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Sera - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sera Mahayana Island salad full name, is located on the northern outskirts of Lhasa, Tibet Wu Zi Shan south of salad, as amended Temple at the foot of the mountain on the field covered with lush wild roses, "Watt-color," named after. Sera is the founder of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism Tsongkhapa to appoint one of its eight major disciples of Sakyamuni also missing (in 1354-1435, had been North Korea called king of Daiji) in the construction in 1419. 1962 was designated as key cultural unit of the Tibet Autonomous Region, in 1982 and was promoted to the national key cultural unit.

According to Wu Zi Sera Mt built into the light of local conditions, the scale of the event, covers an area up to 11,496 M, Cuolayouzhi temples and re-stack Court House, the resplendent, very spectacular, reflecting the mountain monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism's distinctive characteristics of architecture. Permitted by the whole complex, together Zhacang (abbey), and Kang Seng She Ce-Mexican villages and forests and Reting Living Buddha, and other well-known large chapter of the La Palace, and other construction units. Among measures Basilica, Maibazhacang, warehouse Abaza, Giza for the Monastery of the main warehouse building.

Early in the construction Maibazhacang Abaza and warehouses for the construction of the center. Located in the south-west of Maibazhacang by lightning in 1761 after reconstruction, four-high, floor area 1600 square meters, by the Church, the Temple of law enforcement, Rohan , The permitted Sakyamuni, the Hall of Tsongkhapa and "Kanjur" Palace of the Dalai Lama and the bedroom, and other construction units; by the Church in the main worship Sakyamuni Buddha statue there, Maitreya, the measureless life Buddha, the Buddha pharmacists, Miao Yin Bodhisattva, three master Tsongkhapa, the Dalai Lama VII, III, Ce-Mexican Lin Living Buddha statue, and so on. Pakistan Zhacang Sera, a measure for the first Qin hall, built in 1710. Existing measures chin replaced after Zhacang hall, a three-storey building area of 1,500 square by the Jing-tang, the Ocean Palace, the Temple Wade King Kong, measureless light permitted four and permitted the Dalai Lama and the bedroom of Hope Tower Building, and other modules, for the Sera Monastery Zhacang large in the smallest Zhacang, at the same time as the Sera monks of Tibetan Buddhism to attend an important place for three of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism Benzun intensive King Kong, King Kong and Le Sheng Weide statue of King Kong; by the Church In the respect for the main statue of Buddha Sakyamuni as, respectively, on both sides of the three master Tsongkhapa, the Dalai Lama XIII, and so on, four Painting filled with magnificent murals, mainly for the Buddha-story Western Pure Land change-intensive, such as King Kong and the subject matter Longshu Tantric Buddhist master, and other senior monks in the history.

Beautiful mural design, smooth lines, colors Ming-li, showing that the high level of art. Giza positions for the three largest in Zhacang Zhacang, construction area of 1700 square meters, was built in 1435, in the expansion of the Qing Dynasty. The main four-storey high building, Jing-tang, the permitted III, Ma Ming Dian, Maitreya Hall, the Hall of Tsongkhapa, Miao Yin Temple,

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