Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kongtong small tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xifeng kongtong small mountain, and as a result of Pingliang Kongtong Mountain Arts relations, saying "sister mountains," so named because of the god of the town of Hill immeasurable founder and Hall of the mountain was lying nested Phoenix and immeasurable, said Shan, Fung Wong Shan.

  Hill at the Xifeng Shi kongtong small township in the territory DONG Zhi, the ditch on three sides, north of the original big, long and narrow the North-South, towering mountains Jun, rugged ramp, Goudi a clear spring water, lush mountainside of trees and pleasant weather, elegant environment. Kongtong Mountain Gate to the south of the small area of 1.4 square kilometers, equivalent to more than 700 acres, the Mountain Gate to the north side of the original flat, easily accessible.

  Kongtong Mountain is a small Buddhist, Taoist unity of the Holy Land, with the well-known North caves near the temple 17 kilometers apart. According to research, Chong-year period, it was like at this point in the as-built, incense make a wish. In 1933, Busch appealing devout men and women, to raise funds, completed Nortel Taiwan have been immeasurable hall, the floor of the Jade Emperor in Taiwan, Yin Nantai floor of the temple, and so on, and the banks on both sides of the cliff caves dug dozens of holes holes to build Statues, murals drawn, dedicated to the gods.

  Buddhist monks and the people in the vicinity of wide pine and cypress-sik, Yoo Jae apricot seed, the annual Lunar New Year temple fairs held here on March 3, visitors attracted pilgrims, the view of worship, Hill traveled to worship, leisure and entertainment, little time has become a kongtong Mr Tung Chi-Loong on Plateau Tourism worship of the people of a victory .

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