Monday, December 29, 2008

Dora Kamiyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kamiyama Dorado County Basu at the White Horse in the town 63 km east of the Sichuan-Tibet highway, traffic is extremely convenient. Kamiyama this is not the size of a large, traditionally divided into the outer ring, middle ring, inner ring. To circle around on foot in about 4 hours, and Tian Zangtai be visible along the way various types of stone art. On the main peak can be more than a bird's eye view of the whole Mountain scenery. From the inner circle did not turn over 2 hours, which is the core of the Dora Kamiyama, is the main point of the visit, on his way to worship and to appreciate the main types of Padmasambhava Buddhist master, the pagoda, a few lines on the sixth and Tibetan prayer through. Kamiyama Dora the mystery lies in the fact that fill the fields of limestone carved on And the Buddhist mantra 6. As the old, combined with the wind and rain all the year round after year, weathering a very serious phenomenon, it has long lost the Diaozao artificial mark, which makes many people believe that the Buddha and a few lines on the sixth is a natural formation.

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