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Kamiyama Gangrenboqi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gangrenboqi is one of the world recognized Kamiyama, at the same time being Hindu, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan native Bon religion Jainism, as well as ancient as the center of the world. Bo Qi Hui Kong is not the highest mountain in the region, but it is only the peak of the snow in the sun to shine under the shining light of the bizarre, seizing people eyes. Add Is the Yamagata, and very different from the surrounding mountains, had to be as full of religious piety and amazing. Gangrenboqi, at 81 east longitude. �, 31 � north latitude and altitude of 6638 meters (6714 meters above sea level, said another), is a mountain peak the Gangdise. Gangrenboqi peak of the pyramid shape (like that Tibetans The stone hands "), the walls are very symmetrical. Looking from the south it can be seen well-known symbol: the vertical peak and trough of ice under the huge rock with a horizontal composition of the Buddhist word lattice million (in the Buddhist symbol of spiritual strength, Buddhism is intended to last forever, and represents the auspicious Huyou. Gangrenboqi Bai Yun-feng often wind around the local If you can see that the peak is very lucky. Gangrenboqi in Italy for the Tibetan "god of the Mountain" in Sanskrit and Italy as a "paradise of Shiva" (god Shiva as the leader of India), is originated in the Bon religion. Creation from the Indian epic "Ramayana", as well as Tibetan history, "Chi Gangdise Shanhai "Wang Shi", and other written records of that, there is Gangrenboqi Kamiyama of worship can be traced back to about 1000 BC. According to the classic description of the Bon religion: a Gangrenboqi down from the river into the lake can not be conquered - Ma Yong next to the lake. Thus Origin four rivers, flows east, south, west, north Side. The flow of the East when the Quanhe has possession of Bouma (for the lower reaches of Brahmaputra), the emerald-rich drinking water in this People such as the Ju Lang generally strong; the flow of the South is the possession of cloth vest Kongquehe (for the lower reaches of the Ganges ), Silver-rich sand, the water people drink, such as general and lovely peacock; to the West is as Langqin zangbo River (as Sudal tired quarter of the lower reaches of river), a rich gold deposit, the drinking water of the Zhuang people, such as elephants; flow to the north is the Tibetan singer Shiquanhe cloth (for the lower reaches of the Indian River), a rich diamond deposits, the drinking water It's lion-like. Every year, come from India, Bhutan, Nepal and the Tibetan-inhabited areas of China's major St. team here makes the sacred means that stretches for thousands of years. It is said that in the most famous Buddhist Sumeru Hill also refers to it. According to the "small Buddhist Dictionary": Sumeru, mountain, a small centers in the world. Pre-Buddhist Bon zhang-time period, Kong Qi Hui wave known as the "Nine (10,000) Shan word" Legend has it that there is 360 of the Education and the gods live here. Bon Dunba Xin having come down from heaven around this Hill for the landing. In the 6th century BC 5 to the rise of Jainism, Kong Qi Hui wave known as the "Great Achta up", that is the highest mountain, is the founder of Jainism Ruisihaba that brake relief. India Said the mountain for the Kailash, that this is the center of the world. In the three main Hindu gods in the most powerful, the highest position of Shiva, who lives here. India and the Indian River, the upper reaches of the Ganges have originated here, so now Gangrenboqi to see a large number of Indian pilgrims not surprising. Over the centuries, Kong Hui Qi has been a wave of pilgrims and explorers in the eyes of the fascinated, but no one has yet come to the board Kamiyama, or no one has yet dared to breach the center of the world. Travelers looking piece of Holy Land in recent years, however, is the only thing, but people Is still small, this may be a good news. A total of 5 Gangrenboqi around the temple. In order to Shan Temple on the first stop after the pull-up followed by Temple, Song Chu Temple (also known as the Temple Surround), Jiang Temple bar and Dragon Temple game, after which the temple is located inside the two. This five temples have a lot of well-known Legends, and retained a wealth of sculpture, statues, murals, and other cultural relics, but now are varying degrees of damage.

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