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Heihe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heihe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heihe is the first batch of Chinese cities open border, the border is located in northeast China, Heilongjiang to the main channel for the community center, and Russia across the Amur river, is a vast, excellent location, rich, beautiful and wonderful in the border areas. 2 city jurisdiction Heihe 3 County District 1 (Beian City, the city of Wudalianchi, Nenjiang County Xunke County, Wu County, Aihui District), 68,726 square kilometers in size, population 1,729,000. There are Han, Manchu, Hui, Mongolia, Oroqen, Daur, 31, and other ethnic minorities. Heihe City of cold temperate climate for the continental monsoon climate, the long winter and short summer. Winter temperature of -10 � C - 30 � C, Quarter temperature 5 � C-32 � C, annual rainfall of 450-650 mm.

Heihe has a long history as early as the Paleolithic, North China on an ancient human to live and reproduce here, the beginning of this century, with trade growing card connector, Germany, Japan, the United States, France, North Korea and other countries of business disputes The influx of Heihe Heihe referred to as "trading nations." In 1912 the Government set up the Northern Heihe, in 1934 the puppet state of Manchukuo in the establishment of the Heihe province, the liberation in 1945, where the establishment of the first people's democratic government - the Executive Office of the Heihe region, in 1946 changed the Chief Inspector of Heihe Commissioner Department, the establishment of Heihe City in 1980 (formerly the city of Heihe), 1992 was approved by the State Council for opening to the outside world cities along the border, early in 1993 to implement the "withdrawal of the two to build two", withdrawing the city of Heihe Ai Jian Hui district, withdrawing Heihe Prefecture Administrative Office, the establishment of Now the city of Heihe. City District is now home to Man, Hui, North Korea, Mongolia, John Dole, 33, and other Oroqen peoples.

Heihe is the unique characteristics of the Green Land in the north with tourism, has the world's three major tourism resources in the snow and ice, the two major forest resources. World Wudalianchi rare natural geological museum volcano, famous ancient city of Aihui, a strong national conditions and customs of the Oroqen, Inhabited by ethnic minorities to turn Seoul, strange adventure of James River rafting, the vast Xiaoxing'anling Lin, the two sides of different civilizations major border river between China and Russia - Heilongjiang, for the addition of Heihe Tourism endless charm.

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