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Wusuli River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wusuli River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wusuli River originates in Jilin in the East China Sea Riviera, tin Tehuo Te mountain range, the total length of 905 km, the basin area of 1,870,002 square kilometers, known as the Amur River in Russia. Manchu "Wusuli River," which means "water of the River", "Sunrise of the East River," China is the first sun rise. Wusuli River in Heilongjiang is one of the main tributaries, from its upper reaches of the river Ula convergence with the River Road than from the north-eastern Khabarovsk along the stream to the radical turning point in the southwest, into the Heilongjiang. A total length of 880 km Wusuli River, the river basin area of nearly 190,000 square kilometers. Song Acha River from its tributaries implantation of , And the Heilongjiang river to the convergence of the only is the border river between China and the Soviet Union.

  Wusuli River basin fertile land, forests over, a large number of mineral deposits, rich in beans, sorghum. Is also extremely rich in aquatic products, flowers dwell of fish, sturgeon fish, Pangtou Yu, sturgeon, East Zhu (Pearl), and other well-known all - , And salmon products, the largest up to four or five meters, weighing as much as seven, 800 kg. This fish in the fish in high water volume, it amounted to an alarming extent, as far as "Chi Heilongjiang," it reads: "Each year since the fall of the sea and against the current, Irie did not drive it, very thick filling, the local people there and took the fish back Those who cross. "Wusu Each year, Jiang ice for more than four months, not navigable, the river has become a speeding sled smooth the road, but still cutting ice fishing.

  Wusuli River are rich in fish, but also because of Jiang's broad face, a smooth water flow for navigation. From time to time on both sides of the river close to hilly, making beautiful scenery of Ukraine Jiang, more for its great variety. Jiang and the two sides in the island's lush vegetation, and some hilly sections of dense vegetation near the shore, water, shadows; Gangluan embraced Li knot charming. Jiang Liu of the characteristics of this period is: are the two sides of the original vegetation, grass that is, non-wood. All Island Beach, is all over the Weng Yu Liu Lin, Jiang Man off a gull Mallard wild water birds, water and a clean relief, that is elegant and quiet.






  Wusuli River has been under the protection of the United Nations organizations have not been identified as contaminated Jiang, the two sides beautiful scenery, the pleasant scenery. Wusuli River Nature Reserve of the total surface 3.9 hectares, the forest more than 3700 hectares, 1.31 hectares to retain the wetlands in the Sanjiang Plain wetlands of the original integrity of the Health System. Wusuli River Nature Reserve in a variety of up to 1,000 kinds of plants, 167 kinds of birds, 27 species of mammals, fish 43 .

  Wusuli River, there were about two-kilometer long island, known as the Zhenbao Island, located 46.5 degrees north latitude, 134 degrees east longitude in the vicinity. Originally from the Chinese side of the peninsula into the Wusuli River, after a long-term impact of water flow, only a small island. Now during the summer dry , Zhenbao Island with the Wusuli River in China linked to the land, restore the original features of the peninsula. Wusuli River in the operations of the older generation of Chinese fishermen, said Zhenbao Island ", i.." Here in winter when cold weather, the Ice Age is a long one, as long as five months.

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