Monday, December 29, 2008

Maimo cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nagqu county in the eastern mountains and peaks, many of the peculiar distribution of the natural cave, the most amazing thing is Pakistan's Qingxian Maimo cave, known for its fairy Chamber of Secrets. Inside there is a natural stone formation, a hole about the legislation were high pillars, such as the gatekeeper of the two defender, there is a rock cave not far from the altar Lei Qi, the cave-in Have a natural white Arab-Tibetan word. There is also a natural cave lions, there are many small hole after the cave, inside the cave covered with down the icicle, "Da drip, drip command to a horse," the sound of trickling water in the hole very clear music, all kinds of thousands of ice, as if all things Regeneration. Three human form of rock called the king of hell and its black and white Assistant, there are also many natural Buddha. And then forward, set within a red, two blue cave, are unpredictable, and strong light flashlight in the hole is shaped like Yinghuo, even at the foot of all see clearly. Folklore of a hole more than 100 km long, up to an additional more than 200 kilometers, has a very high scientific investigation and The value of insurance.

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