Monday, December 29, 2008

Makalu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

8463 meters above sea level, located in the Himalayas in the middle east longitude 87 � 06 ', latitude 27 � 54', the northwest 24 km away from Mount Everest, along the north-west - the South East Ridge for the community, on the north side of the Chinese territory of Tibet, on the south side of the The territory of Nepal. Feng's body covered with a thick year-round ice and snow Valley slope distribution of a huge glacier, the glacier there are many great abyss-like cracks in ice, avalanche Bingbeng are very frequent. 1955 France 9 members of the team for the first time on top. Maka Lu Shan 8463 meters above sea level, is the world's fifth-peak. East longitude at 87.1 �, Latitude 27.9 �, is located in the middle of the Himalayas, the straight-line distance of 24 km north-west is Mount Everest. Ken Hill along the north-west and south-east ridge for the community, on the north side of the head of Tibet in Chinese territory of Taiwan area, is on the south side of the Kingdom of Nepal. Maka Lu Shan five of the main ridge, north-west of the ridge: the southwest ridge, East Ridge, the South East Ridge and North Ridge. The northern ridge of peaks named Zhu Wei-feng mulondo, 78l6 meters above sea level. Ridge northwest of the Wei-feng Ma Kalu for the peak 2, 7640 meters above sea level. South East ridge of higher Weifeng, 80l0 meters above sea level. These are the peak body covered with a thick layer of snow and ice, the slope of the valley distribution The largest glacier, more jagged ice cliffs and the type of cracks, and there are frequent Bingbeng avalanche. Routes: from Urumqi by car or plane to Aksu, and then continue northward Wensu northbound along the tower to Iraq, and then walk along the river Qionglan Qiang northward to the southern slope of the peak Seoul Dato wood. Mountaineering base camp can be set up on-the-job-Taiwan The end of the glacier, 3,700 meters above sea level Department. Another route from the eastbound Wensu Chengzi to break, and then walk back 40 kilometers on the Hebei, to spit, do not cover Qi. From here can climb Khan Tengri peak and the snow lotus. Climbing history: in 1954, France has a team of people to board the elevation of 7640 Ma Kalu of the 2-feng (in 1980 and 1 on the peak). 1970 9 Japan 2 climbers who ascended 8010 meters above sea level southeast of the Weifeng. In May 1955, French climbers Moses Tereshkova, such as Ji Tanke 9, for the first time in Nepal along the glacier more Bakang Saddle Ridge in the northwest, in China's northwest slope on the peak.

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