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Norbu Lingka - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Norbu Lingka, commonly known as the Summer Palace in Lhasa, located in the western suburbs of Lhasa, the Dalai Lama's summer palace is history, the beautiful garden built in the mid-18th century, the Dalai Lama VII period, but also to deal with their government and hold religious activities Manner. The whole garden covers an area of 46 hectares, more than 370 rooms of different sizes, Known as the "garden of gardens" is to worship, free-vacation, to watch Tibetan palace inspection of the construction sites.

  Norbu Lingka to construction rather Gaisang chapter, Chapter quite golden, Da Dengming quite a long time for the main chapters, there are 374 rooms, Tibet is the largest man-made landscape, the best scenery, the most historic park .

  Gaisang from Norbu Lingka quite up to Dan Zhang and Zhang, and so quite explicitly three groups composed of building palaces, each divided into the construction zone before the palace, palace area and the forest area in three parts. The forest is quiet in the western district of the eastern stone wall of the palace is the Golden Summit. A total of three palaces, one by Hall, in front of a 600-square The stone courtyard, a two-story Hall of Ocean, law enforcement and the Hall of the Dalai Lama read by the room, three monks and laymen met with the Dalai Lama is a member of the palace, the garden lush trees and flowers and many more pavilions Tse Chi Lin Shi Takeyama, Rare birds and animals during embellishment. Former interior promenade and palace Diaolianghuadong, magnificent.

VII reach Kelsang measures in the study by the Drepung Monastery, from time to time take account of this Summer. VII politics after the Dalai Lama, Tibet's minister at the time uphold the Ching court decree, where he built quite Wu Yao Zhang (tents Palace), which is the predecessor of the Norbu Lingka. VII later years when the Dalai Lama in the vicinity of the construction of a quite Gaisang chapter, and named "Norbu Lingka , After approval by the Qing emperor Sejong, the Dalai Lama VII every summer in the chapter dealing with quite Gaisang Chief. From then on, convalescence from increasingly Norbu Lingka to evolve to deal with political and religious affairs of the Summer Palace. After the calendar generation of the Dalai Lama in the Tibetan calendar every year on March 18 from the Potala Palace, Norbu Lingka moved to nine of the Tibetan calendar, at the turn of October to return to Abdallah . Before the Dalai Lama is of the T'ung of the year here after school to study law.

  18th century during the past 40, Norbu Lingka or a beast to come and go, weeds, Liu problems dwarf the wasteland. Later, as the Dalai Lama VII, and often likes to come to this place, so at the time of the Qing Dynasty, Tibet will be Secretary of State for the construction of a Yao quite Chapter (palace pavilion). Year in 1751, the Dalai Lama VII birds in the chapter on the eastern side of Yao quite another to own a building named after the three-storey palace - rather Gaisang chapter (Xianjie Palace), the temple set, the bedroom, reading room and Temple of law, such as assembly hall, the Dalai Lama ages, as the summer of office and met with Buddhist monks in Tibet official . Eight Dalai Lama On this basis, the expansion of just Baikang (Reading Room), the Secretary Kang Song-lun (Three Realms town of Granville Court), Qu Ran (preaching house), reservoirs and digging into the old lake, according to Han -Style pavilions, built in the heart of Long Lake and Lake Temple heart palace, set up on both sides of the stone bridge. In 1922, 13 Norbu Lingka and then rely on the civil-hing, in the southwest to build Linka gold and gold-colored three-story rather chapter, and a large number of planting flowers, grass and trees. Dalai Lama XIV in 1954 in the north to build a new palace, so that the Norbu Lingka for the development of this size.

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