Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wan Shan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

All good souls who formerly known as the ancient Temple Court, in the center of Qiqihar City 7 km northwest of the island moon, was founded in 1926, Yu Huangge, Ge Bai Yang, Samsung and three Qing Court House, is the diamond-shaped layout of antique buildings, all Diaolianghuadong construction, the resplendent magnificent. More than 10 statue, a vivid image, the wonders of cross - . Temple is located in a pair of vegetation, scenic and cultural focus for the municipal units.

  Wan Shan Temple was built in Wanli of the Ming dynasty, according to legend was the imperial court in order to rule the town of here kings built the wind vein, who is also Royal Secret Inspector's Temple.

  The reconstruction of the temple is 2092. Presided over the abbot of China's King Kong law Division - to address air and sea. Tongfo Terauchi, 2 meters high, the value of 600,000 yuan, the Department of Thailand donated by overseas Chinese. In addition, Stephen has a narrow window, the cornucopia, dry, Xian Jia-dong, King Tak test whip stone, look pro-Taiwan and many other landscapes.

  Tsui-feng, a natural barrier of nature, the peak of "Yama nose." Kurtosis Different, like a tiger, like Long. The steep mountains, extremely dangerous. Wan Shan Temple, the Golden Temple for the Buddha, it is also known as the "Golden Temple." According to the test established in the Tang Dynasty. After the formation of the expansion at this time scale. There are King Hall, Main Hall, side hall in a palace, and so on. Stone legacy, was a monk of the Ming and Qing dynasties cemetery, as a result of disrepair that they are now A stone pagoda. 8 meters high tower, tower who are inscriptions carved, exquisite technique.

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