Monday, December 29, 2008

Sheng Hu Mapangyongcuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hao Han, quiet, clear Mapangyongcuo is the world's more than that of the religious Sheng Hu, also in Asia and the world's most prestigious one of the lakes. In a number of ancient books as it is referred to as "Sheng Hu," the king. Gangrenboqi located in 30 kilometers southeast of Lake Mapangyongcuo, 4588 meters above sea level, is Industry's highest fresh water lake in one of the more than 400 sq km area. The early-believers call it "Ma-down wrong," Legend of the lake gathered many treasures. Also known as LakeManasarovar (God's will have a lake). Mapangyongcuo gets its name from the 11th century in the Lake A line of religious wars, which in Tibetan and Italy as "invincible lake." Tibetan Buddhism and the Bon Ga Jupai gradually winning the fight, then has been in place for many centuries, "Ma-down wrong," was renamed "Mapangyongcuo", that is, "Jasper Lake's unbeaten forever." Buddhist temple built by the lake and many of the existing 8. Monk Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty in India learn from China ( "Datang-Western Regions"), said the North Lake for the Queen Mother of the West where the Jade Pool. The lake has four doors bath: Lotus East for the doors to the West Gate bath scale, for the sweet South Gate, North Gate for the faith. The pilgrims have always been to the lake by turning the greatest blessing of life as a bath. Buddha Only that: Mapangyongcuo win is great music to give respect human mannose supreme, with the Lake purification, to remove all kinds of heart trouble, and the wild fancy sin. Drink this water can enjoy the benefits of exercise eliminate all diseases. Pilgrims, such as turning around the lake, the availability of boundless beneficence. In addition to the pilgrims of extraordinary significance, next to Ma Yong Sheng Hu as the King of the general tourist travel, is also a good place not to be missed. Not to mention those who passed through the myths and legends, it is one of the beautiful scenery of extraordinary refined enough for each journey along the way, after suffering people of the ecstatic. According to ancient India and Buddhism of the universe Four flow of the river originated in mainland India Mapangyongcuo, namely Indus, Ganges, Sutlej and the Brahmaputra, in fact, only the source of the Sutlej is Mapangyongcuo, but other sources are also near the river. In the mythology of India Mapangyongcuo God is Great Brahma with the formation of ideas, because his son after the ascetic Kamiyama need a place to bathe. Therefore Hindus often turn in the lake on the way to bath in the lake, and the Tibetan people in general or just to walk a long knock in the first turn, is not into the water. As for the travelers, although most of the time warm water Very cold and the wind a large lake, but there is still a lot of people would like to take a lifetime to clear the wind and the disturbed mind, I often see some naked guy at a rapid pace toward the lake, and then an even faster Ben speed will come back. Many books and Mapangyongcuo classic description of the water, "like pearls Like "drinking to be able to renounce the" BES sin ", almost all the Tibetan people will praise Mapangyongcuo water" sweet. "Tried to taste like, really sweet little meaning. Well, this stop, Sheng Hu really do not think that the water can not drink on disinfection. Shenghu regardless of how the sacred sound of water, free to drink The price is the first time into the toilet. That is, that is, Ukraine Ukraine Temple temple is built on a small lake in the mountains of the temple is said to have Padmasambhava in the Temple of meditation in caves, although the relatively small size, only a few on the hillside between the Tibetan Buddhist homes, but the layout of the building but Potala Palace and the same. Not Lake, which can be climbed Ukraine Temple on the slopes, overlooking the azure Sheng Hu. It also can go to the lake to watch an unknown migratory birds, and occasionally also with the lake to devout followers to fight a head-to-head. Hot Springs is a small temple Ukraine Cunpang a natural hot spring, the local processing it into a small open-air bath, One bath. Therefore, always distribute a valley off the taste of sulfur. Kamiyama along the primitive conditions of stay, but do not have a bath conditions, but here you spend 10 yuan money laundering can be enjoyment of all. But to be honest, in such a high altitude place to bathe, compared with the pain.

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