Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ya-yun Temple National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ya-yun Temple National Forest Park, located in the eastern part of Zhuanglang County, Long Xi Lu Shan mountain range, deep and Oldies. 25 km east of town, 60 km east railway in the air. In history with the Kongtong Mountain, Maijishan, immortal, and other resorts along cliffs. Qi Xiu ranks is a ridge of a long history of Grottoes, is that since the Northern Wei Dynasty Hermit Road, longing for the community. Cloud Temple cliff to cliff like clouds suspended named to the Northern Wei Dynasty Grottoes and the well-known. Cloud Temple open up a cliff in the Northern Wei Dynasty, after the Northern Zhou Dynasty, gold, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties expansion of the Temple has eight, three holes, a Bay, one of the wonders of different Tam King, the ancient Silk Road Station. Cloud Cliff Temple Park, beautiful scenery, high-Qi sudden, all over the dense forest, quiet stream, Kukan cloth stars, birds Yingti dance, every stream Cui Fei Hong, Lin rocks everywhere. With a total area of 14,891 hectares, mainly pine trees there, Chinese pine, larch, Cheng Hung, white birch, mountain Yang glauca, plum, and so on. The main animal Jinqian Bao, deer Musk deer, roe, wild boar, the Golden Pheasant, ring-necked pheasants, and other two countries, the protection of the three types of animals, rare birds in the tree-ming, Ben odd beast in the forest.

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