Monday, December 29, 2008

Shiquanhe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shiquanhe singer also known as the Tibetan cloth, the Department of Indian upper reaches of the river. Tibetan high and cold flows through the arid zone with a total length of 430 km, the basin area of 27,000 square kilometers, the annual runoff of about 700,000,000 cubic meters. Gangrenboqi originated in the northern side of the peak, 5164 meters above sea level at the source for periglacial areas downstream into the desert area. Leather via Kyrgyzstan Shiquanhe Town and other places, Tashi Kong in gar Tibetan cloth and a tributary of convergence. Kashmir, said after the exit into the Indian River. Tibet is the least rainfall in the area, annual precipitation is only 50-80 mm in between. Gully mainly to the coastal topography, the distribution of hot springs and marshes. Hot Springs for more than rock poured out of fissures in the diving, not The supply of rivers, but also increased the temperature of the river, some little frozen river in winter. Located in the area due to drought, water is not Shiquanhe development, with an average runoff depth of only 25 mm, the annual runoff of about 700,000,000 cubic meters, Tibet is the outflow of the river runoff of the smallest river. Nevertheless, it remains a dry climate, Water scarcity in the hinterland of the plateau's valuable water resources.

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