Sunday, December 21, 2008

Treatise Mountain Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Treatise Mountain Forest Park is located in the town of the county seat of the original Treatise on the mountain, covers an area of 12,000 square meters. Treatise of the Eastern Han Dynasty shan as a result of well-known thinkers, political commentators Wang Fu in the seclusion of the book "Treatise" so named because, according to legend in the mountains for Cooper personally by Wang Fu Zhi, Wang Fu Treatise booths for the study of the altar.

?? ?? Treatise from the park to start construction in 1987, has been completed Treatise kiosks, kiosks Heng Fa Chuen, brightly lit palace, law-you concept, the martyrs cemetery, and other attractions, with a total construction area of 1540 square meters, the park has Cooper, Sophora More than 30 kinds of scenery such as trees, more than 3 lines. In the spring of this year, we organized to mobilize authorities Xianzhi Members of cadres and workers in the parks focused on the obligation to carry out work, and the mobilization of units donated money and materials, and effectively strengthen the Green Park, beautification projects. Raising a total of 360,000 yuan, 12,600 square meters to complete site preparation, planting Juniperus, Spruce, Pine, and other valuable landscape trees of 35, more than 30,000 trees, steel frame construction of the Promenade 50 , Shi Shi Zhuo more than 120 orange, grass planting more than 2000 square meters, and hardening the road more than 2400 meters, the newly built attractions 8, so that the scenic natural environment and service facilities has been further improved.

  In order to close Treatise Mountain Forest Park into a set of tourism, leisure and entertainment revolution, patriotism Education as one of the integrated landscape, the next step out of our grasp to build the memorial Wang Fu, Taiwan Treatise reading, painting and calligraphy Treatise hospital, Wang Heung-ting, the Buddhist temple, and other attractions, and strive to Treatise Mountain Forest Park building in the United States and more more

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