little toast, or headman Lama, not even the first The. It is very cruel. Yunnan and the horse in the first pot can be on an equal footing with those Tusi headman. They brought things can not leave about the weather, Chu will take off the bus, on the roadside with a piece of stone ballast, no one would move. Even if it is a very valuable things, like what Tuozi can There was then no one would move them. On that magical plateau, the Caravan have witnessed not only in Tibet's social system, all kinds of cruel, but also witnessed the broad masses of Tibetan people's good and beautiful that they suffered all sorts of misfortune, but also to see the many strange and incredible. It is worth mentioning is that the walk Possession of a lawn of the Caravan of the road, nothing to eat the vegetables. Bondarenko to such a place, only the grassland. Most of the Tibetan high and cold areas, can vegetables, did not grow vegetables Tibetan habits. Furthermore, most of the time are no smoke in the dark and quiet place to walk, where to look for vegetables? Zhao They cents from Lijiang who had brought some Chinese cabbage, radish, pumpkin seed, in the kind of cross-bar. We have 50 years to go, in the near-along in the village have to eat the vegetables, cabbage, pumpkin, potatoes, green pepper and even, I do not know is not to be attributed to the Caravan? However, Zhao Xian they should go when the grass in Tibet Tea Horse Road on some vegetables. All the way from Yunnan to Tibet, a variety of vegetables are everywhere. Ganma sometimes taken while walking to shoot when open in the evening, there is delicious to eat the wild. If every day is Dundun butter tea, Zanba, usually very particular about eating vegetables on the Lijiang people, some of it difficult to accept. Fortunately, What are the wild. Ganma they provide a lot of vitamins, but also provided a rare delicacies. Prior to Bondarenko in those mountains and valleys, is full of wild onions, wild leek, the family planted a number of small, Luoma can be open to eat. In the most delicious vegetables, may have to count the vegetables fresh bamboo leaves, Bitter cold of the cold, and a sweet taste, take the meat to cook, eat the best. Because it looks like a tender bamboo named. This is something to be at an altitude of more high water in the forest, only the growth of open space. There is also a plateau called Xia Bala wild fruit, with a thorn bushes, a lot of fruit, such as small lanterns hung like a branch , The ripe fruit is a small red lanterns. But it did more than eat a big head, just under the skin have a little bit of meat, and then with fruit that is almost as big as nuclear. That year we go on the road, when hunger and thirst to take full of pocket, and then an a non-stop eating, eat as much as the content of counting. Harper of the cooked On a purple red, sweet, meat and the rustle, the Tourist Info. Wild peaches are more along the way, but a small and hard, can not eat. Over the past summer, the grassland, forest ultimately, all kinds of mushrooms. Zhao Xian should know which of course they eat and what not to eat, and that all of the Caravan are taught each other. It is now very popular expensive matsutake, there is a pot of bacteria and so on. They eat is a message, Nennen because Lijiang is no, do not call on the name, just call it white bacteria. It's the best taste. In the field a little bit in the past due, in the name of a Mu Nu side door, where the grapes were produced, sweet Grapes, there is such a big index finger in the first, very good to eat. Zhao should be living in Sin Bondarenko, once went on there where buy Tibetan brew their own wine, bought a drink for the Chinese New Year. That is a big Baishi households of the village. There is also producing the best wool of the most decent, "Mou lava door." Lava is wool fabrics Think, entirely by hand into the textile, the best in Lijiang are famous Lijiang people to bring a guest at a point where "the door Mou la" gift, it had not. Kanjian people to do what's best, like most of the Naxi women. The thin wool, with this fine now, "they would engage, should not It. "After years of Mr. Zhao Lao also full of praise. Mou then the doors have a lot of people do it," Mou lava door, "Women in general are out.'s Wool Mu door, with local sheep-related. Most of their wool Well, long cashmere, cotton is fine, women are from morning to take a spindle spinning line, and then woven into cloth Finally, dye their own, into the most Tibetan favorite purple. They lamaiin mostly wearing the red scarf. Zhao Xian they should be hunting prey are most often hit the frozen, white chicken by the name of science, but now the national animal protection. They are usually two groups of 30 to activities, along with food during the day, evening habitat Together, but there is only one experience of the old chicken does not sleep, take a sentry to guard the chickens task, there is a movement, it will issue a warning. Stupid frozen, it does not fly high and fly far, the long and beautiful eye-catching, and the taste is very delicious, naturally become the object of hunting. Other objects also White pheasant hunting, A little child, called to quack, but the meat You Diansuan. There are also rabbits, Zhang Zi's what. Sometimes not hit any game, Ganma on Marmota opening hole, so often found inside a stocking surprising number of seeds and a fruit called life extension of the roots of plants. Guo Yan-than peanuts Smaller, and as long as peanuts in the ground, in fact, the plant is a grass-roots, an a, purple, and some long, the Tea-Horse Road is the best of wild fruit to eat, but also a very good name . In the grasslands can see them often, people will be able to eat Pa. If it Banshang butter, sugar put on a better point A. Deqin most people love to eat wild fruit such. Ma Gang occasionally with a little back to Lijiang, we all love very much, is the gift of friends and family and a precious gift. Both into Tibet, Tibet or the back of the pack in the Caravan were never a lack of rare kinds of odd items, they will not have things all over the range of about To greatly widen the outlook of people, and promote a wide range of the exchange. Zhao Xian should be in the Tea-Horse Road on to see a strange phenomenon: Tibet will have a bird with a rat living in the same nest, is also among loyalty. In cold weather, the birds will be carrying a small mouse to the sun, without food, old Pa will be the fruit of life extension, to share with the birds. I still think I have seen Mr. Zhao Lao is the most honest man, he told me about the story of Ma Gang, I have never found that he had doped water. He is not the kind of rich imagination of the people, and certainly not the kind of chaos for quackish guy. Sometimes I also complained that some The talk too too too Thelephora lack of literary grace. However, after listening to the birds with the rat hole, the air realignment of animal story, I can not help staring eyes. However, the elderly assured me that he saw for himself, not a fairy tale, Tea Horse Road on the Gan Ma knows this. Of course I have not seen. All I can say on that high , Perhaps what is possible, what strange natural phenomenon may exist there as there are many strange phenomena, like culture. In fact, with people like animals in order to survive, we have to change their habits to adapt to the environment. In that vast prairie, even the branches do not have a bird Where do they nest? And they will not holes, they had to take Shuxue into the fields for the Nestle. As for how they agree with the consent of the rats, and live in peace, friendship and mutual help, only to zoologists to be studied.

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