Monday, December 29, 2008

"Footprints" wonders - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qamdo town to help reach the airport road about 40 kilometers of road, local people have been referred to as a "big step" wonders. In a street near Shek Pik on the steep stands, there are a few people still like the blurred traces of footprints in hanging on the cliff, carefully looked each of the "footprints" are as big as a bucket. This is what "Left by such a huge" footprints "? Footprints of these is how it will be printed on almost vertical on the Shek Pik? And vague" footprints ", the local authorities with red paint at the bottom of the Shek Pik written by his party as both For example, there is another explanation of the name of the landscape of his words - "as early as the mid-Jurassic ago 150,000,000 The former activities of the remains of ancient vertebrates, "people are too vague, endless rehabilitation doubt in mind. However, local villagers have long Pietism This is a shrine, and in their own way of explanations for this and conclusions -- Shek Pik that under the fellow who presented the flag Ma Hada and wind.

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