Monday, December 29, 2008

Health Qin Langzha Kamiyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sheng Jiang Qin Langzha Kamiyama at Daxian Kong Rural care in the territory, 100 km from the county, district, Culture and Sport is 25 Kamiyama one of Buddhism. Kamiyama on a larger scale, riding around to take one day. The many attractions in the mountains, of which there are more characteristics: Zhaimao monkeys, the stone statue of Padmasambhava master, Padmasambhava Jiang Yao-dong, Padmasambhava Tung Bank, the practice Gamaba hole, Qin Langzha Health Temple, and so on. Padmasambhava Buddhist cave with a lot of self-cultivation of the most famous hole, which strangely shaped rock formation as if the Buddha nature. Kang Nyingma many areas, Ga Jupai of monks in this self-cultivation on Kamiyama, so devout to teach the public are very highly of Health Qin Langzha Hill, and Thanks for the life of the Hill blessing.

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