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Park-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beautiful magic Water standing Shan-dong, Qitaihe is located in the inner city, our city is the largest in the natural landscape and strategic location, natural vegetation rich in natural mountain.

  Shan-dong area of 190 hectares planning, nearly 1,000 species of plants. To the north is a vast Yan Bo, the tears of the clean water reservoir Momoyama Wait-and-see stand on the Peak to the south, the modern urban construction panoramic view of the Humanities, is at the foot of the Qitaihe City landmark street - Street institutions.

  Academy Street is the western end of the Momoyama Qitaihe City Park, Shan-dong and the distant sea, like two in dazzling black pearl inlay on the ground. Shan-dong is not only beautiful legend There are an attractive natural landscape to attract visitors with eight points of the compass. Hu Xian big (hole), small Huxian (holes), mountain tortoises, Yixian Tian, Rabbit Ridge roll, rock slope, the fairy lying, lying turtles, sea of clouds Buddha, the virgin forest.


  Shan-dong Plaza, was founded in May 20, 2002, the city is building Water garden city, city and create an important part of the forest. Place the whole area of 21,960 square meters, the square is divided into four steps. Large-scale sculpture "hopeful" the great momentum, Yun Yu Qitaihe city will be the development of the stars of hope. Place the dry fountain pool music, with European-style promenade, filled the city Stephen blank. Shan-dong Square and seamless. Traditional and modern, natural and artificial in the performance of most.

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