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Shuilian Dong Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Shan Shui Liandong Grottoes, located in Wushan County, Tianshui City, about 50 kilometers north-east of Tower Hill in the Canyon. Founded in 16 countries during the Houqin, Northern Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties, Song and Yuan dynasties, the construction frequently. The whole group of caves, including Vision pool, pull a little temple, Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Shuilian Dong, the three Qing-5 Landscape victory. Among them, pull a little temple, the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes Cliff Notes, sculptures, murals and wood structure canopy cover of the most valuable. Shuilian Dong is 50 meters long and 30 meters high and 30 meters deep natural caves, such as the rainy season when the water hole Chuilian Ock, a hole in the construction of the Sui Dynasty four-Shing Temple, Kwun Yam Temple, the Court Laojun 10 A small hall. La Shui Liandong take along with the relatively Temple, built in Northern Wei Dynasty. In the steep Shanbi are carved on a seated Buddha, decorated with both sides of the Buddha, such as animal relief. Shuilian Dong grotto has been identified as a provincial heritage conservation unit.

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Thousand-Buddha Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Thousand-Buddha Grottoes is located in Temple pull a little about one kilometer northwest of natural caves, grottoes Shuilian Dong Wushan is included in the group Vision pool, pull a little temple, Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Shuilian Dong, Qing-5 three spots one of the landscape , Located in Wushan County, Tianshui City, about 50 kilometers north-east of the Tower Hill Canyon, so named because of the murals qianfoensis. Cliff suspended because of a Qifo plastic, so-called Qifo ditch. Side of the cliff caves to the surface of wood piles into the path along the cliff wall paintings and shape as the hanging of two parts. Seven of the original cave inside the cave, are remnants of sand cliff sculptures and murals face, full statues, look different. In particular, doing so delicate and pretty, like the Buddha, quite characteristic of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, the Western Wei Dynasty contains some of the statues left , Is the study of the grotto art in China early important information. Shuilian Dong grotto has been set up on the cliff path along the cliff, reinforcing the embankment slope protection, and open to visitors.

  Buddha-line about 20 meters, about 500 meters deep, has three main offices (qianfoensis Office meeting, the Office of Chinese painting years, the Office of Lok Sin drunk) and the five-room (Room auspicious Meeting rooms, room wall cents, sword Zuixian rooms and rooms). "Qianfoensis Office meeting," more than 1,000 by the shape of a small stone statue of the screen, "the Office of years of Chinese painting," made up of three 10-meter square of a significant component of the murals, such as a Pentium rivers, such as a piece of their own way, the other one is There are mountains and water, loft Ting Xie there, color, At an appropriate combination of both, for Gongqiao days, it is wow.


  Thousand-Buddha Grottoes was the construction of the rectangular east-west, east and the Mountain Gate. Sit in the main hall east of the West, civil structures, North and South has two offers, Zhuanmu construction. There are brackets in the main hall for a hard-top construction, sub-before, during and after the three parts of the Church. Tong Zhang Xu a plastic high Sakya Buddhist Xiang Yizun, Chudo Miankuo 3, has drawn map Foyue Fa, 18 Ocean's statue, and so on; Hall after the plastic has a Wofo; three parts are closely linked, constitute a whole. Temple of the south-west up a stage for the Organization of the temple used by the troupe.

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Tianshui, Gansu Shui Liandong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianshui City, located in Wushan county, about 50 kilometers north-east of the Tower Hill Canyon, a 50-meter-high, 30-meter deep natural cave arch. Inside there are four Shing Temple, Kwun Yam Temple, South Temple, Stephen dozens of small Buddha Temple.

Natural caves have opened a joint, Cuoluoyouzhi, sophisticated technology, particularly in the areas of Sa Temple of the most beautiful tall. Dianshang the next two holes with a lower Shek Pik Wangqing pool, clear bottom; upper Hengbian big book, "Western Hills Muyu" words, the plastic in the local folklore in the thread Niangniang, Shuilian Dong surface of the cliff to preserve the Northern Wei, Sui, Tang, Yuan and the generation of huge Buddhist murals. The entire hole up the house, Quan Shi Sculpture, portraits of making the other more beautiful, natural setting of interest.

  Wu Shan Shui Liandong Grottoes in Tianshui City, located in Wushan county, 25 kilometers northeast of the Tower Hill Canyon, the existing Shuilian Dong, a little pull Temple, Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Vision unit of the four pools for the Silk Road on the east an important The grotto temple. Founded in 16 Houqin period, the Northern Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties Yuan, the construction of the past frequently.

  Among them, in order to pull a little temple, the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes Cliff Notes, sculptures, murals and wood structure canopy cover of the most valuable. Just pull the Big Buddha Temple, also known as Cliff, in a huge cliff on a Cliff relief to shape up for more than four meters Sakya Buddhist statues, murals for two-thirds of the cliff face, some of the existing extremely valuable.

  Thousand-Buddha Grottoes qianfoensis so named because of the murals, because there is Cliff hanging Qifo plastic, commonly known as trench Qifo is located in the temple a little pull about one kilometer northwest of natural caves, caves side of the cliff face to the path along the cliff at stake For the murals and hanging shape as the two Points. Shuilian Dong and the Vision for the pool of natural caves and cliffs painted on the surface there is a huge ancient Buddhist murals, Temple, Taiwan, the floor, according to Court of natural caves have opened a joint, Cuolayouzhi, especially in the House, the Buddha of the most beautiful tall, with local plastic Folklore of Niangniang thread, hanging over surplus joint board and attractive.

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Tianshui Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianshui Gu Chen Chi-cheng, the ancestor of the Chinese legend, Fu's on the birth of this, so there are "Xi Emperor's Hometown." Tianshui City, has a long history, renowned human history, many cultural relics in the territory, almost every square kilometers have a culture of the Neolithic sites, Tianshui Fuxi Miao, Gua Taishan is the Chinese people both at home and abroad Baizu in place; Wushan Shuilian Dong, inside the cave up the house, Quan Shi, sculpture, self-portrait; Gangu Great Elephant, where they stand, towering spectacular, the mountains are quiet, serene Buddha Statue at the Great Elephant; and Maijishan Adjacent to the immortal cliffs, peaks confrontation, is a Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism to teach the three-in-one tourist destination ... there is ... Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, Longmen Grottoes, also known as the Yungang Grottoes of China's four grottoes of Maijishan Grottoes in order to fine clay art, dangerous world, said the cave. Tianshui, Gansu is rare in San Shuilv, by the Maijishan Grottoes and Xiaolongshan Botanical Garden, immortal cliff, Shek Mun River, and other scenic spots and music composed of Maijishan King spots, the State Council released the first batch of scenic spots in the region re-Luan Pinnacle, mountain water around the ring, both of Jiangnan Water Village and the beautiful mountains and rivers in the north of the magnificent, is an ideal tourist destination.

  --- Historical and cultural city of Tianshui City, Gansu Province, located in the south-east, is located in Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan Junction of the province. Tianshui city of Xian, home to two major cities in the middle of Lanzhou. Wei River in the territory about 280 kilometers, along the river basin area of 1000 square kilometers acceptance of a tributary of the River list, scattered across the river, he got up, and by river, Ngau Tau River. Jialing River's main tributaries of the White House he has spent the temple River, Redcliffe River, a relatively short process, Rich volume.

  Tianshui City, the existing total area of 589.91 hectares of forest, the forest coverage rate to 26.5 percent. Natural forest land are mainly in the east, south-eastern part of Long Hill, West Qinling area and Guanshan Lin, Section 224 of woody plants, 87 are 804 kinds, of which 312 kinds of trees, irrigation 437 kinds, Fujimoto 55, 122 kinds of evergreen plants. At the national level is there to protect the Metasequoia; secondary protection of Cercidiphyllum, the money loose, white trees, water sinense; there are three levels of protection of the Qinling fir, maple Temple Taiwan, Zhang Zi-song, and so on tatarinowii. More than 660 kinds of wild medicinal plants, of which more than 220 kinds of commonly used drugs The vast natural forests, the proliferation of a number of rare birds and animals, the habitat of more than 30 kinds of wild animals, a class of national protection Takin, the cats, clouded leopards, and so on; there are two categories of protection Ling musk deer, red Qinling scales such as salmon.

  Tianshui is a state-level historical and cultural city. Bay to explore the territory of the original land of the village left Ancient documents and evidence, Tianshui rank among the "first in San Juan," Fu's birthplace and the birthplace of Fuxi culture, the preservation of the nation's largest construction group in the Ming Dynasty and Fu Fu Ximiao a painting of the Eight Diagrams Gua Taishan site.

  Tianshui County inside the earth's Bay site of the original villages, preservation Yangshao culture and the early New Stone Age amount of more than 7000 kinds of treasures; Maijishan Grottoes is one of China's four grottoes, as the "Oriental Sculpture Museum"

Year Celebration of the Arts from 4 to the end of the century in the 19th century in 1500 among more than 7800 statues statue, as with Hill, Shuilian Dong, shoot pull Temple Common components of the ancient Silk Road, the eastern section of the "grotto art corridor"; Maijishan scenic spots, the State Council released the first batch of state-level scenic spots.

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Kongtong small tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xifeng kongtong small mountain, and as a result of Pingliang Kongtong Mountain Arts relations, saying "sister mountains," so named because of the god of the town of Hill immeasurable founder and Hall of the mountain was lying nested Phoenix and immeasurable, said Shan, Fung Wong Shan.

  Hill at the Xifeng Shi kongtong small township in the territory DONG Zhi, the ditch on three sides, north of the original big, long and narrow the North-South, towering mountains Jun, rugged ramp, Goudi a clear spring water, lush mountainside of trees and pleasant weather, elegant environment. Kongtong Mountain Gate to the south of the small area of 1.4 square kilometers, equivalent to more than 700 acres, the Mountain Gate to the north side of the original flat, easily accessible.

  Kongtong Mountain is a small Buddhist, Taoist unity of the Holy Land, with the well-known North caves near the temple 17 kilometers apart. According to research, Chong-year period, it was like at this point in the as-built, incense make a wish. In 1933, Busch appealing devout men and women, to raise funds, completed Nortel Taiwan have been immeasurable hall, the floor of the Jade Emperor in Taiwan, Yin Nantai floor of the temple, and so on, and the banks on both sides of the cliff caves dug dozens of holes holes to build Statues, murals drawn, dedicated to the gods.

  Buddhist monks and the people in the vicinity of wide pine and cypress-sik, Yoo Jae apricot seed, the annual Lunar New Year temple fairs held here on March 3, visitors attracted pilgrims, the view of worship, Hill traveled to worship, leisure and entertainment, little time has become a kongtong Mr Tung Chi-Loong on Plateau Tourism worship of the people of a victory .

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Treatise Mountain Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Treatise Mountain Forest Park is located in the town of the county seat of the original Treatise on the mountain, covers an area of 12,000 square meters. Treatise of the Eastern Han Dynasty shan as a result of well-known thinkers, political commentators Wang Fu in the seclusion of the book "Treatise" so named because, according to legend in the mountains for Cooper personally by Wang Fu Zhi, Wang Fu Treatise booths for the study of the altar.

?? ?? Treatise from the park to start construction in 1987, has been completed Treatise kiosks, kiosks Heng Fa Chuen, brightly lit palace, law-you concept, the martyrs cemetery, and other attractions, with a total construction area of 1540 square meters, the park has Cooper, Sophora More than 30 kinds of scenery such as trees, more than 3 lines. In the spring of this year, we organized to mobilize authorities Xianzhi Members of cadres and workers in the parks focused on the obligation to carry out work, and the mobilization of units donated money and materials, and effectively strengthen the Green Park, beautification projects. Raising a total of 360,000 yuan, 12,600 square meters to complete site preparation, planting Juniperus, Spruce, Pine, and other valuable landscape trees of 35, more than 30,000 trees, steel frame construction of the Promenade 50 , Shi Shi Zhuo more than 120 orange, grass planting more than 2000 square meters, and hardening the road more than 2400 meters, the newly built attractions 8, so that the scenic natural environment and service facilities has been further improved.

  In order to close Treatise Mountain Forest Park into a set of tourism, leisure and entertainment revolution, patriotism Education as one of the integrated landscape, the next step out of our grasp to build the memorial Wang Fu, Taiwan Treatise reading, painting and calligraphy Treatise hospital, Wang Heung-ting, the Buddhist temple, and other attractions, and strive to Treatise Mountain Forest Park building in the United States and more more

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Zhou Zuling Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Zuling Forest Park is located in Qingyang County Dongshan, as a result of the Peak is a well-known Metella - Week ancestors did not cave named after the hills. According to historical records: Cave for the loss of agricultural officials, only to settle in the West today of Qingyang, in the eastern Gansu Qingyang area to create a civilization of the Chinese farming culture. Due to his outstanding achievements, he was buried after the death of this . Zhou Zuling has a long history, Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, for the tourist attraction since ancient times.

?? ?? First, from the Windy City over the bridge, Zhou Zuling to the foot of the mountain, through dense forest and winding road can be rough summary of the parking lot, parking lot above the buildings with 822 stone steps and Taiwan together. Shan Zhou and cultural areas, the overall layout of the discipline through Cuoluoyouzhi.

?? ?? Hajime is the first weeks of St. Paul St, Yang will have a positive wrote, "Hajime St Week" vigorous of the four Chinese characters, the characters on both sides of the four pillars engraved with the couplet 2, is linked to "look on the door of San Juan Zhou Feng Group Five Emperors Meeting, Zhou Qi Si Qing Fu Lee rice to North Korea Renjiedeling Peoples "." Joint meeting is in excellent shape and Shi Zhi throughout the world outside, I looked lean on a railing old today. "On the back of St. Paul's" Zhong Ling Yuk Sau ", describe. Through the St. Paul, is a positive Zhou Hall, the hall was built in platform. Hall there is a positive week ancestors did not cave, the son of Sun Tao Ju public 3 sculpture statue, 2.8 meters high, like, life-like body, to life. There are sections on both sides of the hall Qing, 10, and other imperial servant portraits, the entire hall seemed elegant, solemn. Zhou Zhou for the north-west corner of the hall did not cave tomb of the pavilion. After Zhou Ting is Beiting, stone, some positive, "Zhou Zuling" the three characters.

Zhou Ting gossip at the hall on the south side of the East, to the south of the Eight Diagrams Pavilion Temple 38, Temple Hill for five intermittent Qianlang Hall-profile construction area of 174.41 meters, a total of 22 Ming-chu, from within the text to Wang Ji Nan Wang Ji Yan A total of 38 statues and portraits, elegant design, life-like image. Pavilion of the Eight Diagrams Tram was a sharp side-Bei Lang. To access kiosks in the west wind is in view of the scenery to visit. ?? ??

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South Leung Revolutionary Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? South Liang Lin Revolutionary Memorial Hall is located in Huachi County stockade Zhenxiang Bay, the original "South beam" location, Liu Zhidan, XIE Zi-long, Xi Zhongxun, and other proletarian revolutionaries in the fighting and have lived here, 193 2004 to 1935, they set up a border Shaanxi and Gansu Government. To commemorate the revolutionary forerunners Heroic performance in 1985 by the provincial government approved the construction of this memorial, museum display, "South Leung government" during the cultural revolution, the picture and the inscription of the central leading comrades, and so on. A provincial heritage conservation unit.

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Qingyang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingyang is Xuanyuan activities over the region of the Yellow Emperor, one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation. The ancestors of this week in Societe Generale, has opened up a farming culture, history-making exercise. Northwest China's Qingyang is the first to create a revolutionary base. Liu Zhidan in 1934, Xi Zhongxun, such as Huachi in Southern Shaanxi and Gansu side of the beam to create the Soviet government. Qingyang from different historical periods is rich in cultural relics. A wide range of items found that more than 2,700 units (which is listed as key protection unit 4, is listed as 69 provincial-level protection unit, listed as heritage at the county level of 147 units), Heritage Collection 2 Pieces. Qingyang Xian Shi Lipu three excavations in the late Jurassic rock in the "Ring Jiang pterosaur" fossil, with water Itabashi early Quaternary, "as the ancient Yellow River" fossil, which the world attention. Unearthed in China as early as the first piece of Palaeolithic, to explore the Chao turnout in Huachi County. Yangshao have been found so far in the region, regulating the family, such as classical 980 sites. Qin Great Wall, Qin straight across the territory of more than 200 km. Northern Wei Yongping of the North Cave Temple in 2002, large-scale, fine shape, is the art of grotto treasures. Fan Zhongyan to resist the invasion of Western Xia II will be built, Dashun garrison city of peace is still majestic trai in.

Qing Come forth in large numbers famous dynasties, the ancient Yellow Emperor has asked the medical Bo Qi, a Chinese thinker Wang Fu, there are politicians in the Wei and Jin Fu Xuan, the Ming Dynasty, as well as former leaders of the seven Meng-yang Li, stone paintings million people meters 10 minutes, and so on, all for the history of the alleged Road.


Qingyang rich in natural resources, known as "Long Granary, "said the rich grain, oil, fruits and herbal medicines, and so on. Hemerocallis well-known at home and abroad, the State Economic and Trade Department as a" super Northwest Day Lily. "Gan Tao Huang, Jin was the date the ancient tribute. Qingyang, Central County, Huachi, four Xifeng county (district) of oil and natural gas reserves, rich Changqing Oilfield is the main producing areas.

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Tung Chen Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

For the Gansu provincial heritage unit, located 30 km north-east Zhuanglang County, natural cliffs made by cutting Hom, 9 Kukan, mostly in the Song Dynasty after the clay sculpture and painting. Its most well-preserved, the most artistic and cultural value, the image is in the Jin Tai-year period, a huge stone engraved on the statue Cliff 3, There are strong ethnic characteristics of the western region. The huge stone standing on another in the construction of the Tang Dynasty in seven exquisite pagoda, with the three-phase for the giant Buddha backed. The area inside the beautiful scenery, lush forests, from one stream and Oldies from the watershed of the cave before flowing through the north cliffs towering cliffs, rock volley danger; bottom water features, the dead far from remote Summer and fall, the wind to Xu, Greenfield off, local records contained in the "hole Wind Gap," this is an habitats.

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Gu Ling Taiwan scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Ling Ling-tai Taiwan at the county seat, founded in the 11th century BC during the Shang Zhou, was conquered at this Zhouwen Wang Ling-tai Barry County town along the country to be close, as Zhaode Heaven, to all people alike are building. Tang, as a county official name. The original "Lingtai" sit north to south, with Taiwan-Ben Zhu soil. In history, "Ling-tai," the two Destroyed, two reconstruction.

  In 1933 the rehabilitation of "Ling-tai," Toru blue face, Dikuan 12.3 meters, 12.3 meters high, two-tier Taiwan-hours, built-top gossip kiosks inside the plastic as Zhouwen Wang. Legend built in, coming from the east and two red-crowned cranes, three days in a row around the Feiming Taiwan, the habitat in the text of the ancient Temple Above, a sensation at the county seat, is considered auspicious.

  Now, "Ling-tai," sitting south, Dikuan 18 meters, 33 meters high. Taiwan is divided into three bodies, top-level large hall Zhouwen Wang as a plastic, painted on the walls on both sides of the large-scale murals, again cutting close to the time when Emperor Wen of the magnificent scenes; at the bottom of the monument for the corridors Is a collection of ancient and modern political figures are celebrities wrote, more than 260 pieces of important questions. "Ling-tai," a long history and culture of far-reaching, known as "China's first Festival of Hope."

Lingtai County, not only "Ling-tai," named after, and in order to Shangzhouwenhua remains as the mainstay of the "Grand County Heritage" with being named in Gansu Province "Historical and cultural city." Lingtai County for the richest site of a large number of important and precious historical relics, is a gem of the Chinese nation. 240 have been found in many ancient ruins, 30 ancient tombs, ancient sites 6, the fossils Point 18; a variety of cultural relics have been unearthed in excavations of nearly 10,000, of which more than 3,000 pieces of the province to be Collection of cultural relics departments.

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Industry Dan Pu Red Army memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi Pu military circles as the Long March memorial at the northwest Jingning County, 312 State Line road, 20 km from the county seat. Red Army was passing through Jingning, Mao Zedong, Zhang, Zhou Enlai and other central leaders have been camping. After the founding of the PRC, Shi Pu Jingning County community of Chairman Mao lived in the compound and the Red Army had held a mass rally, Anti-Japanese-old Red Mansion (Red House) on many occasions to carry out maintenance and protection. 1996 is the 60th anniversary of Long March??????, in order to cherish the memory of the martyrs, and inspire future generations, the county party committee and government cadres and the masses call the county contribution of 6.6 million yuan, and repair of the Memorial Hall expansion, "Red House" painted reinforcement, Li Long March of the monument. Museum covers an area of 2384 square meters, construction area of 27 square meters 2, housing 14, the Red Army building area of 106 square meters, and laid photo keep the information more than 40, 16 physical rehabilitation, including the old Xie Zhi Road to the Red Army memorial gift "Victory in Pingxingguan "," Red bag "and other in-kind. Based on the memories of local people in the old hospital like Chairman Mao Mao plastic degree I have been riding a white horse of a bottle, and there Mapeng display, the manger, wells, stone, and other in-kind. Memorial Gallery Central leaders have displayed Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Wang Jiaxiang, and Zhang, Old at the time of the original Long March, such as photos and Xiao Hua comrades at the Long March through the community Shipu used desk. Mao Shi Pu in the residential sector had been the old room, the chairs are on display, copper lights, telephones, Kangzhuo, long tables, brazier, the basin in kind, and so on. Chen guards from the indoor display are the landlord of the house of the old cloth, spinning line, the ancient Taiwan loaded, small-Yuan Deng, chairs, and other in-kind. There are indoor display kitchen bucket, chopping board, iron, and other tableware. At present, the museum has become a broad masses to pay respect to the history, cherish the memory of the victory of the Long March, the succession of martyrs behest, to carry out education in patriotism and tourist attractions.

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Five Yongsan area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi said, "Oolong Mountain", located in the five-Shun Longshan county, 20 km west of the southern bank of river Rui, an eastern foot of Guan Yu Mo. Legend has it that as a result of Central winding five-week old quarry area with a huge arch, five-Long Pentium trend, therefore named in the Song Dynasty "Wulong St. holding", "Eight Shun". Longshan mountains and meandering tall and straight, Wei-feng cliffs, towering rocks, Luan Tsui overlapping peaks, beautiful, old Lin, Long Valley ditch, Shenquan of the clean water, the soldiers quit, and other sites of natural and human landscape a lot. Five Longshan Temple was built in the Sui and Tang, after the Ming and Qing repair many times.

  "Great Cultural Revolution" under the Zhongshan Rui River Fast flow, Ming Yan Dong break; Shannan was against the Gap, Xi Rong's throat, when Kazuo million related to open their husband's stronghold, as the Tang Dynasty Royal Rong base of it, still leave soldiers Commission, will be Taiwan , Ta Taiwan, around the Chishan, Ping prime minister, and other ancient monuments on the battlefield. The original buildings were destroyed, leaving only the restoration of civil Manual hole Taibai Temple In October 1949, Shun county government to take measures to protect and manage the Longshan five tourist resources.

  In 1958 the establishment of the state-owned forest farm, forest protection, reforestation, afforestation. Since 1985, Longshan county government organizations to develop five spots. In December 1992, Gansu Provincial People's Government announced Longquan Temple in a letter - five provincial-level scenic spots for the Yongsan district.

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Ya-yun Temple National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ya-yun Temple National Forest Park, located in the eastern part of Zhuanglang County, Long Xi Lu Shan mountain range, deep and Oldies. 25 km east of town, 60 km east railway in the air. In history with the Kongtong Mountain, Maijishan, immortal, and other resorts along cliffs. Qi Xiu ranks is a ridge of a long history of Grottoes, is that since the Northern Wei Dynasty Hermit Road, longing for the community. Cloud Temple cliff to cliff like clouds suspended named to the Northern Wei Dynasty Grottoes and the well-known. Cloud Temple open up a cliff in the Northern Wei Dynasty, after the Northern Zhou Dynasty, gold, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties expansion of the Temple has eight, three holes, a Bay, one of the wonders of different Tam King, the ancient Silk Road Station. Cloud Cliff Temple Park, beautiful scenery, high-Qi sudden, all over the dense forest, quiet stream, Kukan cloth stars, birds Yingti dance, every stream Cui Fei Hong, Lin rocks everywhere. With a total area of 14,891 hectares, mainly pine trees there, Chinese pine, larch, Cheng Hung, white birch, mountain Yang glauca, plum, and so on. The main animal Jinqian Bao, deer Musk deer, roe, wild boar, the Golden Pheasant, ring-necked pheasants, and other two countries, the protection of the three types of animals, rare birds in the tree-ming, Ben odd beast in the forest.

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Thin and Old City Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kedong Xian is located in the village of the ancient city of gold in urban and rural areas, bounded by the Wu Yue River. A national key cultural unit. And Po, for thin valley, Nuzhen word meaning "to low-lying" and "to waterlogging." Kim crossing, the situation of this very Heilongjiang Daxinganling region, the region of Heihe, Yichun region, Nen River in the northern region, north of the Russian foreign Mountains With. Po Road, Old City and its legacy. According to "The History of Geography" set: "Po valley road, the 50,000 at the beginning, Hailing stop 10,000 cases, is to turn over Jiedushi." Site is now an oval, the circumference of more than 2800 meters, Rammed earth walls, There Weng Cheng, Ma face, the North-South 2. The city on behalf of the cultural relics unearthed a large number of gold, the most important "Po Valley Road, India," Tong Yin Fang Po and the road to the city to identify and provide strong evidence.

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Wan Shan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

All good souls who formerly known as the ancient Temple Court, in the center of Qiqihar City 7 km northwest of the island moon, was founded in 1926, Yu Huangge, Ge Bai Yang, Samsung and three Qing Court House, is the diamond-shaped layout of antique buildings, all Diaolianghuadong construction, the resplendent magnificent. More than 10 statue, a vivid image, the wonders of cross - . Temple is located in a pair of vegetation, scenic and cultural focus for the municipal units.

  Wan Shan Temple was built in Wanli of the Ming dynasty, according to legend was the imperial court in order to rule the town of here kings built the wind vein, who is also Royal Secret Inspector's Temple.

  The reconstruction of the temple is 2092. Presided over the abbot of China's King Kong law Division - to address air and sea. Tongfo Terauchi, 2 meters high, the value of 600,000 yuan, the Department of Thailand donated by overseas Chinese. In addition, Stephen has a narrow window, the cornucopia, dry, Xian Jia-dong, King Tak test whip stone, look pro-Taiwan and many other landscapes.

  Tsui-feng, a natural barrier of nature, the peak of "Yama nose." Kurtosis Different, like a tiger, like Long. The steep mountains, extremely dangerous. Wan Shan Temple, the Golden Temple for the Buddha, it is also known as the "Golden Temple." According to the test established in the Tang Dynasty. After the formation of the expansion at this time scale. There are King Hall, Main Hall, side hall in a palace, and so on. Stone legacy, was a monk of the Ming and Qing dynasties cemetery, as a result of disrepair that they are now A stone pagoda. 8 meters high tower, tower who are inscriptions carved, exquisite technique.

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Kong Teng-home sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Angangxi is located 3 km south-east, in 1979 and 1980 by the Heilongjiang Province Cultural Relics and Archeology of Qiqihar City teams and to explore the common heritage station. Unearthed a great deal of fighting, repression and grinding stone and pottery, but also explore more than 10 Department of ancient human grave, unearthed a more complete human skeleton and the ancient burial objects of study Angangxi primitive culture has added new content.

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Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lonza hospital located in the park, a four-year Qianlong Dynasty (1973), covers an area of 1200 square meters. A main hall, the Hall before and after East and West side hall in a palace and the Mountain Gate, both traditional brick building, 10 meters high in the main hall and three shop-top, decorated with Erlongxizhu Zheng Ji, is the top of the gable there is exquisite stone carvings, ornate. Guan Yu within 2 m high statue in the middle, left there Zhou Cang, about the right level, the walls are painted the story of Guan Gong re-color mural. Xiurong in 1984, two additional 8.5 m high the same style of the Drum Tower 10 minutes, 280 meters long closure of the brick walls, mosaic more than 30 kinds of Louchuang to make seamless throughout the building for city-level security Unit.

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Bokui mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Building located in the area of Bokui the middle of the street on the west side of the alley mosque, built 23 years of Emperor Kangxi (1684), is a nation full of the characteristics of the Qing Dynasty Zhuanmu construction. Temple is divided into east and west, in order to teach a two-Temple. Covers an area of 4000 square meters, the hall from the main building, Bai Dian, the Hall of the kiln, Arch Hall and a number of subsidiary production Composition. Temple hall kilns East Tower set with the top 1.9 meters high, 0.9 meters in diameter gold-plated suit trimmed with ramp above the crescent-shaped symbol of Islamic decoration. Kiln hall on the walls of Koran written in Arabic language saint, the two main hall can accommodate 500 people worship. Heilongjiang Province is the largest mosque in the preservation of the integrity of a monastery First, research on religious history and architecture of great value for the provincial-level key cultural unit.

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Lonza Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lakeside Hotel, located next to the park Lonza is Heilongjiang's largest park. Accounted for most of the park is "working lake", where previously only a small pond, every Sunday, people here are working to dig Lake, now, has been formed in the Great Lakes, and dug up the sand pile in the park Hill played a man-made.

Yi Eryue copies of the annual winter Ice will be held here. And the Harbin Ice Festival, a relatively short history, carved the little things. At this point, working full lake frozen lake in Pali or a dog sitting on a horse, sheep, donkey Pali, up around Lake Wai, very interesting.

  Through, Tingtailouxie In the meantime up. Animal display area, the northeast tiger, African lions, Jin Qianbao, brown bear, moose and red-crowned cranes and so on more than 100 species of animals. Recreation and entertainment district, electric spacecraft, landing and taking off of aircraft-and large-scale integrated entertainment, such as Office. Flower viewing area, there are more than 140 kinds of flowers.

  Wangjiang floor of the resort culture, life Temple Park, located eurombah sand in the urban centers, covers an area of 64 hectares, 20 hectares of water area, the Northeast is the largest comprehensive park. Lonza Park was established in 1904, in Heilongjiang Province is to build the first park, at the time as a result of the use of the southwestern city of the old seikkyi site, the warehouse said the Park West. Flower, commonly known as the West . Lonza Park was renamed in 1917. "Lonza" refers to the north of the Great Wall. Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai ", General tiger sub-bamboo, soldiers Wolong sand" Lonza sentence of this park named after. Lonza park resort equipped with five: cultural resort, Library, Wangjiang House, Temple, the Ancestral Hall life, such as the Chengjiang Court building. Labor Lake resort, the island in the lake, islands in the lake. Qu Qiao, Wei Yi Bridge to the spectacular. Wangjiang floor, located in the park working on the east coast of Lake rockery, was built in 1907, is a classical garden pavilion, with its beautiful and unique shapes become Lonza's Park on behalf of the building, the entire park tour of the Center. Building on Wangjiang Seomang lean on a railing, labor and weeping willows sway Lake, the lake rippling blue waves. Point to the southeast, Ching Chung, Yu Gu, lush foliage, green and luxuriant garden. On the eastern side of the ground floor, flat wide boulevard through Hua Chi Road, between the pool and fallen flowers in the flower-li sports, fighting between Yan-fang-filled. Shou-shan Temple was in 1926 in memory of the people Hero General Shoushan built, the park is a park in Lonza's Park.

  In recent years, the construction of the new Sheng-long days in the mountains of far more spectacular Tower, the highest point can be Qiqihar. Court days on the stand far Jimuyuantiao, beautiful panoramic view of the city. Every winter, Lonza Park, "King Lonza Ice Tour", adding Landscape, Qiqihar of ice works, have a good reputation both at home and abroad, is considered haksong wonderful. Attract millions of foreign visitors to tourist, Lonza Park has been included in the "Dictionary of Chinese landmarks."

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Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A mosque was built Kangxi years, Heilongjiang Province is the largest Islamic (Muslim) temple, but now has no place for the worship of the assembly. At around the mosque, is still inhabited by the Hui people wearing the white hat. Visitors from the front of the entrance, visitors are free.

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Qiqihar, travel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heilongjiang Province is located in the northeastern part of China, rich tourism resources in the territory and distinct features, snow and ice resources of the country be called the most. The province's largely mountainous terrain and plains-based, small and Da Hinggan Mountains are located in the west and north. Woodland area 190,000 square kilometers, 41.9 percent forest cover, for the vast majority of However, forest, forest tourism is a good place. China rivers of the province, the provincial water resources in the north of the first home, Heilongjiang, Songhua and Wusuli River, Nen River and five major river systems Suifenhe, Jingpohu, Wudalianchi momentum, and other large rivers and lakes. Rich human resources, unique, folk, the rich people small number of Family history goes back to ancient times. Heilongjiang Province is the Northern Wei and Liao, Jin, the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty. China since ancient times as a minority survive, found that 4.2 million years ago is now the site of our ancestors - ga-dong, Xianbei Tuoba ancestors originally inhabited by Old Town Shishi. In the very characteristics of ethnic minorities, in order to catch Nationality of living, hunting for Elunchunzu industry and animal husbandry-based Daur, and so on.

Heilongjiang's unique landforms Geography and climate conditions in Heilongjiang Province constitutes a simple, primitive, magic tourism resources. Harbin, Daqing, and a number of Yichun City has a rich northern city of features, beautiful mountains and rivers, forests grasslands, wetlands, lakes and rivers offer eco-tourism. In addition, the Northeast Tiger Park, the habitat of red-crowned cranes, Northern Lights, as well as the large crater forest factories and mines, agriculture, oil field workers, such as agriculture and the Heilongjiang, Wusuli River carried out by the two boundary rivers Russian border and cross-border tourism. Tourism resources over the formation of a snow sculpture Ice watching, skiing for pleasure, hunting expeditions, drifting tourism, leisure convalescence, summer care, the environment, historical sites, national conditions and customs, and a number of cross-border tourism.

A bird's eye view from high altitude, Heilongjiang Province, to More or less dominated by mountains and plains. Da Hinggan Mountains are located in small and the west and north, the south-eastern department of the Changbai Mountain is a part of it, including Zhang Ling, Lao Yeling and Wandashan. Songnen Plain is located in the south-west from the Songhua River and its tributaries from alluvial Nen River, is located in the eastern part of the Sanjiang-principle from Heilongjiang, Hua Jiang and Wusuli River from alluvial. 2 Plain in the province are the major agricultural producing areas. Department of Heilongjiang Province-latitude 43.5 degrees north, most of the northern end of the Han River in north latitude 53 degree position, so long and cold winter, as long as seven years from November until the following day meeting March for the severe winter period, the average temperature in the photo Below freezing. In fact, the Earth's latitude as a warm-foot volume, the higher latitudes, the lower the temperature. The high and low temperature also depends on the angle of the sun on the ground. In the south, the noon sun directly on the ground, the sharp rise in temperatures, sunshine point of view of the Han River, only about 16 degrees, so a short day long night, winter can be Up to 18 hours. From the beginning of the first half of September, the Siberian cold snap will arrive at the Han River, the temperature dropped significantly. Heilongjiang, Songhua and Nenjiang ice-covered thousands of miles, the Sanjiang Plain, Songnen Plain Miles also Xuepiao temperatures below minus ten degrees Celsius where there will be more Dishuichengbing beads.

The conventional tourist routes are: Harbin, Yabuli ski tourism (winter); Harbin, Daqing, Prairie Du Erbo, Zhalong Crane rural eco-tourism; Harbin, Jingpohu, Suifenhe, on the 9th Tour Vladivostok, Harbin, four Wudalianchi Travel, and so on.

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Park-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beautiful magic Water standing Shan-dong, Qitaihe is located in the inner city, our city is the largest in the natural landscape and strategic location, natural vegetation rich in natural mountain.

  Shan-dong area of 190 hectares planning, nearly 1,000 species of plants. To the north is a vast Yan Bo, the tears of the clean water reservoir Momoyama Wait-and-see stand on the Peak to the south, the modern urban construction panoramic view of the Humanities, is at the foot of the Qitaihe City landmark street - Street institutions.

  Academy Street is the western end of the Momoyama Qitaihe City Park, Shan-dong and the distant sea, like two in dazzling black pearl inlay on the ground. Shan-dong is not only beautiful legend There are an attractive natural landscape to attract visitors with eight points of the compass. Hu Xian big (hole), small Huxian (holes), mountain tortoises, Yixian Tian, Rabbit Ridge roll, rock slope, the fairy lying, lying turtles, sea of clouds Buddha, the virgin forest.


  Shan-dong Plaza, was founded in May 20, 2002, the city is building Water garden city, city and create an important part of the forest. Place the whole area of 21,960 square meters, the square is divided into four steps. Large-scale sculpture "hopeful" the great momentum, Yun Yu Qitaihe city will be the development of the stars of hope. Place the dry fountain pool music, with European-style promenade, filled the city Stephen blank. Shan-dong Square and seamless. Traditional and modern, natural and artificial in the performance of most.

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Wusuli River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wusuli River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wusuli River originates in Jilin in the East China Sea Riviera, tin Tehuo Te mountain range, the total length of 905 km, the basin area of 1,870,002 square kilometers, known as the Amur River in Russia. Manchu "Wusuli River," which means "water of the River", "Sunrise of the East River," China is the first sun rise. Wusuli River in Heilongjiang is one of the main tributaries, from its upper reaches of the river Ula convergence with the River Road than from the north-eastern Khabarovsk along the stream to the radical turning point in the southwest, into the Heilongjiang. A total length of 880 km Wusuli River, the river basin area of nearly 190,000 square kilometers. Song Acha River from its tributaries implantation of , And the Heilongjiang river to the convergence of the only is the border river between China and the Soviet Union.

  Wusuli River basin fertile land, forests over, a large number of mineral deposits, rich in beans, sorghum. Is also extremely rich in aquatic products, flowers dwell of fish, sturgeon fish, Pangtou Yu, sturgeon, East Zhu (Pearl), and other well-known all - , And salmon products, the largest up to four or five meters, weighing as much as seven, 800 kg. This fish in the fish in high water volume, it amounted to an alarming extent, as far as "Chi Heilongjiang," it reads: "Each year since the fall of the sea and against the current, Irie did not drive it, very thick filling, the local people there and took the fish back Those who cross. "Wusu Each year, Jiang ice for more than four months, not navigable, the river has become a speeding sled smooth the road, but still cutting ice fishing.

  Wusuli River are rich in fish, but also because of Jiang's broad face, a smooth water flow for navigation. From time to time on both sides of the river close to hilly, making beautiful scenery of Ukraine Jiang, more for its great variety. Jiang and the two sides in the island's lush vegetation, and some hilly sections of dense vegetation near the shore, water, shadows; Gangluan embraced Li knot charming. Jiang Liu of the characteristics of this period is: are the two sides of the original vegetation, grass that is, non-wood. All Island Beach, is all over the Weng Yu Liu Lin, Jiang Man off a gull Mallard wild water birds, water and a clean relief, that is elegant and quiet.






  Wusuli River has been under the protection of the United Nations organizations have not been identified as contaminated Jiang, the two sides beautiful scenery, the pleasant scenery. Wusuli River Nature Reserve of the total surface 3.9 hectares, the forest more than 3700 hectares, 1.31 hectares to retain the wetlands in the Sanjiang Plain wetlands of the original integrity of the Health System. Wusuli River Nature Reserve in a variety of up to 1,000 kinds of plants, 167 kinds of birds, 27 species of mammals, fish 43 .

  Wusuli River, there were about two-kilometer long island, known as the Zhenbao Island, located 46.5 degrees north latitude, 134 degrees east longitude in the vicinity. Originally from the Chinese side of the peninsula into the Wusuli River, after a long-term impact of water flow, only a small island. Now during the summer dry , Zhenbao Island with the Wusuli River in China linked to the land, restore the original features of the peninsula. Wusuli River in the operations of the older generation of Chinese fishermen, said Zhenbao Island ", i.." Here in winter when cold weather, the Ice Age is a long one, as long as five months.

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Heihe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heihe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heihe is the first batch of Chinese cities open border, the border is located in northeast China, Heilongjiang to the main channel for the community center, and Russia across the Amur river, is a vast, excellent location, rich, beautiful and wonderful in the border areas. 2 city jurisdiction Heihe 3 County District 1 (Beian City, the city of Wudalianchi, Nenjiang County Xunke County, Wu County, Aihui District), 68,726 square kilometers in size, population 1,729,000. There are Han, Manchu, Hui, Mongolia, Oroqen, Daur, 31, and other ethnic minorities. Heihe City of cold temperate climate for the continental monsoon climate, the long winter and short summer. Winter temperature of -10 � C - 30 � C, Quarter temperature 5 � C-32 � C, annual rainfall of 450-650 mm.

Heihe has a long history as early as the Paleolithic, North China on an ancient human to live and reproduce here, the beginning of this century, with trade growing card connector, Germany, Japan, the United States, France, North Korea and other countries of business disputes The influx of Heihe Heihe referred to as "trading nations." In 1912 the Government set up the Northern Heihe, in 1934 the puppet state of Manchukuo in the establishment of the Heihe province, the liberation in 1945, where the establishment of the first people's democratic government - the Executive Office of the Heihe region, in 1946 changed the Chief Inspector of Heihe Commissioner Department, the establishment of Heihe City in 1980 (formerly the city of Heihe), 1992 was approved by the State Council for opening to the outside world cities along the border, early in 1993 to implement the "withdrawal of the two to build two", withdrawing the city of Heihe Ai Jian Hui district, withdrawing Heihe Prefecture Administrative Office, the establishment of Now the city of Heihe. City District is now home to Man, Hui, North Korea, Mongolia, John Dole, 33, and other Oroqen peoples.

Heihe is the unique characteristics of the Green Land in the north with tourism, has the world's three major tourism resources in the snow and ice, the two major forest resources. World Wudalianchi rare natural geological museum volcano, famous ancient city of Aihui, a strong national conditions and customs of the Oroqen, Inhabited by ethnic minorities to turn Seoul, strange adventure of James River rafting, the vast Xiaoxing'anling Lin, the two sides of different civilizations major border river between China and Russia - Heilongjiang, for the addition of Heihe Tourism endless charm.

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