Sunday, December 21, 2008

Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lonza hospital located in the park, a four-year Qianlong Dynasty (1973), covers an area of 1200 square meters. A main hall, the Hall before and after East and West side hall in a palace and the Mountain Gate, both traditional brick building, 10 meters high in the main hall and three shop-top, decorated with Erlongxizhu Zheng Ji, is the top of the gable there is exquisite stone carvings, ornate. Guan Yu within 2 m high statue in the middle, left there Zhou Cang, about the right level, the walls are painted the story of Guan Gong re-color mural. Xiurong in 1984, two additional 8.5 m high the same style of the Drum Tower 10 minutes, 280 meters long closure of the brick walls, mosaic more than 30 kinds of Louchuang to make seamless throughout the building for city-level security Unit.

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