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Xiao Zhaosi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiao Zhaosi located in the north-east of Lhasa city, 500 meters NATO Bajiao Street, east of the West Block, from the garden, temples, the entrance tower, like the Buddha, the Golden Roof and turning inside and outside the corridors, and has a total area of An area of about 4000 square meters. Temple named "reached a fever-Lacan Zizou", meaning "Chinese Tiger Temple of God change." Xiao Zhao Is a Chinese name; small, and the Jokhang Temple is the corresponding term; WITNESS WHEREOF, the Tibetan language is "sleep lying," Kim, which means Buddha. Buddha Temple for eight-year-old Deng Shen and a large number of pure gold, like Buddha and Thangka, and so on. In 1962 listed as key protection units of the autonomous region.

Xiao Zhaosi three main building , At the bottom of Men Ting, the Church, the permitted three-part, is turning around the corridor, at times drawing Langbi immeasurable Buddhist life. Han Kim is the top-watt, glittering air, Ferris, Lhasa can see in all directions, magnificent.

Xiao Zhaosi founded in the mid-seventh century AD, incense stretches more than ?. Legend has it that Princess Wencheng to Tibet when they brought a 12-year-old Deng Shen pure gold Buddha image, to the present line of Xiaozhao Si, a wooden car in the sand. Princess through the calendar, and decided to Shakyamuni Buddha worship place here, was built Xiaozhao Si. The temple presided over by Princess Wencheng built, and the Jokhang Temple started at the same time, with Which we see, at the same time opening; east entrance to the place of the princess's parents miss home.

Zhu Gong Xiao Zhaosi main shrine of the original Princess Wencheng from Changan brought about by the Buddha Sakyamuni, the main Jokhang Temple from the original Princess Kathmandu, Nepal Zhu Gong brought Buddha Sakyamuni, the two later Buddha for a bit. According to the Dalai Lama's book "directory Jokhang Temple," recorded in the book: the first Xiaozhao Si Zhu Gong is a Buddhist Princess Wencheng brought about by the Buddha Sakyamuni. After the death of Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng in accordance with the instructions and ideas, and the Jokhang Temple Xiao Zhaosi Sakyamuni Buddha was on the exchange, to bring Nepal's Princess Caramel Muni Fo as a master in Sheng Xiao Zhaosi for.

Well-known secret on the Lhasa Hospital, also located in Xiaozhao Si, it is quite Gelugpa Buddhist monks to study the results further studies Lama, Micheng study, the hospital close Khenpo who presided over the Xiaozhao Si.

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