Sunday, December 21, 2008

Five Yongsan area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi said, "Oolong Mountain", located in the five-Shun Longshan county, 20 km west of the southern bank of river Rui, an eastern foot of Guan Yu Mo. Legend has it that as a result of Central winding five-week old quarry area with a huge arch, five-Long Pentium trend, therefore named in the Song Dynasty "Wulong St. holding", "Eight Shun". Longshan mountains and meandering tall and straight, Wei-feng cliffs, towering rocks, Luan Tsui overlapping peaks, beautiful, old Lin, Long Valley ditch, Shenquan of the clean water, the soldiers quit, and other sites of natural and human landscape a lot. Five Longshan Temple was built in the Sui and Tang, after the Ming and Qing repair many times.

  "Great Cultural Revolution" under the Zhongshan Rui River Fast flow, Ming Yan Dong break; Shannan was against the Gap, Xi Rong's throat, when Kazuo million related to open their husband's stronghold, as the Tang Dynasty Royal Rong base of it, still leave soldiers Commission, will be Taiwan , Ta Taiwan, around the Chishan, Ping prime minister, and other ancient monuments on the battlefield. The original buildings were destroyed, leaving only the restoration of civil Manual hole Taibai Temple In October 1949, Shun county government to take measures to protect and manage the Longshan five tourist resources.

  In 1958 the establishment of the state-owned forest farm, forest protection, reforestation, afforestation. Since 1985, Longshan county government organizations to develop five spots. In December 1992, Gansu Provincial People's Government announced Longquan Temple in a letter - five provincial-level scenic spots for the Yongsan district.

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