Monday, December 29, 2008

Basu card with the Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Year in 1473 with the creation of the card Basu Temple in Tibet for four government-owned Lin regent of the story rather than in a temple. It was the reunification of the motherland, the unity of the Tibetan and Chinese peoples, and strengthen cultural exchanges between Chinese and Tibetan has made outstanding contributions. In particular, is the seventh World Living Buddha Monastery Luosangbadeng Gyaincain Beijing as Khenpo Lama Temple, Religious and cultural exchanges between the mainland more often. Basu card with the Temple collection has a large number of cultural relics, ancient India have cast the Buddha, there are Tibetan craftsmen during the Tibetan Buddhist casting, casting more mainland craftsmen of the Buddha. 1,000 meters away from the temple there is a pagoda, was square, about 25 meters high, Qamdo area of the highest one of the ancient tower.

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