Monday, December 29, 2008

Zhu Cape Mount - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Qamdo is located in Cape Mount county in the territory of Russia Los Township Road 317 countries online, about 40 kilometers from the county seat. Zhu Cape Mount area of high mountains, a beautiful, towering old trees, rich vegetation. Outside his home in Cape Mount Zhu on the hillside and found a piece of the Tang Dynasty Cooper into a tree, according to the calculations for years have elapsed since the 1300 calendar , Is the world's longevity in the Bai Shulin. This study of ancient climate changes, as well as the formation and other scientific research has provided valuable materials. Zhu Shan in the opposite angle, there is a card known as Zuo Yi of Bazi, the dam in Qamdo strong fourth-largest Living Buddha Temple in Bahrain gala of the Holy Land in the summer heat. Here the beautiful scenery, climate , Qamdo is playing the best in the vicinity of Bazi. Bazi in the north of the valley, there are a few of the hot seasonal Wang.

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