Monday, December 29, 2008

Ding Qing Zhu Zi Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ding Qing Zhu Zi Temple is located in the county feel En Zhu Zi's rural territory in the mountains, about 37 km from the county seat. It is said that Zhu Zi and history can be traced back to as early as the second, 3,000 years ago. Zhu Zi Temple is a famous Bon monk Lo Ningbo Tang Hui-chu, Culture and Sport by the fourteenth century to the mid-term re-construction and rehabilitation. "Zhu Zi" means six peaks. Feng different process here , Tall and straight in a critical situation, craggy rocks, Zen-piles. For historical reasons, Bon once the political and religious power in Tibet have been the original religion, then had to give way to Buddhism, and the remote to remote areas to hide, to keep to preserve its own forces. This Qiongbo Ding Qing's 39 ethnic areas become Bon Hindu temple and the most influential. Zhu Zi and the Temple of the existing area and Culture is the largest and most Catholics, Bon rituals to preserve the integrity of one of the temples. Zhu Zi Temple of Bon Buddhist Temple can tell Benism systematically classic, including the transmission of the mysterious and ancient Bon supreme yoga and other methods to attend. Monastery there Species of ancient gods Bon dance naked.

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