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Nam Co - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nam Co is a movement in the Himalayas and the formation of the great depression Xiao basin, the existing lake plain good pasture, is the natural pasture. Every summer, flocks of wild ducks flying habitat, breeding future generations.

Nam Co, Tibetan language is "Heaven Lake". It is located north of the city of Lhasa, Tibet when hung, classes Between the two counties. Hunan is a magnificent nyainqentanglha majestic mountain, and on the north side of the northwest side is gentle ups and downs of the northern plateau. Lake open long and narrow, 70 km from east to west and 30 km wide north-south, an area of 1940 square kilometers.
About 200 million years ago in the past, there have been a strong crust delivery , A significant uplift the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, squeezing rock, and some uplift fold, becoming the mountains, the whereabouts of depression, has become a valley or mountain basin. Nam Co is in the fall of tectonic movement on the basis of the glaciers added activities. Early into the Nam Co is the vast lake, the lake is above sea level than Much lower. At that time very warm and humid climate, the lake Yingying, the boundless expanse of blue water, like a sea. Later, due to continuous crustal uplift, Nam Co followed the rise, and in a million years ago, the plateau climate change is a dry, the water sources to reduce, much less on the lake, the lake was to uplift now Level. The lake is 4718 meters above sea level, is the world's highest, with an area of more than 1000 square kilometers of the Great Lakes. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Waterloo Turba wrong, although the lake reached an elevation of 5465 meters, but a very small area of Waterloo Turba wrong. Although well-known in South America's Andes mountain lake - Lake Titicaca, the area 8330 square kilometers, Lake Titicaca's only 3812 meters above sea level, lower than the Nam Co, nearly 1,000 meters.

The Nam Co Lake is the main source of natural rainfall and melting mountain snow and ice supply, the water can not drain, is the largest inland lake in Tibet. Lakes value less precipitation, sunshine strong , A greater water evaporation. Kuxian water, not drink, second only to Qinghai Lake is China's second largest saltwater lake.
Nam Co, also known as Geli Hai Tang, Tengger Lake. Mongolian Tengri, which means "sky" because of the lake, such as bright and clean blue cloudless blue sky, so named. Wu Xue-Feng Zhou as if the solidification Tao, reflected in the lake, solemn, solemn, very nature of the letter. 3 lake islands, south-east of limestone by the composition of the peninsula, into a development of karst topography, there are pillars, Tianshengqiao, such as karst caves, beautiful scenery.

As the cold weather, winter lake ice is thick, and the following year to May Before melting, melting ice crack when a loud booming noise, a voice number, for the natural wonders of one.
Nam Co's rich resources, rich in minerals, such as salt, alkali, Glauber's salt, such as boron, possession of a large quantity. Lake rich in fish, fish microlepis and scales of fish in the lake to cruise around in groups, mainly carp The Schizothorax Loach and the Bureau of Parabotia article. These fish Plains and the fish are not the same as 200 million years since the original fish from here, with the crustal uplift to adapt to the highland climate variability and gradually evolved. Some of the fish retain the short end of the first major features of the original. Schizothorax general can be a long one Kilograms, can grow to the 78 kilograms or even tens of kilograms. In the past, because the Tibetans have not the habit of eating fish, lake fish to run its course, people are not afraid, people close to the lake, the fish have to swim. Every summer, the lake's fish from the lake to swim to the depths of the lake beach and the mouth to lay eggs, often can be readily captured. Rosa has Nam Co, Seoul hit the ancient Tibetan cloth, check Hasselblad too, such as water into the river. The lake is surrounded by a vast expanse of the lake plain, with the growth of humilis, Taiwan moss, herbaceous plants such as grass tinder, water is lush natural pastures, grazing may be the year. The herdsmen in northern Tibet a year before the onset of winter, they rushed to the cattle and sheep this , Spent the winter wind and snow. Nam Co, the most in the summer of noisy jubilation, wild yak, blue sheep, rabbits, and other wildlife in the vast grazing on the marsh; countless migratory birds coming from the south, and on the island in the lake to lay eggs, hatching, feeding future generations; lake The fish leap surface from time to time, the sun flashing Yin Lin; Shepherd Yangbian Prancing Horse, Sheep surging as the clouds in the sky falling, sonorous, melodious voice echoes in the valleys. Nam Co peaceful quiet of the vitality and abundant charm. No wonder the Tibetan people should be seen as a better Nam Co, a symbol of the well-being. Nam Co is indeed a natural Houci.

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