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Strong Bahrain Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qamdo strong Bahrain Qamdo is located in the town of Temple Taiwan four on the ground. Monastery was founded in the Ming Dynasty, Tibetan Buddhism is the reform of Tsongkhapa, his disciples around the hi sumbu in the year 1444 created. . According to the provisions of Gelug sect, Qamdo Temple monks may have 2500 people. Tsongkhapa via Tibet in 1373 when Qamdo Predict the future here will be able to Hing Hong Buddha Temple. Later, by the year 1437 (2002 out Yingzong orthodox) hi disciples of Tsongkhapa Rao Aung Sambu in this song and music miscellaneous water between the two eagle landing on the island-style rock with the topic of building the temple, the main temple for the Buddha Jampa (Daiji) Buddha, the Monastery of the strong Bahrain Qamdo named Temple. Monastery in All areas of the Buddhist monasteries of the Gelug Sect, is the largest. Under its five Zhacang: Lin heap, slave-lin, the Treasury autumn, Jalan Kabbah folder, and so on, have been here from the Gelugpa Cheung Kwok-hung Wang Qu zaba, Chu Dayton Langka white, red sand Gonggazhaxi years, Suolang Jia III, the Dalai Lama, and other measures of well-known Buddhist monk had presided over the Monastery, which is famous in the whole of the Tibetan-Qiang Qamdo Convey temple for Khenpo XIII. Pagbalha by her Dayton-III, Dan passed from generation to generation since presided over the Monastery, then, in the Monastery, Culture and Sport has 130 sub-district temple, more concentrated in Qamdo, Chaya, Basu, the board Shuo, Sangang song and Bomi area.

Qamdo Temple Dynasty relationship with the mainland calendar Very close. From the beginning of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, by the Living Buddha Monastery of the main dynasties of emperors died. Temple has been preserved there for 58 years of Emperor Kangxi in May awarded to the Living Buddha Pagbalha Tong Yin. Qianlong 56 years, the Emperor Qianlong for the Qamdo Temple donated books, "I wish Temple percent," the board. Qamdo strong Bahrain descent living Buddha Temple, there are five, 12 Zhacang, For a maximum of up to 5,000 people, and jurisdiction around the small temple 70. The incumbent vice chairman of the National People's Congress Pagbalha Geleg Namgyai for the first Living Buddha Monastery, is now the reincarnation of the world to 11.
Monastery of the main building intact, the halls are hundreds of types of plastic Buddha statues and the monks, thousands of square The mural, as well as a large number of Thangka painting can be said to be a pool of talent Qamdo craftsmen, represents the highest level in Qamdo area.

Bahrain's strong Temple, "the ancient Qing" Dance to-life hideous masks, neat and elegant style action, the grand scene of the famous snow-covered plateau. Monastery Ax-cheng of the dance, gorgeous dress neatly, dancing flavor, and orchestrated the more simple-money. Monastery to the unique religious dance in the form of Tibetan Qamdo in Tibet as a whole own faction. Lama Monastery of the jump, "Zhuo" Dancing is a must. Bahrain is not only a strong Temple, Culture and Sport of the largest temples, but also can be called the treasure house of culture and arts district, Culture and Sport. Damara standing on top of the Qamdo Yishanbangshui panoramic view. Miscellaneous music and song Aung, Bahrain strong attachment towering temple in the mountains of the cross, standing on the ancient glaciers by cutting the red soil layer. Qamdo in Tibet due to open door to business activities that bring people into the main occupation, But also affected the "sacred" temple of the table, so in addition to monks chanting Buddhist scriptures, but also run live and do business. Qamdo Temple of the interest of business, Zhongseng to the average person to take this distribution of butter, Zanba, tea, and other ways to pay for the necessities of life. Year-end settlement of temples and, if profits in the New Year season, In the small hours, with an average of assessments. Qamdo temple murals, sculpture, architecture, art, and other scriptures and relics in Tibet and other parts of the temple's more or less the same. Of course, the old Tibet as a feudal lord, one of the three major temples, which hold a large number of land, but also unavoidable exploitation of serfs. Otherwise, those "red bus", "Khenpo" "Living Buddha" will not be able to maintain a luxurious life. Others do not, the case of fruit to eat, the monks to build the temple in Jalan increase dam, the draft was down to a few of the river there is room to the back.
  The temple has a high water of 22 major Tongguo every pot I have installed more than 100 barrels of water. Every day, 2500 monks drinking water, Rely on people around the temple to support the poor bear. The steep embankment so that the number of people exhausted, starving to death, falling into the sea drowned in the river! Qamdo temple known as "Beautiful Garden", but life in this garden of the people, generation after generation will inevitably have to climb the steep and rugged, go back down to the river water to eat. In winter, the river water level , The drift to the upper reaches of garbage and dead animals; summer, flash floods, "Jiukujiunan" Buddha did not give the people brought about by Oasis, but after the liberation, the Party and the People's Temple in Qamdo set up next to the water station, to solve the monks and laymen Qamdo People's difficult to draft a major issue.

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