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Tianshui Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianshui Gu Chen Chi-cheng, the ancestor of the Chinese legend, Fu's on the birth of this, so there are "Xi Emperor's Hometown." Tianshui City, has a long history, renowned human history, many cultural relics in the territory, almost every square kilometers have a culture of the Neolithic sites, Tianshui Fuxi Miao, Gua Taishan is the Chinese people both at home and abroad Baizu in place; Wushan Shuilian Dong, inside the cave up the house, Quan Shi, sculpture, self-portrait; Gangu Great Elephant, where they stand, towering spectacular, the mountains are quiet, serene Buddha Statue at the Great Elephant; and Maijishan Adjacent to the immortal cliffs, peaks confrontation, is a Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism to teach the three-in-one tourist destination ... there is ... Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, Longmen Grottoes, also known as the Yungang Grottoes of China's four grottoes of Maijishan Grottoes in order to fine clay art, dangerous world, said the cave. Tianshui, Gansu is rare in San Shuilv, by the Maijishan Grottoes and Xiaolongshan Botanical Garden, immortal cliff, Shek Mun River, and other scenic spots and music composed of Maijishan King spots, the State Council released the first batch of scenic spots in the region re-Luan Pinnacle, mountain water around the ring, both of Jiangnan Water Village and the beautiful mountains and rivers in the north of the magnificent, is an ideal tourist destination.

  --- Historical and cultural city of Tianshui City, Gansu Province, located in the south-east, is located in Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan Junction of the province. Tianshui city of Xian, home to two major cities in the middle of Lanzhou. Wei River in the territory about 280 kilometers, along the river basin area of 1000 square kilometers acceptance of a tributary of the River list, scattered across the river, he got up, and by river, Ngau Tau River. Jialing River's main tributaries of the White House he has spent the temple River, Redcliffe River, a relatively short process, Rich volume.

  Tianshui City, the existing total area of 589.91 hectares of forest, the forest coverage rate to 26.5 percent. Natural forest land are mainly in the east, south-eastern part of Long Hill, West Qinling area and Guanshan Lin, Section 224 of woody plants, 87 are 804 kinds, of which 312 kinds of trees, irrigation 437 kinds, Fujimoto 55, 122 kinds of evergreen plants. At the national level is there to protect the Metasequoia; secondary protection of Cercidiphyllum, the money loose, white trees, water sinense; there are three levels of protection of the Qinling fir, maple Temple Taiwan, Zhang Zi-song, and so on tatarinowii. More than 660 kinds of wild medicinal plants, of which more than 220 kinds of commonly used drugs The vast natural forests, the proliferation of a number of rare birds and animals, the habitat of more than 30 kinds of wild animals, a class of national protection Takin, the cats, clouded leopards, and so on; there are two categories of protection Ling musk deer, red Qinling scales such as salmon.

  Tianshui is a state-level historical and cultural city. Bay to explore the territory of the original land of the village left Ancient documents and evidence, Tianshui rank among the "first in San Juan," Fu's birthplace and the birthplace of Fuxi culture, the preservation of the nation's largest construction group in the Ming Dynasty and Fu Fu Ximiao a painting of the Eight Diagrams Gua Taishan site.

  Tianshui County inside the earth's Bay site of the original villages, preservation Yangshao culture and the early New Stone Age amount of more than 7000 kinds of treasures; Maijishan Grottoes is one of China's four grottoes, as the "Oriental Sculpture Museum"

Year Celebration of the Arts from 4 to the end of the century in the 19th century in 1500 among more than 7800 statues statue, as with Hill, Shuilian Dong, shoot pull Temple Common components of the ancient Silk Road, the eastern section of the "grotto art corridor"; Maijishan scenic spots, the State Council released the first batch of state-level scenic spots.

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