Sunday, December 21, 2008

Zhou Zuling Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Zuling Forest Park is located in Qingyang County Dongshan, as a result of the Peak is a well-known Metella - Week ancestors did not cave named after the hills. According to historical records: Cave for the loss of agricultural officials, only to settle in the West today of Qingyang, in the eastern Gansu Qingyang area to create a civilization of the Chinese farming culture. Due to his outstanding achievements, he was buried after the death of this . Zhou Zuling has a long history, Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, for the tourist attraction since ancient times.

?? ?? First, from the Windy City over the bridge, Zhou Zuling to the foot of the mountain, through dense forest and winding road can be rough summary of the parking lot, parking lot above the buildings with 822 stone steps and Taiwan together. Shan Zhou and cultural areas, the overall layout of the discipline through Cuoluoyouzhi.

?? ?? Hajime is the first weeks of St. Paul St, Yang will have a positive wrote, "Hajime St Week" vigorous of the four Chinese characters, the characters on both sides of the four pillars engraved with the couplet 2, is linked to "look on the door of San Juan Zhou Feng Group Five Emperors Meeting, Zhou Qi Si Qing Fu Lee rice to North Korea Renjiedeling Peoples "." Joint meeting is in excellent shape and Shi Zhi throughout the world outside, I looked lean on a railing old today. "On the back of St. Paul's" Zhong Ling Yuk Sau ", describe. Through the St. Paul, is a positive Zhou Hall, the hall was built in platform. Hall there is a positive week ancestors did not cave, the son of Sun Tao Ju public 3 sculpture statue, 2.8 meters high, like, life-like body, to life. There are sections on both sides of the hall Qing, 10, and other imperial servant portraits, the entire hall seemed elegant, solemn. Zhou Zhou for the north-west corner of the hall did not cave tomb of the pavilion. After Zhou Ting is Beiting, stone, some positive, "Zhou Zuling" the three characters.

Zhou Ting gossip at the hall on the south side of the East, to the south of the Eight Diagrams Pavilion Temple 38, Temple Hill for five intermittent Qianlang Hall-profile construction area of 174.41 meters, a total of 22 Ming-chu, from within the text to Wang Ji Nan Wang Ji Yan A total of 38 statues and portraits, elegant design, life-like image. Pavilion of the Eight Diagrams Tram was a sharp side-Bei Lang. To access kiosks in the west wind is in view of the scenery to visit. ?? ??

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