Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tung Chen Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

For the Gansu provincial heritage unit, located 30 km north-east Zhuanglang County, natural cliffs made by cutting Hom, 9 Kukan, mostly in the Song Dynasty after the clay sculpture and painting. Its most well-preserved, the most artistic and cultural value, the image is in the Jin Tai-year period, a huge stone engraved on the statue Cliff 3, There are strong ethnic characteristics of the western region. The huge stone standing on another in the construction of the Tang Dynasty in seven exquisite pagoda, with the three-phase for the giant Buddha backed. The area inside the beautiful scenery, lush forests, from one stream and Oldies from the watershed of the cave before flowing through the north cliffs towering cliffs, rock volley danger; bottom water features, the dead far from remote Summer and fall, the wind to Xu, Greenfield off, local records contained in the "hole Wind Gap," this is an habitats.

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